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Nokia rebrands its Music service to Nokia MixRadio, completely refreshes Windows Phone app

Nokia has today released a substantial update to its Nokia Music app available on all Lumia Windows Phones. Not only that, but the company has completely rebranded the service. Say hello to Nokia MixRadio. To celebrate the launch of the software upgrade for its app on Windows Phone, Nokia is also looking to hold an event in New York on November 21st, but you can download the update today.

Microsoft's Windows 8 and Surface event receives auto-tune treatment

Ever wondered what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky would sound like auto-tuned? We sure have, and so has Justin Angel, Principal Engineer for Windows Phone experience at Nokia, who has created a short montage of clips from the Surface and Windows 8 event.

The Microsoft Surface RT Launch - NYC Times Square last night

A fan snapping the opening event with a Windows Phone

Last night, Microsoft finally kicked off the Surface RT here in New York City and they did so with great enthusiasm.

We were there for the event, which kicked off at about 9:45PM EDT right in the middle of Times Square.  Some folks had begun lining up earlier that day and Microsoft gave them some free Surface jackets for their trouble. The line itself had a few hundred people and it took about nearly two hours just to get into the Store as they had it very controlled--only a specific number of people could enter at a given time, pending others exiting.

Microsoft opening up Microtropolis in New York, all are welcome

Oh, looking very abstract indeed.

No, it's not an upcoming movie. A new article has been published on the Windows Experience Blog, which details something special that Microsoft has planned for New York. With the imminent release of both Windows 8 and Window Phone 8, as well as Xbox, Office and other product goodness, the company is going social. Literally.

Microsoft donates $1.5M in software to local Long Island non-profits

Microsoft giving back

Good guy Microsoft. They open a new retail Store in the heart of busy Long Island but also worked heavily with the community. Members of the Huntington and Melville business councils were on hand as were a few charity and support groups. 

Microsoft opens their new retail Store in New York to a cheering crowd

This morning in the Walt Whitman Mall located in Huntington Station, New York (that’s Long Island), Microsoft finally threw open their doors to a few hundred willing and able customers to their new retail Store.

We were there to cover it all and the mood was very exciting as Microsoft’s pre-show gave away a Samsung Series 9 laptop, Xbox 360 with Kinect and some other goodies to some lucky folks. The line to get in the store lasted well into 30 minutes post opening and the staff on hand did an excellent job.

Microsoft announces Huntington & White Plains Stores in New York opening September 28th

Good news to our New York readers as you’ll be gaining access to two new Microsoft Stores at the end of September. We’ve known about these locations for awhile but now Microsoft has made it official...

Register your spot now for the Nokia 9/5 event in New York

Nokia certainly knows how to throw a party. Nokia World 2011 (the first evening) and the Deadmau5 performance are two examples of the kind of events the manufacturer has held here in the UK. We've now learned that Nokia has plans to hold a party in New York on September 5th. So what's in stall for attendees?

We're not entirely sure as details are scarce as to what exactly is on the agenda. What we'd imagine to be on the night (from previous experiences) is loud music, an unlimited supply of beverages, and -of course- new Nokia Windows Phones. It wouldn't be a party without Windows Phone Central, so we'll be heading on down to see what all the fuss is about. 

The event is for those who are 18 or above and will take place between 6-9pm in the Chelsea neighbourhood. You can register your spot at the Nokia event over on the RSVP page.

Microsoft looking to hire for opening of Holiday stores in NYC and elsewhere in US

Microsoft is set to unveil a number of holiday retail stores including Manhattan in New York City, according to a handful of published job listings. We previously looked at a number of potential locations for Microsoft stores in an unofficial list, but it's good to see evidence of actual positions at future stores open up.

Microsoft Store opening soon in Westchester, NY

Microsoft is set to open a new store at Westchester in New York, and according to the construction manager on-site it's set to open "very soon" indeed. We've previously looked at an unofficial list of Microsoft Stores that are to be revealed in the states and the software giant has also recently opened a store in Freehold, NY.

New York Metro has a job listing for a Retail Store Teacher position at the Westchester store, should you be interested in such a career with the software giant. More information will be published when the store is open and ready for business, so stay tuned and take a look at the above photo of the retail store under construction.

Thanks, Sean, for the heads up!

Photos of Smartphone Beta Test advertising on New York subway

Nokia has been a relatively busy bee when it comes to promotion, especially when you consider the scale of their global campaign. We've now got some photos of the advertising madness in action at New York subway stations and the promotion material appears to be everywhere. The Smartphone Beta Test is being slapped on walls, pillars and even staircases with the recently launched AT&T Lumia 900 by its side.

As well as this advertising push, we've also had a live performance by Nicki Minaj take over Times Square and the Lumia 710 launch by T-Mobile - you can safely say it has been a blast thus far. We've seen Nokia also take the "Amazing Everyday" to Madrid's Estación de Ópera, a fairly popular train hub in Spain, as well as handing out cupcakes in Belgium.

Taking a look at the photos below (as well as the remaining shots in the SkyDrive album) we can see that the advertising material is certainly eye-catchy and is perfect for those tired travellers who would give anything for their eyes to feast on some colours.

Check out the rest of the photos on Kamal's SkyDrive. Thanks Travis for the heads up!

AT&T and Microsoft Press Conference announced

October 11th is shaping up to be an interesting day. As expected, AT&T and Microsoft have announced a joint Press Conference in New York.  According to the event's schedule Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, and AT&T's President, Rald de la Vega, will be hosting the 9:30am EST conference to bring you the latest on Windows Phone 7

The press conference will lead into Microsoft's Open House at 11:00pm EST where attendees can "explore a product showcase featuring Windows Phone 7, Zune, BING, Windows 7, Xbox, Kinect and more.". With T-Mobile having a presentation later that afternoon and a London event also on the calendar, it's going to be a busy day for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.

Hopefully amongst all these events we will hear more on when the phones will be on shelves and maybe even some pricing points. Regardless, we'll be in New York to cover what we can.

via: Engadget