The best USB Flash Drive deals: Cheap storage & more

Usb Flash Drives
Usb Flash Drives

You know there was a point in the history of computers where the people making them never expected anyone to need much storage for these things. Now it feels like no matter how much storage you add, there's never enough. And with computers now including everything from phones to tablets to gaming consoles, storage is becoming even more important. Heck, even if you use a fancy Chromebook that's designed to utilize Cloud services, you still on occasion need some portable storage or a quick way to transfer things between machines.

That's where the best USB flash drives come in. These devices have the advantage of being relatively small compared to most storage, which makes them portable and often very durable. You can have one or two in your backpack for any time you're on the move and need to take some media with you. Plus, these days the storage capacities are huge so they can carry anything you're throwing at them. These are great for moving files from one machine to the next, keeping your favorite photos and videos on you at all times, or for transferring profiles, apps, and games between similar machines.

Here are some of the best USB Flash Drive deals we could find:

Best USB Flash Drive deals:


SanDisk USB-A 64GB flash drive | $15 off

A simple 64GB flash drive with USB 3.0 tech that's backwards compatible with USB 2.0. It has read speeds up to 100 MB/s, and you can use the SecureAccess software to password protect and encrypt your data.


SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go 128GB flash drive | $7 off

Includes both USB-A and USB-C connectors. Great for transfering between a device that only has USB-C like a smartphone to a device that has USB-A like your PC. Free up space on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Get USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds. You can find a similar price at B&H.


SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB USB 3.1 flash drive | $7 off

An extra tiny flash drive. Not only does that make it extra portable, it also makes it a great drive for a laptop. You can plug it in, leave it there, and forget about it. It won't get bent out of shape when you put your laptop in its carrying case or anything like that. You can also find this deal at B&H.


SanDisk iXpand 256GB Flash Drive Go | $7 off

Transfer data from your iPhone, iPad or other device with a Lightning connector. Automatically back up all your photos and videos with the iXpand Drive app. Shoot videos directly onto the storage device. Switches from Lightning to USB 3.0.


PNY Pro Elite 512GB USB 3.0 flash drive | $24 off

Works with PC and Mac and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 Has read and write speeds up to 400 MB/s and 250 MB/s. With 512GB of space, you can store over 100,000 photos or up to 29.5 hours of 4K video.

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