The Alienware 25-inch LED FHD FreeSync Monitor is down to $339.99 with a $100 gift card at Dell. You can also find it for $249.99 on Best Buy's eBay store and main site. It's selling for as much as $320 with no gift card on Amazon. This is one of the best prices we've seen on the FreeSync version of this monitor, and it's much less expensive than the $460 G-Sync version. This is a Dell Doorbuster, which means the sale is probably limited in both time and supply.

The Alienware 25 uses a TN panel because these offer the fastest response times. They sacrifice the viewing angles of an IPS panel and the contrast ratio of VA, but if what you're interested in is competitive gaming, this is the way to go. It has a response time under 1ms and refresh rate of 240Hz. It also has AMD's FreeSync technology, although it is a bit disappointing the pixel resolution is only 1080p. This would be the perfect monitor in 4K. On Amazon, users give it 4.3 stars based on 82 reviews.

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