Turn the AT&T Tilt 2 PTT button into something useful

So you have a shiny new AT&T Tilt 2, which didn't come with a 3.5mm headphone jack but has a snazzy little Push-to-Talk button that does little more than get in the way.

After the break, we'll show you how to remap the PTT button to actually become useful. (And you can use these instructions to change or add functionality to any hardware button.) Note: If you're running the stock AT&T ROM, you can easily make this change in the settings. This is more for custom ROMs.

Getting the tools

First thing you need to do is head over to XDA Developers and snag the Rhodium Keyboard Controller. There are two files we're concerned with. If you're on AT&T or T-Mobile, you need the GSM version. Sprint and Verizon folks need the CDMA file.

Save them to your computer or phone, and unzip them. You'll now have a pair of CAB files — SdkCerts.cab and RhodiumKbdControl_XXX.cab (where the XXXs either say CDMA or GSM). Copy the CABs onto your phone. Run SdkCerts, and then RhodiumKbdControl. You'll then be asked to reboot your phone. Do it. (The developer recommends you now make sure your keyboard still works. If it doesn't, uninstall the CABs. I didn't have any trouble here.)

Now head into the Control Panel or settings and find Keyboard Config. (The location may vary a little depending on what ROM you're using.) Open it up, and you'll be greeted by a blank screen.

Hit the Menu softkey, and choose Add Key. That will bring up a box telling you to push whichever button you're looking to change. So, in our example, push the PTT button on the side of the Tilt 2. Now it's time to really set things up. Under Event, choose what you want to trigger the new action. This is pretty self-explanatory, either click, double click, or long press.

Now it's time to choose the action. So, say I want to make the PTT button activate the camera. Under Action, choose Run program. Now, under Program you can either type \Windows\Camera.exe, as you see above, or hit the "..." button, drill down to the \Windows folder and choose the Camere.exe file. Simple stuff. Now hit OK.

If you want, you can add another action. I've got mine set up to toggle WiFi when I hold the PTT button. When you're through, you'll see a PUSHTOTALK entry listed. Now hit the Update config softkey, and you're done. Give it a shot!

Phil Nickinson

Phil is the father of two beautiful girls and is the Dad behind Modern Dad. Before that he spent seven years at the helm of Android Central. Before that he spent a decade in a newsroom of a two-time Pulitzer Prize-finalist newspaper. Before that — well, we don't talk much about those days. Subscribe to the Modern Dad newsletter!

  • Schweet! Long press = Close current application.
  • This isn't hack isn't needed if all you need it to do is launch the camera or a program... the Tilt2 allows you to configure this option by going to Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons, you should see the PTT Button as assignable. This is on the default Tilt2 WM6.5 ROM.
  • True. (noting that in the post) But it's not necessarily there if you're running a custom ROM.
  • Waynezim, (thats not really your name is it) you are stupit. The "camera" was only an example. But then what the hell. you most likely don't underatand my post either. You should not be allowed to reply to posts until you get out of the 1st grade
  • What do you mean a Custom ROM? The AT&T Tilt 2 as provided by AT&T includes that the option under Start>Settings>Personal>Buttons. Why would you ever go through all this pain if there's a built-in option under? Can you provide a real-world example of how would anyone have this Customer ROM?
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  • It's some thing useful tricks for the AT&T I like this information much..
  • The first thing i did when i got mine was to remap the button for voice command. Just use the built in option. But i can see the usefullness of this app. The screenshot shows a option to remap for wifi toggle, not bad.
  • the default rom does not allow you to map more than one program to the ptt button. it does not allow you to program a function for double click or long hold.
  • What OS and SPL versions are your phone? The keyboard/button mappings were totaly messed up when I used this (external keypad typing out different characters, hardware keys no longer working, unable to access system settings once it was run, etc.)
  • It doesn't work on Tilt2. from the screenshots you can tell is not ATT's rom, it's a cooked one. Next time don't make people loose their time with your inaccurate infos. Again, it does NOT work with the ATT's original ROM. Go instead to XDA and wait for Tarkim to release one. Cheers.
  • If you are using AT&T stock ROM, you can easily make this change in the parameters. It's more for custom ROMs.
  • I have a STOCK AT&T Tilt II and it works fabulous for me. Yes you can map SOME keys via the tools on the phone, but I wanted to map the VOL up/down to be the RIGHT and LEFT key press as I missed those keys from my Tilt for my RSS Feed reader. This worked perfectly AND I still have my Vol up/down by programming those actions to be press-n-hold actions on the same keys. So now when I want to page through my RSS feeds, I just press vol up or down. ANd if I need to change the vol.. I press'n hold the vol up or down as appropriate. Very cool !!!! thanks And just a note for the haters... jeeez. it's not like you HAVE to use this program. It has a purpose and it works. If you don't need it, you don't need it. No need to be slamm'n the author.. what's up wit dat?