Powering up multiple devices all at once can be a hassle without the right tech. Luckily, you can snag ORICO's USB Surge Protector Power Strip for just $6 at Amazon to make things a bit easier for yourself. You'll just need to enter promo code HPJ8BRBD during checkout to score this low price and save $9 off its regular cost.

Power To The People

ORICO USB Surge Protector Power Strip

Now that a majority of the tech we use charges via USB, it's time to start considering replacing your outdated power strips with ones that are compatible without needing an extra adapter.

$6.00 $14.99 $9 off

With coupon: HPJ8BRBD

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ORICO's power strip comes packed with four USB 3.0 ports featuring a total output of 1250W. Each offers an optimized charge based on the needs of the device currently plugged in, while its two AC outlets offer up to 240V of power. That means you can plug in your phone, tablet, and computer all at once. Its built-in surge protection ensures your devices remain safe from power strikes, and there's also an On/Off switch to help with energy efficiency. Best of all, ORICO includes an 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support with its purchase.

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