The WD Elements 6TB USB 3.0 desktop hard drive is down to $99.99 on Amazon. This drive averages around $125 and the drop to $100 is a match for its lowest ever. Up until late last year, in fact, we'd never seen it fall far below $130. This price is matching a one-day deal at B&H, so we expect it won't last too long.

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WD Elements 6TB desktop hard drive

If you need more space on your desktop machine, there's no better time than now to grab this hard drive. It's back down to its best ever price and gets you 6TB of space for not much more than the 4TB version.

$99.99 $125 $25 off

The desktop drive is simply plug-and-play. It uses USB 3.0 ports, so all you have to do is connect it and begin transferring whatever you want. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, but you'll need to reformat it for the latter. It comes with a two-year warranty. At this price, it's only $10 more than the 4TB version, so you're getting a lot of extra space for pocket change.

Users give this series 4.4 stars based on over 800 reviews.

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