Verizon Trophy shows up early on Cragislist

We're just days from Verizon finally getting their first Windows Phone, the HTC Trophy, and it looks like some early versions are showing up on Cragislist. One seller (unverified) reportedly wants a fair $160 for the phone, which sounds like one hell of a deal.

But we must caution that this is a CDMA phone, meaning it's ESN could be blocked if the phone is stolen or inappropriately authorized. So you may get the phone but you may find out that Verizon won't activate it. We suggest you just wait the extra few days and know what you're getting ;-)

Source: Craigslist. Thanks, Raul H., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • wait the few extra days? it still hasnt even been confirmed for the 12th or not yet but i sure hope it comes out the 12th
  • @deadwrong03 Most sources and info is pointing towards the 12-19th for release--it seems pretty certain at this point.
  • Even if the ESN is blocked, it can make an awesome Zune for $160.Too bad I don't live anywhere nearby.
  • The seller have no idea what he is selling. Apparently on the right is the HTC Incredible S which he is calling the Thunderbolt.He probably didn't even know what the HTC Trophy is.
  • I live about 4 hours from there...I would drive it.If it could be activated, $160 with out a contract is a steal, if not, it would interesting to see if I could get it on VZW's network, even it's questionable to do.
  • I'm downloading the Verizon HTC Trophy theme and gamerpic on XBox Live right now. 11 May 11, 0759hrs Pacific.