Upgrade your storage with a SanDisk Ultra 1TB NVMe SSD on sale for $90 today

Sandisk Ultra 1tb Drive
Sandisk Ultra 1tb Drive

A new day, a new set of Best Buy deals of the day. One of the items down to a unique low price is the SanDisk Ultra 1TB NVMe solid state drive going for $89.99. Best Buy says that price is $140 off what it normally goes for, but it's really more like $40. You can even find it going for around $130 to $140 at other retailers like Newegg. We have seen this drive go on sale in the past, but today's deal is as good as it gets.

You should be working from at least one M.2 SSD with NVMe technology. Why? Because the install times, the loading times, and the boot times are unprecedented on a drive like this. There was a point where this sort of tech was very much a luxury in the PC world but not anymore. With deals like this one today, you don't need to get some top-of-the-line drive to get crazy fast speeds.

The SanDisk Ultra has read and write speeds of up to 2,400 MB/s and 1,950 MB/s respectively. Sure we've seen other, far more expensive, SSDs with faster times. This is still three to four times faster than a SATA drive or a regular hard drive. Plus with that 1TB capacity, you'll be able to load tons of media, including games and videos, onto the drive before it ever fills up.

You also don't have to worry about overworking this drive. The SanDisk Ultra uses an optimal thermal design that keeps it cool even when it's under heavy load. Keep installing your games or creating new masterpieces without worry. Features

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