Hands-on with Windows 10 Mobile build 10572 – The best one yet?

Lumia 1520
Lumia 1520 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft surprised Windows Insiders again today with another release of Windows 10 Mobile – the second within six days. Build 10572 was released despite having the same upgrade issue as the previous build. This setback means to upgrade from last week's build 10549 you first to need to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 and then take the direct upgrade to build 10572.

So is it worth it? You bet. Not only does this release bring many new features, but the performance improvement on our Lumia 1520 is out of this world. Dare we say – this is starting to feel like RTM territory? That does not mean all is well – especially for dual SIM phones – but this release feels vastly different than any other.

Watch our hands-on video to see my first impressions!

Here's what's been fixed and what's still broken in Windows 10 Mobile build 10572

Some of the biggest additions include:

  • Text from your Windows 10 PC through your Windows 10 Mobile phone to any number – This relies on Cortana, for now, and it works very well. Cortana even notifies you that the message has been sent. So far, it does not look like you can directly send through the Windows 10 Messaging app, but this is still a new feature.
  • Camera is better, faster - Although we had some hang ups with reviewing the images, all now seems to be working. The camera is finally faster and is returning to Windows Phone 8.1 levels of performance
  • Store Offline Maps on SD card - If storage is a concern, you can push offline maps to your storage card. This feature is huge news for devices with low internal memory
  • Revamped Storage Settings- Storage settings get a new look
  • Edge is faster, now has progress bar - One of my pet peeves is fixed as Edge now has a progress bar when loading a website; there is an option to change search from Bing to another engine, but it is not yet working; Edge overall feels more polished

There are still a few occasional hiccups. When we send through Outlook from Photos, the message is sent but Outlook hangs on the logo; some users have complained they can't set a background image, and there are few other oddities, but hardly anything show stopping.

Microsoft has also reportedly fixed the Cortana-power issue, meaning better battery life. We'll, of course, have to play with the build over the next few days to see how it holds up, but yeah, this is worth the trouble. Even the Store is supposedly fixed for stuck-apps.

Build 10572 is a big milestone for the Windows 10 team, and we are super excited about using this as a daily driver.

