We've seen a bunch of truly wireless Bluetooth headphones hit the market in the past year or two, some of which are quite pricey and others that are super affordable. Anker's Zolo+ Liberty headphones just came out earlier this year, and right now you can pick them up for $74.99 on Amazon with code ZWSDZ2010. These headphones normally sell for $150 and have never dropped this low before. In fact, previous deals only saw them go as low as $100.

There are no wires involved and the headphones get an average of 3.5 hours of battery life per charge. The case doubles as an on-the-go charging solution, providing up to 48 hours of battery life to the headphones before it needs to be recharged. With the Push and Go technology, pairing these with your devices is extremely easy so you can toggle between devices without worrying. Thanks to One Tap tech, you'll be able to activate sound isolation and remove those ambient noises or even ask questions to your connected voice assistant.

When you buy it, you'll also get several sizes of ear tips so you can find the best possible fit and a micro USB cable for charging up.

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