Unlock the power of Machine Learning with this Python training bundle

Learning new skills can be a hard process these days. There are only a set number of hours in the day, and many of them get filled up leaving very few to spare to learn something new. If you've decided 2017 is the year you dedicate some time to picking up some new knowledge and want to get started with Python, this is the bundle for you.

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Meet the Machine Learning with Python course and e-Book bundle, a fantastic way for you to learn something new at a pace that works within your schedule. With 9 difference courses, hours of great content and much more, you won't want to pass this up!

The courses in this bundle include:

  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow - $133 Value
  • Beginning Python - $72 Value
  • Deep Learning with Python - $72 Value
  • Data Mining with Python - $72 Value
  • Data Visualization: Representing Information on the Modern Web E-Book - $70 Value
  • Python: Master the Art of Design Patterns E-Book - $70 Value
  • Python: Deeper Insights into Machine Learning E-Book - $70 Value
  • Python: Real-World Data Science E-Book - $60 Value
  • Mastering Python - $30 Value

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Purchasing all of these courses on their own would set you back around $650, but right now you can pay just a fraction of that. Currently, Windows Central Offers has this Python and e-Book bundle on sale for just $49, which happens to be a savings of 92%. Whether you are interested in all of the courses available here, or just some of them, you can't go wrong with getting them all at this price. Be sure to grab it now, your future self will thank you!

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