Need more help? Jump into our Windows 10 Mobile forums and sound off in comments about your experience with Windows 10 Mobile build 10572. Is this the turning point? Let us know!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Really excited about this release!
  • It would be the best if i could update from 10549 but okay a newer one is coming soon!
  • As of the last build I have to say that MS proved me wrong, and gave us some really good new features that are actually useful.... I'm pretty impressed!
  • That is, I believe, the most positive message I have seen from you... not hating, just saying... good on ya!  
  • No shit. LOL Negative Nancy. I'm told that under the skin of every pessimist is a disappointed optimist. Maybe week see more change of hearts as things reach RTM quality. Would certainly be welcome. It's a drag to see negative comments all of the time.
  • Microsoft needs to do a LOT to improve WP10 before launch to get back to 8.1 levels of quality. Unfortunately, it looks like we're stuck with the shoddy UI design.
  • I would like a more 8.0 performance;). I don't like how 8.1 performes on my 1020... Just saying.
  • I thought 8.1 acted better than 8.0.. Of course I have a 1520, so my experience could be the opposite of yours.
  • I originally heard it as a George Carlin quote.  Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. George Carlin He's not the only one that has those feelings. He's just very vocal about his and tells it as he sees it.   
  • True. Very true.
  • It's not about being negative.. It's about stating the truth, being realistic, and not being unrealistically positive..... It's about having true concern about improvement, and moving forward.
    And, while some of you guys interject way too much emotion into all of this, it's that harshness that gets MS' ass in gear the most.. Soft fans that want to cover their ears to negativity hurt the platform the most...
    The thing is that I have always given credit where credit is due.. If there is more negative going on with WP than positive, then that's just the way it is.... Nevertheless, I will always tell the situation just as I see it, wether it upsets anyone here, or not.... Like I've said before,, I'm not interested in padding any softies feelings around here... I'm interested in WP being the best it can be..... I'm a true fan.
  • "it's that harshness that gets MS' ass in gear the most.. " The worst part about this dumb shit is that you, and the whiners like you actually believe this is true. You've never heard this said my a person from MS, you have just decided this is the way to be. And it's bad for the WP community as a whole. 
    You haven't gotten MS in gear, all you have managed to do is fill message boards with garbage, and misinformation. It's actually hilarious and pathetic at the same time just how wrong you (and others) are with +90% of what you put out, but whatever... If you believe it long enough I guess it becomes the truth for you.
    Are you the only one here that does it? Not even close. But you are definitely one of the main ones. And again, it's sad. WP as a whole is and has been a terrific product. But it's people like you who make it their mission to throw shade because you think whining = winning.    
  • Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks.. I still stand by what I say. I didn't say what I said because I don't believe it... So, if you got a problem with it, then that's not really my problem... End of story.
  • What rodneyej is saying its true and it does more or less put their ass in gear.
    MS might have not said it but they did something even bigger and better; they put out an entire program for the world to use, so they can do just that: use their OS and tell them what's good and what's not - therefore looking for critics, not "florists."
  • I'm one of the harshest critics of Windows 10, having been one of the loudest chearleaders of Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.  I don't really care what you or others like you feel about those versions of the OS.  As far as I'm concerned, it's people like you who were stunted enough to adore Windows 7 and were enthralled to see Microsoft essentially go backward with Windows 10.  I'm not under any illusion that any complaint, any feedback I've posted via their system (and that's been PLENTY) is anything other than ignored.  I happened to be convinced that the fool Nadella and his little minions had it in their collective minds to go back toward Win7 and the only opinions they really cared about were those that largely agreed with them.  As for what's "bad for the WP community as a whole", I find it laughable that anyone actually believes there IS a "community" anymore.  There was a time when I did.  It started to splinter and disintegrate when we had to start over with WP8.  And then again the loss of MORE features in 8.1.  The final nail was W10.  So, yes, many of us DO hate the hamburger menus, the loss of pivots, the loss of real integration, the loss of real hubs -- the list could go on -- in favor of essentially moving the mobile platform (and, it seems, the desktop) more toward an Android-like concept. WP started as a great product.  Not perfect, but it was, from its very concept and user experience, better than Android or iOS, in my opinion.  But when Android and iOS lovers began to infiltrate Microsoft and people without the spines to say, "You know, we believe this is still the right direction to go, and we're going to improve on it and make the case" kicked out the innovators, I knew that would see the gradual decline into blandness that W10M and Windows has turned into.  Well, bland in that any pretense of being "new" is purely superficial, and maybe less bland given that Windows has turned into a Frankenstein's monster of inconsistency, conflict and brokenness. Before you cast me as of those whose mission is to "throw shade", where the heck were YOU when WP7 and WP8 and Windows 8 was the product and others were trashing it?  I'm guessing you were lobbying for the hamburger menus.
  • Could you please explain where is Windows 7 better thatn 10? What went backwards?
  • Do you people realise that no one gives a fuck about your stupid fights.We are here for the OS that we love,and not to bitch about what others are commenting and crowding the comments section with useless comments.this is not FB,or twitter.Focus on WINDOWS
  • That harshness doesn't motivate MS. Think about all of the things that have changed with MS products from OneDrive to the apps with the hamburger menu etc.... None of those tantrums amounted to a damn thing. MS took positive criticism of value and did what they could with it, but they didn't back step on things that were clearly problematic for their ecosystem.
  • The thing is that what some of you softies consider "harshness" is actually the most helpful constructive criticism that MS can utilize to make their products better... They need us to tell it like it is,,,, no less.... Sorry, I disagree with you.
  • I pointed in the last build that they can change the things drastically in just one build, and it happened. Near to RTM.
  • I've been pointing this out for ages, no one seems to understand how software development works )=
  • It's not about not knowing how it works, rather working with the information MS, and WC relay to us....
    They both said builds ago that WM10 was about feature complete, they said this over a month ago.. That's what fueled frustration, and left us hanging.. It just wasn't enough... Then, near the end, they dump some of the most useful shit on us...... Odd..
    Maybe, some of these features were meant for later on... Maybe its fans voices that fast tracked these latest features...... Point being,,, we should let others speak their minds... They are more helpful than fans that aren't on MS's ass.
  • Yeah, it happened with desktop.
