Microsoft is adding a healthy dose of Fable to the Xbox backward compatible lineup.

The Xbox One backward compatible list is picking up two new Fable games today. New to the list are Fable Anniversary and Fable II Pub Games. Both are in addition to the two existing Fable games already available on backward compatibility, Fable II and Fable III.

The highlight of today's additions is Fable Anniversary, which is available for $39.99. A revamp of the first Fable game, Fable Anniversary brought the original Xbox title up to date with the Xbox 360 generation. Updates included overhauled graphics, with new textures and models, as well as a new lighting system and a refreshed interface. Fable Anniversary also pack in content from the Lost Chapters expansion.

Fable II Pub Games, on the other hand, is simply a collection of the three pub games available in Fable II. By playing the games, you can "earn and transfer gold and unique items to your character in Fable II," should you already own it. Fable II Pub Games is available for $9.99.

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If you already own either game, you should be able to install them on your Xbox One and start playing now. Otherwise, both are available on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Also be sure to check out our comprehensive list of backward compatible games for more.

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