Take your Lumia 1020 underwater like Cousteau with this $299 Watershot case

Over the weekend we reported on Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 (mission-31.com), where the famed underwater explorer will spend 31 days under the sea (cue the music). While super science stuff is super cool, we were more interested in the custom underwater housing for Cousteau’s Nokia Lumia 1020. The housing will allow Cousteau to take photos 100 meters / 330 feet below the ocean and to Tweet them later, marking a first for Nokia and Windows Phone.

Although we were quite jealous of the housing, Nokia in conjunction with the company Watershot Inc. have a limited supply of those casings for your Lumia 1020. Priced at $299, this is probably the most expensive case you’ll ever buy. On the other hand, if you’re a SCUBA diver, the case and opportunity it presents is hard to resist. 

Wathershot housing

So what do you get for $300?

“This is no basic case, the Watershot for Nokia Lumia 1020 is a multi-feature solution specially made to optimize the advanced photo and video capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 1020. The housing is custom machined from marine grade Aluminum with a black hard anodize finish.The unit comes complete with the Watershot® removable flat lens port. This port includes a black rubberized baffle for optical image clarity, external threaded lens bezel for accessory lenses and filters.”

In addition, you also get a “…integrated, robust tripod mount and an additional accessory mount on the top of the housing (for lights, etc.)” and as previously mentioned, you’re good to over 300 feet. If you’re not a SCUBA diver, 300 feet is well beyond most recreation dives, which usually don’t go below 130 feet.

Overall, this is a niche product for a specialty phone, so we can’t imagine too many folks buying these. However, for the pros in the world who want the best camera phone on the planet to go underwater, you can’t beat this Watershot case at all.

For more information, head to Watershot’s website when you can throw down your money for one of these limited edition Cousteau cases.

via: Nokia

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