Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight review: The ultimate Flight Simulator companion for Xbox Series X|S

Turtle Beach takes to the skies with a comprehensive cockpit that checks all the boxes when paired with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight
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Windows PCs have long been the home of Microsoft's Flight Simulator series, developed exclusively for its in-house operating system, bar a few exceptions. That changed with its historical expansion to Xbox consoles in 2021, now available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, one year following its arrival on PC. It flexed the graphical prowess of its latest Xbox consoles in what we described as a true graphical showcase in our initial Xbox review. But Flight Simulator was let down by poor accessory support on Xbox, a PC luxury that didn't extend to its console version.

With most diehard simmers faithful to its PC roots, we're still far from solid Flight Simulator offerings on Xbox, despite interest from some manufacturers. Turtle Beach is among the latest eyeing the lucrative flight gear market, cooking up a cohesive control system geared to Xbox consoles, as well as PCs. It's now one of the best entry points for a more authentic Xbox experience, delivering incredible value for those getting started with dedicated Flight Simulator hardware.

Here's what the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System does differently and whether it's worth the investment on either Xbox consoles or Windows PCs.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight: Price and availability

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight

Source: Turtle Beach (Image credit: Source: Turtle Beach)

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System was first launched in late 2021 and retails for $380 in the U.S. While available directly via Turtle Beach in many regions, it's also sold via top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and the Microsoft Store.

The device is compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One devices, plus Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs, using the included USB cable. While paired best with Microsoft Flight Simulator, it also boasts support for a selection of other console and PC games, including Elite Dangerous and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight: What you'll like

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Throttle

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

While you might know Turtle Beach for its audio — one of the biggest names in Xbox headsets — the manufacturer has expanded far beyond those roots. It can now add flight sim accessories to the list, tackling a booming market following the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, and more recently, Xbox consoles. Turtle Beach's debut accessory, the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System, has delivered a complete solution with almost everything a virtual pilot needs for their maiden voyage.

VelocityOne Flight looks to rival the best names in Flight Simulator gear, boasting a full-sized yoke, accompanying throttle quadrant, and ample inputs. Priced at $380 as of launch, it sits adjacent to devices from Logitech and Thrustmaster, ideal when looking to invest in solid hardware at a reasonable price. While the sky is the limit for some accessories and their prices, devices like the VelocityOne Flight are suited to simmers looking for that next step with some authentic gear.

The main differentiator comes down to Xbox support, positioned as the only console-compatible yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While Redmond's cloud-powered installment hit Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S back in 2021, the launch was dampened by poor accessory support, in contrast to the rich offerings on PC. There's a ton of competition in the PC space, but this is really your only option for an Xbox-compatible yoke and throttle combo.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Panel

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

While it's common to opt for a joystick or a mouse and keyboard, yokes are undoubtedly popular among a subset of enthusiasts. Using a yoke means added authenticity across titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane, especially within general aviation (think civilian and private aircraft.) I moved over shortly after the latest Flight Simulator launched on PC and it quickly became my preferred input.

The VelocityOne includes a 180-degree yoke, precise with smooth motion, providing accurate input for key control surfaces. It's well-constructed with a sturdy aluminum shaft, and although tension has room for improvement, it's a solid first take on this type of hardware. Turtle Beach also decided to use hall effect sensors, leveraging magnetic fields to limit degradation with time, vouching for the device's durability.

Various on-yoke controls include twin 8-way POV switches, ideal for soaking in Microsoft Flight Simulator's stunning vistas, 4-way HAT switches, and commonplace Xbox inputs like ABXY buttons and a handy 3.5 headset jack. It also has rear-mounted Xbox bumpers and triggers, the latter providing variable control over yaw, offering one of the best alternatives to rudder pedals. While manufacturers often work supplementary pedals into their product lines, the chosen triggers work great and retain the simplicity of an all-in-one system.

Turtle Beach Velocityone Flight Yoke Accessories

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

The throttle quadrant completes the set, introducing full engine control plus other essential cockpit interactions. The VelocityOne Flight has four levers with customizable handles to reflect your chosen aircraft, coupled with the throttle, propeller, and mixture vernier controls. A trim wheel with slight tension is ideal for quick adjustments on the fly and the backlit buttons add ten extra assignable inputs. While rich in functionality, the quadrant has a plastic shell with loose controls, missing out on some would-be premium touches.

The all-black design looks slick straight out of the box but plugging in the device awakens a sprawling sea of RGB lighting. With onboard software to tweak their hues to your preferences, it helps elevate an array of buttons, levers, and switches across the yoke and throttle.

A complete solution with almost everything a virtual pilot needs for their maiden voyage.

These RGB lights also spill into the status indicator panel, which alongside the flight management display, project data pulled directly from the game. The panel, located behind the yoke, aims to relay the status of various aircraft settings in-game through backlit icons. While there's an insert with a pre-configured arrangement of icons included, Turtle Beach ships the device with a blank version to create a custom icon layout, too.

