The Syma 720p drone on sale for $32 can be controlled with your phone

The Syma X5UW 720p FPV RC Drone training quadcopter is down to $31.65 with code SYMA0003 on Amazon. The drone is going for $99 without the code and regularly goes for that price without deals like this. It has never dropped below $60 directly.


Syma X5UW 720p FPV RC Drone training quadcopter

Get into drone flying with this deal and save some money doing it.

The Syma quadcopter uses an app that connects the drone to your phone so you can fly even without a transmitter. You'll also get real-time image transmission and the ability to share what you see easily. The drone has 720p cameras to take aerial photos and videos, and that media is stored in both the app and the mobile album system. You can use the app to draw a route on your screen that the drone will follow as a flight plan, and it will enter into auto pilot once given the path. It's also an easy drone for beginners with a single button for take off and landing. You'll get two 5000mAh batteries so you can hot swap and keep on flying.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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