Touch Diamond 2 gets a couple of hotfixes

Two hotfixes for the Touch Diamond 2 in less than a week? That's it. Mine's going in the garbage.

Just kidding, folks. Stay out of my trash. Actually, we're more inclined to take the glass-half-full route here. Hotfixes mean HTC has acknowledged problems and has fixed them. Here's what's been addressed:

  • Hotfix No. 1 (5-22-09): If you move to the Settings tab in TouchFLO, the top part of the item descriptions under Communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, phone, data) are slightly cut off. If this happens, please download this hotfix to solve the problem.
  • Hotfix No. 2 (5-25-09): If you can’t dial out but can receive calls through the PCCW network when roaming in HK, please download this hotfix to solve the problem.

Obviously, these are for non-U.S. versions of the phone because, well, we don't yet have a U.S. version of the phone. (And note that the second fix only is necessary when you're in Hong Kong.) And as with all hotfixes, you'll have to re-apply them if you hard-reset your phone. Hopefully we'll see these baked into a ROM update at some point.

And speaking of fixes, a GPS fix also was released for non-U.S. versions of the Touch Pro. You can get it here.

Phil Nickinson

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