Valheim on PC releases its content roadmap for 2021, details future Early Access updates

Valheim (Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

What you need to know

  • Valheim is a Norse-inspired survival game from the small Iron Gate Studio team.
  • Released in Early Access on Steam, Valheim has already achieved huge heights in popularity.
  • In an update on Steam and an interview, Iron Gate Studio revealed its plans for Valheim in 2021.
  • The content roadmap for Valheim in 2021 shows four large updates and a series of smaller goals.

Source: Iron Gate Studio (Image credit: Source: Iron Gate Studio)

Valheim, a Norse-inspired survival game that lets players explore a beautiful world as a Viking, has gone from strength-to-strength since its release. In just under two weeks, Valheim had already crossed over two million copies sold. Recently, Iron Gate Studio revealed the content roadmap for Valheim in 2021, but details were a little bit short. Now, an interview with PCGamer has revealed further information about what exactly is planned for Valheim moving forward.

Valheim's 2021 roadmap showed four planned updates, as well as a series of smaller additions and changes that Iron Gate Studio would like to make happen in 2021.

The first update planned for Valheim in 2021 is "Hearth and Home," which will reportedly focus on food preparation and building additions to the game. "Cult of the Wolf" comes next, and will focus on exploration and combat additions in Valheim. Third, "Ships and the Sea" will add new ship customization and focus on filling out the comparatively empty ocean biome. Finally, "Mistlands" is a brand-new biome that will come to Valheim towards the end of 2021.

The plan for Valheim is to eventually have a total of nine biomes, each with their own unique boss. Iron Gate Studio is also exploring the possibility of adding smaller "mini-bosses," according to PCGamer. For now, Henrik Törnqvist, the co-found of Iron Gate Studio, says that "the whole team is working on fixing all the bugs that come to light when you suddenly get a million people playing your game. We're five people, by the way, so we have quite a lot to do. But yeah, as soon as we feel ready, we will begin working on the updates outlined in the roadmap."

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