The flight management display is also a custom affair, using its own relatively barebones interface on a compact 1.5-inch LCD and some light ties into Flight Simulator. Primary functions include a chronometer screen, pulling flight time information from the game, custom profiles that can be toggled between aircraft, and a pseudo tutorial to learn crucial controls. It's also here where you change RGB lighting and tweak other settings directly related to the VelocityOne Flight system. While the software doesn't hugely add to the Flight Simulator experience, it's a welcome gadget that I've come to appreciate.

Getting started with the VelocityOne Flight was streamlined from the unboxing, with easy plug-and-play support with Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. There's a fair chance you're buying this for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator entry, and with integration across various in-game systems, it's clearly designed to work best here. It also extends to other popular simulators like X-Plane on PC, while games like Star Wars: Squadrons and Elite Dangerous also work great on Xbox in our testing. While support varies between titles, we only recommend the title if you're specifically interested in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Turtle Beach Velocityone Flight Yoke Adjustment

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

It's hard to dismiss what the VelocityOne Flight has achieved, offering a well-received accessory within a notoriously competitive niche. It's a comprehensive solution with features on par with some of the best names in flight simulation gear, joining our favorites from Logitech and Honeycomb Aeronautical. It's that next step beyond a flight stick or controller, especially on Xbox consoles.

The Flight Simulator space is a little different on PC, with a thriving ecosystem of accessories developing over the years. The Honeycomb Aeronautical line has been a favorite in our testing, with a consistently premium edge throughout its product lineup. Logitech also bought Saitek in 2016, sim veterans with one of the best budget yoke systems on PC. While no manufacturer is offering an all-in-one setup quite like Turtle Beach, it's crucial to weigh up the options of the larger PC market and which works for you.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight: What's not so good

Turtle Beach Velocityone Flight Yoke Switches

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight system is a one-stop solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering a package unlike anything else on the market. Despite the considerable value on offer, the device leaves room for improvement.

While accommodating all crucial controls, with various luxuries over a standard Xbox controller, build quality varies across the device. The primarily plastic construction leaves some parts of the system feeling a little cheap — namely the integrated throttle quadrant and its levers. Better yoke movement and tension can also be found with alternatives on PC, even if Turtle Beach's chosen solution isn't half bad.

It's also clear that the VelocityOne Flight was built exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, especially on Xbox consoles. With only a handful of compatible flight games on Xbox and only one viable flight simulator, a HOTAS system might better serve some players. While other compatible titles are available on Xbox, only buy this if you're primarily planning to use it with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It's also worth highlighting various quirks on Xbox consoles, even if not detrimental to the experience. While fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, the VelocityOne Flight doesn't control several menus, requiring a controller to always be in hand. Microsoft also hasn't built full accessory support into Xbox Cloud Gaming, meaning it's not compatible if streaming the new Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox One consoles.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight: Competition

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight has zero competition on Xbox consoles, making it your only bet for a yoke system. The device luckily serves console simmers well with a comprehensive solution, offering the best flight simulator experience right now.

While it's hard to fault the integration on PC, Turtle Beach also faces more competition in the space. We recommend the $160 Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System for an affordable beginner setup, while the two-piece Honeycomb yoke and throttle offer a more premium choice. The VelocityOne Flight provides a solid middle ground.

We've previously recommended the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls as the best overall yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering incredible value as a premium pick. While demanding a higher $250 price, with a further $250 for its matching throttle quadrant, we found the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke justifies the extra $120. "It refines upon the foundations of popular yokes, both functional and well built, while still attaining an accessible price tag," we stated in our testing.

We also suggest checking out the Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System, offering much of the same functionality in a budget-friendly package. It costs just $160 at most retailers, and despite a hit in quality, it's still a great first yoke for anyone getting into Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC. Sadly it's not compatible with Xbox consoles.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight: Should you buy it?

Turtle Beach Velocityone Flight Yoke Panel

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want to upgrade your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience
  • You want an Xbox-compatible yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • You want a complete Flight Simulator setup on Xbox or PC

You shouldn't buy this if ...

  • You don't plan to primarily use a yoke with Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Other yokes better suit your needs
  • You have an Xbox One

Xbox owners invested in Microsoft Flight Simulator can't go wrong with the VelocityOne Flight system. However, the situation changes for those on PC, with more options available from other manufacturers. We recommend checking out the competition and the respective features across other yoke systems before deciding which is best for you.

For those with an Xbox Series X or Series S console — the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight is the gateway to the best Flight Simulator experience. While it's a low bar, with only a handful of Xbox-compatible joysticks out there, Turtle Beach has singlehandedly delivered a monumental leap in the quality of console gear. With the Xbox release making Flight Simulator even more accessible, a simple yoke and throttle combo was the ideal pairing waiting to happen. While PC players should explore their options, you won't be disappointed with the VelocityOne Flight, provided you're an avid Flight Simulator user.

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