Truecaller for Windows 10 Mobile gets major update with many new features

In September, Truecaller launched its Windows 10 Mobile version of its popular smartphone caller ID app. Today, the company has launched a new version of the app with a bunch of new and improved features.

Truecaller screenshots

Here's a quick look at the features that are a part of the latest Truecaller app for Windows 10 Mobile:

  • New, advanced blocking features: Compile your own, custom block list and block unwanted calls. Now block hidden or private numbers too.
  • Enriched call history: Put a name and a face to your call history with enriched information including names, and pictures.
  • After call identification: Easily see who called, save a contact, report spam after the call without even opening the app.
  • Profile details: Updated information to ensure you have the best information at your fingertips. Now showing location with embedded maps based on the area code, and phone number, as well as operator information.
  • New design: Higher quality in list view screens including search results, call history and discover. Profiles also now feature location and operator information as well.


In addition, Truecaller has tried to make it easier to begin using the app in Windows 10 Mobile:

"For the first time ever, following the launch of the updated version, call history will be auto populated with Truecaller information including badges and profile pictures."

Download Truecaller for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Truecaller

  • How about that it just works??? Never worked on my Icon, always complained that i did not have Cyan firmware even though I was on Denim. Now when I go to enable called ID, it takes me to the windows 10 settings where there are no options for called ID. App never has worked for me.
  • It does work for me on my 720
  • It works but honestly its very very tricky to activate the caller I'd. I faced the same issue but later got to find out.
  • Its has but a bit hidden.
    Settings -- phone -- choose apps -- calling
  • thanks for not just saying "it works" but actually pointing people on the right direction to enable it :)
  • TrueCaller support told me that something on Verizon Wireless network prohibits their software from working.  I can't get them to tell me what so I can fill a FCC compliant and they refuse to put in the app description that the app doesn't work in devices part of Verizon Wireless network.
  • App should be installed on phone memory instead on SD Card.
  • I had the same issues. Once I uninstalled and reinstalled on phone memory instead of SD card it worked great. I also had to drill down into phone settings for caller id but that's all it took. Fantastic program and so glad they updated to work with WP10.
  • It WILL NOT work on any Verizon-branded device even if the device is unlocked and doesn't use Verizon Wireless network! I bought a L822 months ago and had the same problem. No problem on my L640 XL Country Variant (Egypt).
  • Hi ZombieZoom! Are you using Windws Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile? In Windows 10 the capabilities have been expanded and we're now able to use Caller ID on every mobile device that runs Windows 10 :) I hope we'll be able to get CallerID working for you soon! :)
  • I take my hats off for this app. It's superb and the developers are so committed to this platform. God bless them for the good job they doing.
  • Yup I agree, thank you dev.
  • Thank you so much! We're reading the comments and things like this is such a joy to read! :D Let us know if you have any feedback for us ^^
  • Well sure your commitment to win 10 looks promising! Just add a feature to autoactivate caller id!
  • Do you guys have any plans or suggestions to address the following scenarios? Some spammers have been calling me, however when the phone rings it shows my phone number. Because I have myself as a contact I was able to know that I wasn't calling myself (although the first time I thought it was my voice mail calling me due to a glitch.) But this is a great spoofing technique where people who don't have themselves as a contact would recognize the number but not necessarilly think it's theirs and pick up. Personally I have no idea how to handle this and I've called AT&T multiple times to figure out if there's a way to track where these calls come from by giving them specific times that these calls were made but there was no help. They said that they've opened this as an issue with the FCC or something and is still unresolved.     
  • One simple way for you to handle this is to add your own number to your block list. That way, people spoofing your number can't call you :) Thanks for the feedback! We'll take it forward, but can't give any promises.
  • They may not be able to do that. For security reasons, apps are not able to change some system settings.
  • Happy to see the truecaller team spending time amongst us.
  • Good on you guys, your app is much appreciated on this platform. All the best
  • As soon as I get my 950, I'm downloading this!
  • Plz install true caller app on phone memory not sd card for caller id to work.
  • Hi akshay waghray! We've tried it here ourselves at the office and we're able to use Caller ID no matter if the app is installed on phone memory or SD card. Do you think you could give us some more details to dig a bit deeper? For instance, what version of the OS are you running? And which device are you using? :)
  • Do you still need a Lumia to use the caller ID feature?
  • No it should work on any windows 8.1 device
  • Works for me on my Lumia 735
  • I've noticed that most spammers use something that changes their number.  I can receive 3 calls, from the same people, all showing different numbers.  Makes this app less useful.
  • Seeing the way app has matured win 10 mobile api are truly great
  • Good to see the kind of support from Truecaller
  • He. This app doesn't work at all.
  • I love this app and it works great on my Lumia 928 running W10m on Verizon
  • How is the general performance on your device. Am waiting for the next build before updating.
  • Wait a minute... all of the comments above you were saying this app can't work on a VZ phone.
  • Fantastic App, Well done Devs. Working perfectly for me on Lumia 930, on EE 4G UK.
  • Why doesn't true caller work in my Lumia 640XL in windows 8.1. I cant set the caller id to ON
  • I have this problem too on my Lumia 640 XL even though I have True Caller installed in Phone memory (not SD Card). I looked for [Settings -- phone -- choose apps -- calling] as @natsuga suggested above, but there is no such option on Lumia 640 XL. Using Cricket for cell service. Anyone who can get True Caller working on Lumia 640 XL--specifically, being able to permanently set Caller ID to ON (it always reverts back to off)--please tell us how.
  • This is a Windows 10 setting. If you're using WP8.1, it's a bit different :) Please make sure that all nokia apps are up to date, and then take a look at the truecaller FAQ or ask @TruecallerHelp on twitter, they'd love to help get you going so that Caller ID could work for you again :) Be sure to mention you're using 8.1 for them.  
  • Wow! Looking great.
  • Working perfectly for me on Lumia 930, Vodaphone 4G Uk
  • This app has made its name for itself ever since it came to the WP platform.
  • This is one of my top apps. I'm glad to see the feature set is expanding for when I eventually upgrade to Windows 10.
  • This is one of my most used apps! Very useful!
  • Wish all app dev companies would be as devoted as these guys!!!
  • This app is full of WIN. Thanks to the devs.
  • Interesting that to use it you have to register,so I'd go from ex directory to listed. As I read it people could then search for me by name.
  • Did the previous version of this app just add all the numbers to your normal address book? I seem to remember something like that, but sounds like Windows 10 has a built in concept of a Caller ID app, considering you can choose a specific app to handle CallerID separate to the phone app