So T-Mobile is having a one-day sale, called Magenta Day, where they will be offering pretty much all of their smartphones for $49.99. And since the new HTC Radar 4G falls into that category, it too is getting a temporary reduction from its usual $99 asking price.

Of course you still have their lame $50 rebate to get through first, meaning you'll be paying $100 upfront. But if you're into buying from T-Mobile direct, then this is your chance. Personally, we much prefer the Wirefly offer where you just pay $50 now and anytime with no rebates, but that's us. Either way, the $59.99 a month Unlimited Plus Value plan (unlimited minutes & text, plus 2 GB of data, 4G) is a pretty killer offer--just sayin'.

The sale is occurring this Saturday, November 19th.  So head on down to your local store if you're interested.

Source: T-Mobile; via Windows Phone Daily, TMoNews

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