T-Mobile ends online sales of its Lumia 640 two months after launch

On June 17, sales of Microsoft's Lumia 640 smartphone started at T-Mobile's website. Now, the wireless carrier has confirmed to Windows Central that it is no longer directly selling the Lumia 640, just over two months after it started.

After receiving a tip that the Lumia 640 was no longer available on T-Mobile's website, we contacted the company for more information. We received this response from T-Mobile's Twitter support account:

"We are no longer selling the Microsoft Lumia 640. Our stock/inventory changes based on the demands for particular phones."

While the T-Mobile Lumia 640 is no longer available from the carrier itself, the phone can still be bought via Walmart's website for $99.76. In addition, the phone can also be bought at MetroPCS for just $39 after a mail-in rebate, on AT&T for $79.99 and on Cricket Wireless for $99.99.

Update: A T-Mobile spokesperson has sent us this statement with additional information:

"We work closely with phone manufacturers, including Microsoft, to continually adjust our device portfolio based on supply and customer demand. As a result of this, we no longer have inventory to support taking online orders for the Lumia 640 – and Microsoft will not be providing us with additional inventory. We do have limited quantities of the Lumia 640 still available in select T-Mobile stores – customers can call their local store to check availability."

Check out the T-Mobile Lumia 640 at Walmart ($99.76)

Check out the MetroPCS Lumia 640 ($39 after mail-in rebate)

Check out the AT&T Lumia 640 ($79.99)

Check out the Cricket Wireless Lumia 640 ($99.99)

Thanks to Marek for the tip!

John Callaham