The Monoprice Select Mini Pro 3D Printer is down to $191.99 on Amazon. Before Black Friday, this 3D Printer was selling as high as $250. It has never dropped this low before, but the product page shows only a limited supply. Grab it quick before it sells out.

If you're interested in a 3D Printer and want to upgrade, there are a few other models of the Monoprice Maker still on sale.

The Mini Pro has a new auto bed leveling system, so you'll spend less time getting started. The interactive touchscreen makes it easy for you to navigate to level the print bed and select the parts to print. When you get the printer it will come fully assembled, which is nice. The printer comes with an all metal hot end that prevents wear and tear, and the heat brake design helps dissipate any build up of warmth. You'll easily be able to remove the finished prints thanks to the removable magnetic build plate.

If you need some inspiration, check out websites like Thingiverse and My Mini Factory. You'll be able to find creative designs and well-made prints you can try with your new machine.

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