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Trio of Angry Birds games updated for Windows Phone 8

Angry Birds fans should be tickled pink today with updates coming across for three Angry Birds Windows Phone 8 Xbox titles.

Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars and the original Angry Birds games all received updates that delivers new levels and a few performance tweaks.

Angry Birds was bumped to version 3.3 and adds an extra 15 levels of play. You also get a new manual targeting to fling Red through the sky with a little more accuracy.  Just tap the screen when Red's in flight to zero in the point of impact.

Angry Birds Stars Wars Endor

Angry Birds Star Wars Endor

Angry Birds Space moves to version 1.6 and adds 35 new levels that include a new boss fight and breakable planets. Angry Birds Star Wars (the original) jumps to version 1.4.2 and adds 30 new Endor levels complete with swinging logs and AT-ST Walkers.

All this comes on the heels of a minor update to Angry Birds Star Wars II which may be a sign that Rovio is picking up speed with it's Windows Phone support.

Each of the three updated Angry Birds title is running $.99 (trial version available) and are available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can pick up at the Windows Phone Store through the following links.

Source: TechNet (opens in new tab)

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  • Woo hooo
  • Seems faster
  • Reuters who?
  • So when we are going to see angry birds friends in wp8???
  • tomorrow morning at 8:34am, just for you......
  • Nice. Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 was also updated to add an Emperor hologram which announces the upcoming arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II to Windows 8 too.
  • Finally the AB Space is available in the Brazilian Windows Phone Store!! Now the only missing is AB SW 2.
  • Why I don't get update notification anymore? For the last 2-3 weeks, I got zero update notification. I usually get does in the middle of the night and see them in the morning. Now zero, I need to download them manually.
    By the way, Microsoft should list the application you have in your phone with build number install and build number available.  They could still it from webOS. 
  • We need Rovio Account support. I refused to rebeat all these every time i change phones or do a reset
  • What about Angry Birds toons? My son loves those but he can't view them on my phone or surface.
  • We need bad piggies!!!
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Still not free.... Shame.
  • Why would we want to be assaulted by ads when the games are only $0.99???
  • Believe me, it's no fun trying to play the free version on Android because of the ads.
  • true, but microsoft should support more of Debit card payments especially State Bank of India for Indian Consumers. I dont mind paying for good games and applications but if the payment mode is still not supported the only hope for us is when will it be free? Fortunately, I got angry birds when it was free..
  • Hmm, i just wonder, when they`re going to release bad piggies on wp8? And ARE they going to release it at all? How much time have passed since they set "coming soon" status to the game? A year? 
  • Space, rio and seasons are still paid.... Other are free in indian market