T-Mobile gives families four lines of service with 10GB each for $120

T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier Amped move beefs up the company's family plan offering. The new Simple Choice Family Plan offers two lines of service for $100, including 10GB of high speed data for each line. Each additional line beyond the first two costs $20 a month, and also comes with 10GB of data for that line. To sweeten the deal even further, T-Mobile is offering customers a fourth line for free, as long as they switch prior to Labor Day.

With this, families can get four lines of service, each with 10GB of its own data, for just $120 a month. Each line also includes unlimited talk and text as well. The new family plans join T-Mobile's new Jump OnDemand and Mobile Without Borders Un-Carrier Amped moves.

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Jared DiPane

Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.

  • They should invest more into their cell towers. Their reception sucks compared to AT&T.
  • Just the opposite where I live.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I doubt you have ever used anything connected to ATTs network.  I still have phones on both and ATT completely blows T-Mobile away.  T-Mobile just blows.
  • Where I live T-Mo has faster speeds than ATT and now with the 700Mhz band rolling out I get just as good, if not better, building penitration. (Tampa, FL.)
  • Totally agreed. I am going with the carrier that gets the next new 5.7" or 6" windows phone. Until then cruising through with 920.
  • +1.
  • It's great in chicago
  • It's great outside of CHI where I live too...
  • If T-mobile can improve its Service and phone line up, ATT Ahmed Verizon could be in trouble because this is much less than the current $240/month I pay with att for a 10GB share plan
  • Ahmed? Lol
  • I got in good where they were doing an offer where they doubled your data so I have 3 lines 30gb for about $230 a month inclusive of phone payments still considering tmobile because that price is great...I just know when a new WP comes out they aren't going to offer the flagships...they never do. Maybe that will change.
  • AT&T and Verizon are both contributors to ALEC. That alone keeps me off their network.  This plan makes the decision even better.
  • What's wrong with ALEC?  I don't know much about them, but their mission statement says: The American Legislative Exchange Council works to advance limited government, free markets, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public. If that's the case, It would appear to be a good thing. Opening up free markets allow for more competition - better and cheaper services.
  • dup
  • Geez. How are these guys making money selling the farm like this? I'm all for cheaper prices but I'm also for good customer service (having people like myself employed here at home, as opposed to another country where the carrier doesn't do business ) as well as the carrier spending billions per year to maintain or improve the network. TMobile will eventually find itself not able to keep up with the demand it is creating since revenues will not be high enough. These deals are great but they need to slow down soon. Spectrum and bandwidth are not unlimited and are not free.
  • Your ass backwards..... America is way higher than Europe. Tmobile is making money, Att & Verizon are just plain raping your wallet. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • My ass is backwards? It operates the way its supposed to so I think it's on correctly. I do appreciate your points other than that though. Of course they are making money. What I'm saying is, companies make decisions based on shareholder decisions and wants/needs. They will eventually decide that profits are falling and departments such as customer service will be shipped off and increasing data demands will cause network issues. There are network issues already.
  • Have you ever tried verizons customer service? I've had a jetpack for years. They're horrible, I don't think Tmobile could ever get that bad. What will happen though is Att & Verizon will have to stop gauging people and continue to lower their rates. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You have a valid point. This is a major reason I have not switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. My brother has been urging me to switch (he has T-Mobile), but I'm concerned about signal degredation due to so many people switching over. I have spoken to T-Mobile reps and there are no plans to add more towers in my area.
  • All TMoUS customer service people I have ever talked to are in the US.
  • Wow. That is 4x cheaper compared here in PHL, given the unlimited call and text That is cheap.
  • Yes, coverage is less compared to ATT but if there's wifi I can use wifi calling. If I travel and there's no signal it roams to another carrier. I see no difference with my work phone that uses att.
    Last month I was in Ouray Co and there was no signal and that's awesome. But as soon as I'm at lodging house with WiFi it's all good.
    That's for 4 lines we have I pay 137/mo.
