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Chime in: How is Windows 10 build 16296 holding up?

Build 16286 for Windows 10 is in the Fast ring, and we want to know how well it's holding up for you.

Chime in: Share your experience with Windows and 3D printers

Do you own a 3D printer or have access to one? Has your experience so far been positive? And if so, do you have any related Windows apps to recommend?

Chime in: Should Microsoft's next phone be another Lumia instead of a Surface?

For obvious reasons, lots of Windows phone fans (or former fans) really want Microsoft to release a "Surface phone" that would swoop in and save the company's mobile presence. But would it make more sense for Microsoft to stick with the Lumia brand?

Chime in: What's your favorite PC game of all time?

Thousands of PC games have been released over the last few decades with many more in development or being planned. But we're interested in learning what your all-time favorite PC game is.

Chime in: Do you think Microsoft considers Android O and iOS 11 features when planning Windows 10 updates?

How closely does Microsoft follow other operating systems when working on updates for Windows 10? Come drop some knowledge!

Chime in: How important would the camera be on a 'Surface phone?'

Would the camera on a Surface phone be a deciding factor for you if it was bad? We want to know.

Chime in: Do you use Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft has an app to help you plan your daily life. Are you using it? The good folks in our forums want to know.

Chime in: What does your Xbox One TV setup look like?

Do you use your Xbox One for over the air TV? Let us know what your setup looks like in the forums.

Chime in: What PC games are you looking forward to?

There are some great upcoming PC games on the horizon, including the likes of X4, Surviving Mars, Star Citizen, and even Pillars of eternity 2. What are you looking forward to playing?

Chime in: Is Windows 10 S and Pro battery life really that different?

Windows 10 S offers a streamlined version of our favorite OS, but does it really provide better battery life? We want to hear about your experiences.

Chime in: Will you ditch your Windows phone for an iPhone X?

The worst kept secret in tech is now official, but does it grab your attention?

Chime in: Will you ever give up on Windows phones?

Windows 10 Mobile is in a bad place, but we know lots of our readers remain loyal. We're also wondering what it would take for you to finally give up on your Windows phone.

Chime in: Is Microsoft's Surface Dial only for artists?

The Surface Dial is a niche accessory that lets you perform a number of functions in a select set of Windows applications using a few different actions on the dial. But it seems to be geared mostly at artists and 'creators.'

Chime in: Your thoughts on the latest Xbox One Insider OS update

Microsoft recently released 1710 Xbox OS builds to members of the Beta Xbox Insider ring. We've been kicking the tires on the latest release, but we want to hear from you with your thoughts.

Chime in: What are your must-have Windows 10 apps?

PC, tablet or phone, what are the apps you absolutely can't live without?

Chime in: Does Microsoft owe you for sticking with Windows phone?

Do you feel shafted by Microsoft's broken promises and poor support? Do you think the company owes you? We want to hear from you.

Chime in: Is it time to ditch your desktop PC?

With portable PCs like notebooks and tablets becoming more and more capable, it might be time for certain types of users to ditch their desktop PCs. But we want to hear your thoughts.

Chime in: Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on IDOL 4S and Elite x3

How is the Creators Update working for you on the IDOL 4S, Elite x3 and Lumia 950?

Chime in: What is Microsoft doing with Skype?

Microsoft purchased the popular Skype messaging and video conferencing service back in 2011. But more than five years later, it's still unclear exactly what the company plans to do with it.

Chime in: What are you most excited about in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

Yesterday, Microsoft announced an official release date for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: October 17, 2017. It's not the most exciting release ever, but we're still anxiously anticipating the update. What say you?