With how affordable wireless charging is these days, it's time to upgrade if you have a compatible device. Rather than sticking with a single wireless charger and moving it from room to room each day, you could snag Anker's Wireless Charging Bundle: PowerWave 10W Pad & Stand for just $25.99 right now to make sure you're prepared to charge in multiple rooms. You could keep one on your nightstand and the other on your desk for instance, though it's all up to you. This set normally sells for $35 together, while separately they'd cost you a few dollars more. We've never seen it drop this low either, so you should definitely consider this deal while it's still around.

Take Charge

Anker Wireless Charging Bundle: PowerWave 10W Pad & Stand

The PowerWave Pad and Stand allow for high-speed charging at up to 10W for compatible devices, while a mix of integrated safety features ensure you and your devices remain safe and protected.

$25.99 $34.99 $9 off

Anker's PowerWave wireless chargers offer 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy devices, while iPhone models receive a boosted 5W charge. However, you'll need to supply your own USB wall adapters to power them up. The pad lets you lay your phone down to charge while the stand can keep it tilted up towards you so you can continue to use it while it's powering up. Anker's wireless chargers even include safeguards like overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, and more.

Anker backs up these chargers with an 18-month warranty. You'll also receive two three-foot micro USB cables with the purchase. And though the bundle itself has zero reviews so far, you can find some stellar reviews for these products on Amazon by looking for them separately, like the PowerWave Stand.

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