Now that Verizon has completed their Alltel marriage/merger, they're sitting on a few assets they no longer need -- like an ex bachelor who suddenly realizes a married man doesn't need a Miller Light neon sign. When we say "realizes," we mean "compelled to by federal regulators." When we say "a few assets," we're talking $3 billion in wireless assets. That's one heck of a yard sale.  

And, like any good yard sale, the neighbors show up first. AT&T apparently is first in line a wallet full of cash thanks to its recent iPhone and tower sales. Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts & Co, and Providence Equity Partners LLC also will be there looking for whatever deals they can get.  All of the above, however, have to keep those self-same federal regulators happy, so AT&T will probably find themselves haggling a bit.

The Wall Street Journal (pay site) via Engadget Mobile