Tip: Delete "Outlook Email" from Mobile Outlook

Not one of the many who use Microsoft Exchange on your Windows Mobile phone? Totally understandable as it either costs hosting fees or requires you to work for a company with an Exchange server.

But if you're not using it, why can't you just delete "Outlook Email" from the email client, eh?  That sucker is just an empty void that you skip over to get to your real email accounts and alas, WM won't let you just delete it. Curses!

Have no fear, as it's all in the registry baby!  Diigibio at XDA documents how this is done, repeated below. Just use your favorite registry editor (or read our how-to) and navigate to this area:


Simply back up your device or that registry value and delete the \Activesync folder, followed by a soft reset.  Bam, no more "Outlook Email" folder to skip over.

Thanks, Scientific!

Update: Yeah, people are having, um, varying results with this one. Use at your own risk. And be sure to back up your phone first.

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  • But are you still able to use ActiveSync for calendar, contacts, and tasks?
  • @Jeff - no, you can't. ActiveSync is used for Outlook/Exchange sync'ing. Hotmail/Live mail uses a different method (due to its historical background).
  • what are you talking about? are you saying that activesync wont be able to sync contacts/calendar anymore...cuz i did this regedit months ago...and my contacts/tasks/calendar syncs just find.
  • Yeah I would imagine you could delete the Inbox portion of Exchange like above and then set Exchange to not sync email (but keep calendar, tasks, etc.) with no problems.
  • Sweet! Thanks.
  • How about Google's Sync?
  • Doing this has apparently broken my Google calendar sync. I was prepared for that possibility. What I was NOT prepared for was PHM Registry editor not being able to do an Import of my saved .reg file to restore the functionality (the Import option is dimmed out). Hopefully, I'll be able to restore the original settings with a different registry editor...
  • Disregard my previous response. This DOES work with Google calendar sync. I have two Google accounts and was testing with the wrong one. (oops) After making this change, syncing to Google calendar still works, device-to-web and web-to-device.
  • Anyone know of a way to remove the "Sent Items" folder? Yahoo uses a "Sent" folder, but I'm forced to also sync "Sent Items", which then creates the same folder on my yahoo webmail. Kinda annoying to have to delete the webmail folder after every time I sync my phone.
  • beware: on Omnia i900 removing this registry keys will mute also your sms, no matter what you do. restoring it will make the phone work just fine!
  • YES, beware that this hack muted my SMS Notifications and was driving me absolutely freaking looney for the last few days!!
  • performing this edit breaks email on my Treo 800w. The Inbox icon disappears from the Programs folder, email hotkey doesn't work and tapping the inbox today entry does nothing. Time to restore that key.
  • the same probleme with HTC Touch ProII, SMS Notifications doesn't work after delete, i have reBuild the ActiveSyncKey/folder, i think the problem is the syncmgr.dll
    without this entry/key doesn't work...
    greetz from germany [LRC]
  • Hey guys, I tried it on TOUCH HD but did not work.
    But I found this that did the trick: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsmobile/thread/8d93c252-9... basically Open Activesync on your smartphone and click Menu - Options. de select email account and then you are good to go.
  • FWIW... I simply opened Windows Mobile Device Center and went to 'Mobile Device Settings' and then selected 'Change Content Sync Settings'. I then removed the check mark alongside the option to sync Email. Acepted all this and low and behold, Outlook was removed from the displayed options leaving me with just my IMAP account. Andrew
  • Yep, no reg edit needed. Just open up ActiveSync from your phone and uncheck the e-mail. No soft reset is even needed.