Verizon Trophy spotted at Best Buy

Well, sorta.

We know that the HTC Trophy will eventually land on the Verizon Network with the latest target date being May 12th. Some consumers are seeing signs that this date might hold true in that "dummy" or display models of the Windows Phones are popping up at the local Best Buy stores.

Based on the photos that are circulating, there is still no pricing information set for the Trophy. The good thing is that the 12th isn't far away and we won't have to wait too long to see if it holds true.

Anyone else seeing the display models?

Source: Phone Arena, thanks to everyone who tipped us on this.

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  • Aw man, I thought the pricing above it was for it. Boooo.Still no announcement yet. Dunno about the 12th now ...
  • That's what I thought at 1st I had to take another look at it and realized it was for something else.
  • Guess the good news is that, "it's going to happen", eventually. No turning back now.
  • HTC graphic designers are the worst ever..... all the HTC are horrible!!!! I wish I could move my samsung focus to verizon!
  • I have a hard shell on my Surround. It looks, feels and works great.
  • Wouldn't the launch be announced today if it was in fact coming out on the 12th? Doesn't Verizon tend to make its announcements the Tuesday before?
  • they tend to, but not always. there's been a bunch of silent launches in the past where the device just shows up on the release date...but you can bet best buy isn't getting dummy units so that they can sit on them for weeks and months. 5/12 is looking quite solid.
  • Best Buy advertises in their weekly ad (included in the Sunday paper) new releases and what's on sale for the coming week...This was not advertised by Best Buy for this week. Doesn't mean that Verizon won't still release it on 5/12 without any announcement, given their viewpoint on WP7; but it would seem like a bad move for them to release it without some time of advertising beforehand.
  • I don't believe my local Best Buy ever advertised the HTC Arrive. Even the Best Buy Mobile ad (the one dedicated for phones) right now only has a tiny picture of it directing people to the website. So, jank.
  • I want this for sprint!
  • Gotta love Best Buy. Since the box has "Windows" on it, wonder if they are busy "Geeking" all the new phones in a thinly veiled attempt at extorting an extra $50/phone.
  • Just release the plucking thing please...
  • I just got off the phone with my local bestbuy here in Dallas and they said the early release date for the trophy is the 12th and the latest is the 19th all depending on when Verizon chooses to ship. What's really shocking though is when I called my local Verizon store to cross-reference and confirm this time frame, they informed me that I had just given them more info about this release than they had received from their own company. O_o
  • I suppose the later date works for me as I start a new job that has a VERY nice Verizon Discount. :)