Turtle Beach Stealth 600 vs. Stealth 700: Which headset should you buy?

Turtle Beach Stealth 700
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (Image credit: Turtle Beach)

Overall, both of these wireless headsets are fantastic. If you want to get your hands on a good wireless headset without paying more than you have to, you should opt for the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. However, if you're OK with spending a little extra, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and all of its benefits are worth the investment. And it's only $50 more.

Stealth 600 vs. Stealth 700: Price and luxury

When it comes to both sound and microphone quality, the Stealth 600 and 700 are the same. Both headsets have Turtle Beach's heavy-duty 50 mm drivers, which result in a great listening experience, especially if you have Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos spatial sound enabled. The flip-up microphone on both headsets performs admirably as well, ensuring your voice chat in-game will always be clear. The differences between the Stealth 600 and 700 lie in the way they're built, and the features they have.

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SpecStealth 600Stealth 700
Speaker size50 mm50 mm
Speaker frequency response20Hz to 20kHz20Hz to 20kHz
Battery life15 hours10 hours
Headband and earpad materialMesh fabric with foam cushionSynthetic leather with foam cushion
Ear cushionMesh fabric with foam cushionBonded leather with foam cushion
MicrophoneFlip-up omnidirectionalFlip-up omnidirectional
FeaturesMic monitoringMic monitoring, active noise cancellation, and Bluetooth

The Stealth 700 has leather incorporated into its design, which makes the headset more durable. In addition, the earcups are a little more spacious, which gives your ears some more breathing room and thus improves comfort. Feature-wise, both the Stealth 600 and the 700 have mic monitoring, but the 700 also has two additional functions: Bluetooth compatibility and active noise cancellation. The former allows you to use your Stealth 700 with your phone or with a compatible Windows 10 PC, while the latter effectively silences all noises outside of your headset with "blank noise." The Stealth 600 has an ace up its sleeve, however; by a five-hour margin, it has a stronger battery life than its counterpart.

Stealth 600 vs. Stealth 700: Which should you buy?

Ultimately, the choice of which headset to choose will come down to whether or not you think a better build and more features are worth an extra $50. If you have the money to spend and want some great bonus functionality, you should get the Turtle Beach Stealth 700.

The more affordable Stealth 600 is still a great headset, and you won't lose out on any sound or microphone quality by opting for it instead. If you're on a budget or don't find any of the Stealth 700's benefits to be particularly attractive, the Stealth 600 should be your choice.

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