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Here's a little off-topic fun for this weekend. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Attracting in excess of 100 million global viewers, there's a huge interest naturally in the U.S., but an ever growing support elsewhere. It's now huge here in the UK, for example.

This year's game sees the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots go at it for Championship glory, but closer to home, we're looking forward to seeing something else after the Super Bowl. At Microsoft's recent Windows 10 event we were told we'd see the Windows 10 preview for phones "after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl." With that in mind, who's side are you on?!

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After the news came out earlier regarding Huawei's continued refusal to make new Windows Phones, the Windows Central community began discussing other smartphone makers who they'd prefer to see make one. While the Windows Phone portfolio has seen new additions in recent times such as BLU and Yezz, along with repeat performances – in some areas – from Samsung and HTC, it's Microsoft's own Lumia brand which dominates the landscape.

But there are a lot more companies out there making a lot more phones. So, if you could choose any one of them at all, which OEM would you most like to see make a Windows Phone?

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Microsoft caught us off guard somewhat with an earlier than anticipated release of the new Windows 10 Technical Preview. Due to land next week, it pushed out earlier today to Windows Insiders allowing eager enthusiasts to get their own first look at the latest incarnation of Microsoft's operating system.

But, while all insiders can download and install it, that doesn't necessarily mean that they did, or are going to. So, did you install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview?

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We were hoping to be wowed by Microsoft's Windows 10 event yesterday, and it didn't disappoint. Desktop, tablet, phone, Xbox, your head, all got a look in and a demonstration of how things will be with the launch of Windows 10.

Now that the dust has settled a little and we've had time to step back and take stock, we want to know what you thought was the best thing shown off.

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Recently we passed on some of our own thoughts on how it's been living with the Microsoft Band, and a couple of things we'd like to see happen with a successor. It's a great device, for sure, but by no means perfect, and we've all got our own opinions on what we'd do differently for the next one. So, now, we're turning it over to you. What do you want to see most from the next Microsoft Band?

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The Microsoft Band is the hot new wearable from Redmond. We've been playing with this fitness tracker over the past few days and like it a lot. It tracks your heart rate throughout the day, offers guided workouts, provides text notifications and works with all major smartphone platforms. Plus you get some basic Cortana integration if you use it with Windows Phone. It's only available in the United States right now, but would you get one if you could?

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Late last night, a rather significant update went out for the OneDrive app for Windows Phone. With the app refresh came some highly requested features like support for OneDrive for Business. However, there was also a rather large UI change too, stirring some controversy amongst loyal Windows Phone fans.

Changes in app design are always a mixed bag. UI design is an art and like art, there are champions and critics for choices and layout. Some are rational others are pragmatic, and many are just subjective opinions.

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This morning we reported that AT&T should begin selling their version of the HTC One (M8) for Windows and the new Lumia 830 starting Friday November 7. For those on AT&T who have been longing for a new, high-end Windows Phone, either device offers some substantial benefits.

This raises the question: If you have to choose between the Lumia 830 and the HTC One, which would it be?

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Back in April of this year, Microsoft surprised many of us who knew inner details of Windows Phone 8.1 prior to their announcement. The big revelation was the Live Lock Screen app, which was a closely guarded secret by those at the top of the Windows Phone Dev team.

Fast forward to July and the app was finally released to the community as a beta app with much fanfare. Betas are nothing new to Windows Phone users. Indeed, many of us suffer from beta-fatigue these days. However, since its initial release, Microsoft has updated the aesthetically innovative app exactly zero times. Doh!

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The next version of Windows is coming soon. Tomorrow we're expecting to get our first taste of Windows Threshold. Microsoft has a small event in San Francisco where the company is expected to reveal what's next for the Windows operating system. We've seen rumors and leaks for upcoming features in Windows 9. Things like Cortana, Modern apps on the desktop and more are what we expect to see real soon. We're going to find out everything real soon, but first we need to ask which rumored feature you're most excited about.

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It's Friday, so we should have some fun. What's more fun than talking about your favorite Windows Phone game with Xbox? Earlier this week Microsoft released Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone (and Windows 8.1). It's an awesome new game that plays similar to mobile games Clash of Clans and Cloud Raiders. Unlike those two games, you can directly control your troops during attacks AND you get Xbox Live integration.

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Bungie's latest game, Destiny, is now out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooter set in a mythical science fiction setting. You play as a Guardian, tasked with helping fend off hostile alien races as Earth rebuilds. There are three Guardian types to choose from – which are you going to play as?

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Yesterday Microsoft announced two new Windows Phone handsets – the Lumia 730/735 and the Lumia 830. These are new killer handsets in their respective categories, and we can't wait for you all to play with them. We had some great coverage yesterday, and you know more or less know all there is about the two devices. So we have to ask, are you planning on buying one?

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On Windows Phone, you can select a few apps as your default when snapping photos. By default Windows, Phones have the Camera app from Microsoft. In Windows Phone 8.1, it was updated with a handful of new features like burst mode. You can, of course, change your default camera. Those with a Lumia handset can use Nokia Camera while those with the HTC can use the HTC Camera. Which do you use by default?

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