Using Windows Update to install new builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview

You've probably heard that Microsoft released its first build update to Windows 10 Technical Preview today, which adds the Action Center and Battery Saver, amongst other things.

It is the first of what will be many updates to come. In fact, there's already a small patch out for the build that was just released today. For that reason, it may be helpful to know how to go about upgrading your version of Windows 10 to the latest release.

Here's how.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button, then type "Windows update" in the search field.
  2. Click on Windows Update settings.

  1. In the Windows Update settings, click Preview builds.
  2. Click Check now
  3. Once it finds that there is a new build available, click Download The update will start downloading. It's pretty large, so just be patient.
  4. Eventually, you will have the option to Install the new build.

Another new feature in build 9860 of Windows 10 is the ability to choose how fast or slow you receive new builds. People who elect to receive them faster get newer features sooner, but at the risk of getting buggier builds.

If you haven't yet installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, but would like to, be sure to check out our "How to."

Note that today's newer build of Windows 10 is not included in the ISO file for the Technical Preview. This omission means that after you download and install Windows 10 for the first time, you will then need to grab the new build/update by the method outlined in this article.

Seth Brodeur
  • Seems faster in fast mode.
  • Cool. How big is the update?
    No progress bar, no estimation. Crazy UI for updating.
  • I really love Windows. It feels really fast but lets hope many people get into it.
  • Works great for desktop
  • Yep it does
  • Windows 10, especially with today's new build, flys on modern laptops. Really enjoying the experience. Dare I say, I find it hard to go back to 8.1 on my other computers (except for the Surface, which feels better with 8.1 at the moment).
  • Do you think we will have an option to keep the live tiles on the start screen? I truly hope so...
  • If you are using it on a desktop, press start right click on any empty space on start screen and press properties, click on start menu tab on top and uncheck 1st box.
  • Do you think in the final build that there would be an option to keep the same setup as windows 8.1? I hope there is an option. I truly love the live tiles.
  • Option is already there :)
  • Wonder when they'll offer sus support
  • Good question. I've already got preview clients on my wsus for the updates but haven't tried to do it yet with the builds. I hope I can figure it out because downloading multiple gigs in each machine is not an option if you have slow/metered internet.
  • Can windows 10 preview be update to the final release or we have to do a fresh install when 10 comes out?
  • It should be updatable. In fact, I'd bet on it.
  • It's never been officially supported in past previews. Here's hoping...
  • True, but this does seem different compared to past previews.  The update process is very smooth.  I'm actually wondering if the "preview" functionality is going to be a permanent part of final releases of Windows going forward.  After all, Xbox One has an opt-in preview program.  The fact that they have added a seperate "preview builds" menu along side the normal Windows Update menu is one thing that makes me think this could be permanent functionality.  Otherwise, why wouldn't they just push the updates through the normal Windows Update option since everyone is on a preview version anyway.  Same with the option to "update fast" or "update slow." 
  • YES there will be an upgrade path from the TechP\Escrow build to the Full build. This was confirmed during a telephone conversation with Microsoft this morning. Also the release date is likely to be Mid - Late September .. Build 9926 expires on the 1st October 2015 ... .. interesting reading
  • I an not sure I understand the need for the slow update option. These builds will never be applied without consciously telling your PC to update. Essentially you are simply slowing down notifications of new builds. These builds are not to be confused with regular patches to your PC OS.
  • My understanding is on "slow" it will notify you of more stable preview builds
  • You are correct.
  • My theory is that this might become permanent functionality in Windows.  So a user could opt-in to a sort of "preview program" and automatically get updates before they are generally available.  The fast/slow option would allow those early adopters to decide how bleading edge they are willing to be.
  • Is easy to uninstall it in the case that I don't like this preview? And how? Because I want to try it on a surface pro actually with windows 8.1. Hope some one knows
  • Easiest way is to create a new partition and install it on that, leaving win8.1 alone. After 10 is installed you can choose which one to boot to and even which is the default.
  • The "uninstall" process would basically involve restoring your device from a backup.  If you are not already crystal clear on how to go about the backup/restore process for a PC then I would recommend NOT installing the preview on any device that you care about.
  • If you dont know the answer to your own question you should not be messing with this. Also, this preview is not yet optimised for devices like the Surface.
  • Currently donloading.