  • Well, I always comment on these articles about how I wish T-Mobile had better coverage in my area. I just checked for the hell of it, and T-Mobile has really expanded their coverage in the past year or two. I pay $170 a month to AT&T for two lines with 10GB shared. My Next payments are done in the next month or two. Time to start seriously looking into T-Mobile.
  • For those of you on ATT. Check out Cricketwireless.com. This is ATT's MVNO which has the same coverage as ATT for over half the price including taxes. This is not the old Cricket but the new(er) company that uses ATT's towers. I have been a customer for about 7 months and no problems.
  • Cricket is good but there customer support and random outages leave a lot to be desired 
  • Cricket isn't that great your better off with gophone, I had cricket and now have gophone.
    Gophone is 50 times better. I can't even get 1 mbp download speed with cricket. Remember they use proxy servers gophone doesn't
  • To bad tmobile is 2g or I'd go with there $30. 00 plan. Maybe they'll actually upgrade someday like they say they will
  • Love Cricket. 7 months now and never a dropped call nor have I ever experienced one of these mystical "outages" you speak of. I've used their (AT&T) towers all over the U.S. within 1,000 miles from ny home in all directions. Never a problem even with LTE. I've been in spots alongsinde Verizon and T-Mobile colleagues who get no reception while I still have 3 bars.  I am especially fond of the flat, no tax, no extra or hidden costs beyond the $35 per month.
  • 1mbps or less is my experience with T-Mobile, especially where people gather.
    Cricket has been pretty consistently between 8mbps and 10mbps, and that's both in a crowd where T-Mobile is overwhelmed or in the foothills where T-Mobile is nonexistent.
  • +1520 on coverage and reception. It's a no brainer as long as they compare and they are light years away.
  • Wouldn't it be $140? According to the info in the article. EDIT: Just read the source, the fourth line is free from now until Labor Day. (add all info for us obsessive people please :P).
  • Fourth line is free as a promo, until labor day.
  • Yep, thanks! Now it makes sense.
  • "T-Mobile is offering customers a fourth line for free, as long as they switch prior to Labor Day."
  • "T-Mobile gives families four lines of service with 10GB each for $120" "T-Mobile is offering customers a fourth line for free, as long as they switch prior to Labor Day." Is that a misprint? If it wan't meant to say 5th line, I don't understand it.
  • Without the fourth line free the cost would be $140, so both statements are correct.
  • Oh yeah. LoL. Thanks
  • Anybody know what T-Mobile will do with the family plans with 2.5GB high speed promotional deal thru Dec? If it drops back to 1GB, this might be a good deal for us. If they extend the 2.5GB indefinetly it won't be since none of us use much more than 1GB (almost always on WiFi).
  • With as many times T-mobile has almost sold to someone, I feel like there going to beef up there consumer stats just to sell and screw us over.
  • It might work the other way. I think people are more likely to leave a carrier for price increases than jump to them to save some.
  • Oh shit! I was about to jump ship to Cricket but now, I'm staying. Service in my area South Florida is very good.
  • I tried cricket and it was decent. I prefer go phone over cricket  because goPhone gives you access to full lte speeds for the same price as crickets throttled speeds. But yeah this is a good deal for T-Mobile customers      
  • That was the hold-up...throttled speeds from Cricket,
  • So what's this news to do with Wimdows ?
  • Bring a windows phone to t-mobile and you can get the deal. Not that difficult to figure out
  • My Lumia 925 is T-Mobile branded. :-)
  • "So what's this news to do with Wimdows ?" What is Wimdows?
  • When T-Mobile offered 4 lines for $100 Cricket quickly matched and beat it, offering 5 lines for $100. I hope for the sake of my Cricket lines they have a similar response to this promotion. :)
  • Same price (or cheaper) as 2 lines with 2GB total north of the border.
  • For anyone in the same boat as me, I reached out to them on Twitter to see if the new Mobile Without Borders would be a free addon for those on the 2 lines for $100 with unlimited everything... No, it is a $10 addon. 
  • Just checked the coverage for my area and I was surprised at what they "claim" for coverage. Does T-Moble have the mobile hotspot?
  • Well, for some reason there is no option to edit my post ^. Found my answer regarding the mobile hotspot
  • Some people here are talking about coverage and I remembered seeing a PC Mag report recently.  I was actually surprised how well T-Mobile did.
  • They're kicking the crap out of Verizon. Nice.
  • It looks like in order to get this deal you must have 4 lines. At least that is what T-Mobile's website says. I was checking it out the other day to possibly switch. I wish I would have. They had 2 lines with unlimited LTE data for $100 a month. Now, 2 lines with 5GB each will cost $120. I only pay $115 for 15GB shared with AT&T with an employer discount. I guess I will stick with AT&T for the time being. It is probably better considering T-Mobile probably won't get either of the new Windows 10 flagships.