Touch Diamond Hits Telus on August 14th

We'd already heard the CDMA version of the Diamond would land on Telus in Canada “later this summer” and we also already knew the prices and specs of said Diamond. What we didn't know was the exact date. Well, now we do: August 14th, according to mobilesyrup [via engadget mobile].

Those prices and specs, by the way, are $149.99 with a three year contract scoring you EVDO Rev A, WiFi, GPS, 4 gigs of internal memory (sans expansion), a 528 MHz processor, and a larger 1340 mAh battery.

We wish we had more than sketchy rumors for the Sprint and Verizon versions, so for now we'll be just be adding to our list of things we're jealous of Canada for. ...and you thought that “Canadian Dollar” was the weirdest thing on that list.

WC Staff