  • Those currently running Windows 10 Preview on a vhd or vhdx, let me know if you were able to upgrade. I received a "you cannot install Windows on a virtual drive" error. I'm running Win 10 Prev on a vhd.
  • Same here.
  • Having the same problem.
  • I just went ahead an installed the preview on another partition and updated to the current build.
  • Yup same error here on a vhdx dual boot. I've raised the question of how we are to upgrade in the official win10 MS community.
    Since the word is that the ISO has not been updated, we do not even have the option to install from scratch...
  • I have my instance running in Hyper-V on my Surface Pro 2. I first had to expand the disk size and still had a problem where the update would error. I played around and updated my minimum memory allocation to 1024 and am watching the update run through setup as i write. Heres hoping.
  • Success? 
  • #awesomeness, I was wondering what that song was for when I was tinkering with Win 10, I thought it was redundant to have preview builds under Windows updates, but it's clear now.
  • I'm using a VHD to boot my laptop with technical preview, tried to apply the new build and got a big surprise telling me the build can not be installed on a virtual drive, WTF? What's worse, the process deleted the build file (2.5 GB aprox) so, if I want to try it again I have to download everything.
  • still on build 9841 and no update avaleble... I'm in canada, don't know if it mather....
  • I keep getting "can't install" errors.
  • Have to say that Windows 10 OS has given my old Dell Precision 490 workstation a new lease of life ... The system is around 6 1/2 years old and was running Windows Vista. With the new OS Programs are running way faster and startup time is significantly reduced... And I mean significantly. This is awesome to see as it should be a compelling reason for business to change to this OS once it is finally released. I can already see how Windows 10 will work seamlessly across devices as once I log in with my Microsoft account everything syncs across the various pc's and phones that I have. I also love the way the new app mode works on desktop allowing you to resize the app page the same way you can change the size of your web pages or folders. Windows 10 will seriously make business consider running their business apps on this platform and I can only imagine that in turn this will help increase Windows phone sales... This next year is going to be exciting to see how things progress. All we need now is one stellar Windows phone that will get people interested and talking about Windows phones and the OS while the new OS is rolling out.
  • Everything since vista will run better than vista. Just saying. It is cool that an older system can run a new MS OS.
  • It'd be nice if they included a progress bar for the download. My school internet is usually horrifically slow so I wasn't sure if it was downloading at ask all.
  • I got this error after download and I'm installing it "failed to install the new preview build 0x8024402C" MAY YOU HELP PLS  TQ AND TQ     
  • Have problems with firefox, lines of text comes out looking like static. Seems to only be in firefox so far from what i can tell. If i hight over anything it just distorts the image/text
  • Install the second update (two came out today)
  • The update seems to have fixed the firefox issue. I still get issues with shortcuts on my new toolbar i added. Icons are blank.
  • Not sure i like the jump zoom app load thing.
  • Am I the only one that thinks that if a user doesn't know how to use Windows Update, they shouldn't be messing installing preview builds?
  • How big is this update?
  • about 2~2.74GB depends on x86 or x64, I think
  • Installed the new build on my Dell Studio 14. Unfortunately, a few things are not working well for me. Bing on Internet explorer won't show what I'm typing on the search bar, letters for many modern apps, including the PC Settings app, appear all scrambled instead of being displayed properly.
    Not a huge deal because I intentionally used this machine for the tech preview because I don't use it as my main machine, but hopefully it is not impacting many people and it gets fixed soon. Trying to use the feedback app to let Microsoft know if impossible because it is also ask scrambled. Hopefully they read it from here. Hehe
  • Two things: 1: Microsoft specifically said NOT TO install the preview build on a production machine (you know, the machine you NEED to have working properly, instead of one that can be dumped and re-done whenever).   2: This article is about how to update the preview build. Which is funny, since the update that just was released, fixes the issues you're having with the characters.
  • I'm curious (I'll install it either way when I get home) is it like a Service Pack or a Windows Upgrade (such as 8.0 to 8.1)? In my experience upgrades are terrible compared to a clean install. Not to mention you end up with windows.old and it can be a pain to get rid of it at times.
  • Screwed up my web browsers and my Avery labelling program.
  • How do i know if the new preview build is downloading ? It dosen't show any status bar . When i check in the task manager it displays 0.0 mbps in the network section of pc settings . I am really confused whether the update is downloading or not . I am using VMware . Can anyone please help ?
  • i dont have the option for "Preview Builds" in windows settings. Only the other 3. turn i have to turn it on somewhere?
  • How much data consume this
  • I'm on an older build but it says everything is up to date. How can I force it to look for new builds?