System Shock 3 development now supported by Tencent

System Shock Shodan Image
System Shock Shodan Image (Image credit: OtherSide Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • System Shock 3 has been in development at OtherSide Entertainment since 2015.
  • Earlier in 2020, several layoffs took place at OtherSide.
  • Today, OtherSide announced that Tencent had stepped in and was now aiding the development.

Earlier this week, VGC reported that ownership of the System Shock 3 website had transferred to Tencent. Today, there's an explanation for this transition, as OtherSide Entertainment, developers of System Shock 3, announced that Tencent is now supporting the development of the game.

"We are happy to announce that Tencent will be taking the #SystemShock franchise forward," the company stated on Twitter. "As a smaller Indie studio, it had been challenging for us to carry the project on our own. We believe Tencent's deep capabilities and expertise as a leading game company will bring the franchise to new heights."

Previously in 2020, there were layoffs reported at OtherSide Entertainment, with several developers leaving the company. OtherSide Entertainment was founded in 2013 by Paul Neurath, the co-founder of Looking Glass Studios, the studio behind System Shock and often credit with the birth of the immersive sim genre.

Tencent has multiple investments in the gaming industry, with full ownership of League of Legends giant Riot Games and Norweigan publisher Funcom, alongside minority stakes and investements in several studios like PlatinumGames.

Tencent's investment is unrelated to the ongoing development of the System Shock remake by Nightdive Studios, which has seen a demo released as part of the Steam Game Festival during the Game Awards 2019.

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