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Design Me is a Windows Phone 8 app that is a collection of personal management tools designed to help you make it through the week. Released last Fall, the app snuck in under our radar but, luckily, a recent update and a few tips alerted us to Design Me.

The Windows Phone 8 app comes across as a well-designed, feature rich Windows Phone 8 app. Design Me will not only help you keep track of your appointments but also has the ability to let you know what the weather should be like, set alarms so you won't sleep through the next appointment and record notes to preserve thoughts and other items you want to remember.

After using Design Me for a few days, we can see why it gets such good reviews in the Windows Phone Store.

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Some may argue there are way too many weather apps available for our Windows Phone. However, having such a vast selection the odds of finding that one Windows Phone weather app that matches your needs and tastes increases.  If you are looking for a simple, picturesque weather app for Windows Phone 8, Weatherfrog hopes to make your short list of choices.

The app features dynamic background images that match your current location and a modest amount of forecast information. Weatherfrog hit the Windows Phone Store shelves about a month ago and is yet another weather app option worth considering for your Windows Phone.

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The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute ( has launched an official app for Windows Phone. Due to levels of demand displayed in Sweden, the SMHI app is now available in the region (the only supported language is Swedish). While the app itself appears to be rather limited in advanced functionality, it's an official offering and a beta at that.

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GetOutCast is a relatively new weather app for Windows Phone 8 that focuses on how the weather will impact your photography.  GetOutCast rates the photographic potential for the date and offer up a brief weather forecast.  The first release of GetOutCast focuses on sunrise and sunset predictions with future updates delivering landscape, astrological, lunar, and other photographic subjects.  

GetOutCast is an interesting concept and that could come in handy when planning a photographic outing.

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Weather Hound is a simple Windows Phone 8 weather app that provides you with the basics on the current weather conditions, an hourly forecast and a seven-day, extended forecast.  You can track the weather based on your current location or set a fixed location in the app’s settings.

Weather Hound was updated today to version 1.2.1 that adds doublewide tile support.  The wider Live Tile displays your current conditions along with a three day, extended forecast.

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Howeather is not your typical Windows Phone 8 weather app.  It does not have weather forecasts, radar images or severe weather alerts.  Instead, Howeather delivers an Instagram-like social network where you can share your current weather conditions with others and ask other members “how’s the weather?”

As you interact with the Howeather network, you will earn experience points that will translate to weather badges.  It is a rather unique approach to sharing and gathering weather information from your Windows Phone.  Howeather does need to build up its user base to be effective though.

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Weather Hound is a minimalistic weather app for Windows Phone 8 that offers you a summary of the current weather conditions, an hourly forecast and a seven-day forecast.  Weather Hound supports only one forecast location (either your current or a fixed spot) and offers an in-app purchase ($.99) to add New York MTA Subway information to your weather info.

Weather Hound was updated to version 1.2 today and adds a small collection of minor tweaks and display options.  You now have the options to display your current location on the lockscreen and in the app as well as an option to use an “apparent” temperature that will reflect how the weather feels.

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Phototag has just been updated with a couple more themes to add information overlay for your photos. Version 1.3 now has a total of six overlay themes: Place, Weather, Food, Baby, Speedometer, and Date+Time. The latest version also brings localization updates, wide tile support, and availability for Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

Phototag is only 2 months old at the Windows Phone Store. We’re following it closely because we’re big fans! It's handy for documenting captured moments on the photo itself and sharing the photo with others. The UI is minimal with bold colors good-looking typography. The swiping gestures also feel like this app is made specifically for Windows Phone.

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Weather Hound is a simple Windows Phone 8 weather app that delivers the forecast basics to your phone.  The app has a clean, minimalistic appearance and comes across as an appealing choice to consider for those wanting a basic weather app.

Weather Hound was updated today to version 1.1, which most notably adds a trial version for the app.  The update also adds support for a solid color lockscreen and a description to the unit choices in the apps settings to make things a little understandable.

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Another week here at Windows Phone Central and another Windows Phone weather app has caught our attention.  This week, it is the Windows Phone 8 weather app Weather Hound.

Weather Hound is a simple weather app that delivers the basics along with Live Tile and lockscreen support.  There is not a lot of flash to Weather Hound but it covers the core weather information rather nicely.

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Yes, we know it's a crowded field with regards to Windows Phone weather apps with plenty of quality apps to choose from.  However, we ran across a marvelous looking Windows Phone 8 weather app the other day and felt compelled to share.

MoWeather HD is a relatively new weather app and presents things in a very eye appealing fashion. From the weather backgrounds to the animated weather information, MoWeather HD is an attractive app making it stand out in a sea of weather apps.

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Windows Phone Central App and Game Roundup: Zombies Games meet Weather Apps

Three categories of Windows Phone titles come to mind as having the strongest presence in the Windows Phone Store; Zombie games, Weather apps, and Photography apps.  These groups seem to multiply faster than bunnies or flashlight apps.  Fortunately, while some may see these categories as over saturated, it's crowded with quality titles.  Which is never a bad thing.

In this week's Windows Phone Central Roundup, we focus on two of these categories, Zombies and Weather titles (we'll pick on the photography apps on down the road).  The Zombie titles in the roundup are some of our favorite titles that have been covered through the years.  The weather apps aren't heavyweight apps like the Weather Channel or Accuweather but they do a good job of keeping us up to date with what Mother Nature has in store.

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Amazing Weather HD is one of our favorite Windows Phone weather apps and the Windows Phone 8 version just got updated.

The update mainly fine tunes Amazing Weather HD by providing better support for, adding new Simplified Chinese and Hungarian languages, fixes lock screen updates that weren't matching the weather and added optional usage stats.

Improved support for will give our European readers more reliable severe weather alerts. The reporting of usage stats is optional and can be turned off in Amazing Weather HD's settings.

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While the weather app collection for our Windows Phone is rather crowded, Just Weather is one of the latest offerings for Windows Phone 8. The simplistic, minimalistic weather app has potential but also has some room for improvement.

The intent is to deliver the basic weather information for two locations. Which is what you get but in using Just Weather, it felt like it was more of a work in progress than a finished product.

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If you're looking to get more out of your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen, take a look at AwesomeLock. It's a simple, straight forward lockscreen app that delivers news, weather and upcoming appointments to your lockscreen.

AwesomeLock also delivers Bing daily pictures or you can tap into your Pictures Hub and use one of your own images for the lockscreen wallpaper.  The app makes a nice first impression and likely is only held back by the lack of a trial version.

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Have you ever wondered what the weather is like on down the road? Weather in the Distance is a unique Windows Phone 8 weather app that will give you the current conditions from points as close as one mile away up to 24,901 miles away.

The app uses your camera viewfinder, compass and shutter button to give the app a virtual reality feel to things. Weather in the Distance is a simple and fast way to get a feel for the weather off the horizon and beyond.

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Bright Weather is a visually appealing Windows Phone 8 weather app that delivers everything from the current weather conditions to a five day forecast to moon phases to your Windows Phone.

Bright Weather was updated the other day to bring a handful of new features to the party that includes lockscreen support and a free trial mode.  We were rather impressed with the Windows Phone 8 weather app and the updated version simply adds to Bright Weather's appeal.

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