  • If it's good, it's good, and I say it's good..
    If it's bad, it's bad, and I say it's bad..
    Here, there's (relatively) been more bad, than good.. It's that comparable part that concerns me,, because that is reality. WP must compete with Droid.
    I am not that person.. Not the one to sugar coat stuff... Never ask, or expect that to me.. That, my friend, is someone else's job here... Lol. He has his place, I have mine... But, I guarantee you we are BOTH just as big of fans as the other.
  • I can finally select 4K 30fps for video recording again (on my Lumia 930)!
  • Ye of little faith, lol ;p
  • rodneyej, Lets hope they got it right, always loved the OS but its the app support that will make or break the platform.  For work I'm on iOS due to work email and I absolutly hate it.  I hope the WP10 will support corporate email.
  • WP 8.1 and 10 support corporate email.  I am on it now using Exchange and Active Sync.   I get emails on my Windows phone before they hit my desktop usually.   I'm on Windows 10 Build just before this awesome release.  I'm waiting for the follow up release so I don't have to go back to 8.1.  Getting tired of resetting all my tiles and reintalling apps.      
  • Apps, and marketing... Two things WP has never had.. SMDH.
  • Same here Joseph. Have a S6 for corporate email. Other than the MS apps, Google Maps, and the camera are better, Android is just not a better experience.
  • Has anyone experienced that this build does not ask for your PIN when unlocking your phone? It only asks for it if the phone has been restarted.
  • yep next week
  • 10549 was rly great too in terms of performance and battery life :D
  • One advice: try to upgrade from build 10549 first. My Lumia 930 (UK) started to upgrade automatically from build 10549. I didn't have to revert back to win 8.1....I'm so excited and can't wait for the upgrade to finish.......yiiiii hoooooooouuuuuu! 
  • Hey, Thanks for that tip. please udpate once you were successfully able to update that way to the new buid. Waiting to hear from you
  • I did roll-back to WP8.1 and then updated directly to Build 10572. No option for build 10549 unless that was for Slow ring
  • They really need to fix that red hamburger menu in the news app. Feels out of place..i am getting to the point of being ocs about it ;)
  • This is not wrong, then why need to be fixed?
  • Im confused why cortana cards dont fill the screen on the 1520?Im wondering if this is a style choice or a bug? It looks unfinished, i hope they fix it...
  • We've been saying that for months....
  • I'm also wondering why the cards are ugly white when the phone theme is set to dark mode. I think that also looks unfinished.
  • Hope we'll get an dark/light option in Cortana.
  • They should use a very light grey.
  • Same issue with email on my Icon. Emails are unnecessarily narrow. 
  • It has to do with scaling only going so far. If you lower/raise the dpi settings in display, they will fill the screen. I would consider this a bug - seems like an easy fix to allow one more scaling mode.
  • I believe it's a style choice due to incorporating the hamburger. 8.1 didn't have a hamburger anx filled the entire screen.
  • I'm getting OCD about your use of OCS
  • So true...
  • This is the best one yet for my 920. Turning the dpi scaling all the way down gives 5 toggles in one row, four medium tile columns (kinda tiny but hey), and 1520 style multitasking (was broken in previous build). And most of all, it's stable as hell!
  • now Microsoft should allow split screen apps (just like the Samsung Galaxy phones have it) and W10 tablet mode
  • Dan, you should write an article about Microsoft new windows store search algorithm and how it completely ignores keywords to the detriment of indie developers. When apps are a problem this is sorely going to hurt windows as a platform. Microsoft have been zero help in addressing this either. Im happy to email you specifics and evidence of this.
  • Oh wow. I got two downvotes? is this reddit or something? or are people just not interested in helping the platform grow?
  • Who know their reasons, but this isn't the forum Daniel et al can't be expected to read every bloody post. Try the tip line or something.
  • yes, this is sad. WP8.1 store lists more apps in recent apps list. But W10M store shows just 5-6 apps in the list. Couldn't find correct app from the store. Also many apps are still not available in W10M store. Store on W10M really needs improvement.
  • Daniel I'm using current build 10512 can I received this build??
  • not directly ... but if you go back to Windows Phone 8.1 you can get it ..   no Windows 10 mobile build can update to this new version , all need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 first
  • My Lumia 930 (UK) started to upgrade automatically from build 10549. I didn't have to revert back to win 8.1....I'm so excited and can't wait for the upgrade to finish.......yiiiii hoooooooouuuuuu!
  • Why dont you just read the article.
  • It's easier not to read the article.
  • you're such a dummy
  • I'm excited to see it running well on Lumia 1520 hardware.  Even though I'll miss a few UI elements from WP8, I'm looking forward to the day that my Lumia 1520 tells me that the official Windows 10 update is available for installation.
  • This is really funny because I was about to login specifically to post and see if anyone else is as suddenly excited about W10M as I am now. This is The Release that really shows what MS can do. What's funny is that they'e always known this was coming, it's just hard for us to see it as things progress. I remember when Windows 10 hit The Build -- I was sold. Same is true of W10M now. This is probably the best mobile OS I've ever used--and that includes the Nexus 6 I've been playing with for a month.
  • Reading you was somehow satisfying
  • Hey Daniel it would be really great if you shoot a video reviewing this build on a low end device
  • Reviewing it with phones that the vast majority of users use is Very rare. Why? Test it on one yourself and you'll know. They lag way behind 8.1
  • Yes thank you. Now how do I upvote your comment from this mobile app... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think AAWP guys take care of these things.... Better head there.
  • If WM10 wifi is connected with firewall than u can't downlod any apps and games But u can download any app and games in 8.1 in same wifi except xbox games. What is the solution for this
  •   Tried it on my Icon and just got a windows logo and then barly lit black screen. Had to roll back to 8.1. Should I try agin.  
  • Same here on my 625. I'm getting a black screen after updating. 
  • there is a bug on some devices when the migrate thing starts, the screen will stay black, leave it alone for 5-10 minutes and you will be fine after that. I had this on my icon too but unlike you i read all the problems with this build and knew what was going on.
  • Thanks I'll try it again.
  • I got the black screen on my HTC M8, and i just waited for about 5-10 mins and it worked. Thanks for the tip.
  • YES same problem with me on my bhot devices L435 afer installing screen stays black for long time then i think windows 10 mobile is not installed i switched to 8.1 on lumia 435 than i try it on my HTC one M8 and screen stay black for 10 to 15 minutes than it start so... be careful
  • Got the same black screen on my 920, you just need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes and the migration process should begin afterwards.
  • And my lumia535 so!
  • I reset in order to not have the loading screen, but then updated to the last build... And then got the issue back... So I'll just stay on this build until this issues are fixed, plus reverting and updating is annoying long... Needs optimization for low RAM phones...my 520 runs red h hot every update, some drain the Battery causing it to fail and this in n need of repeat... I'll pass on that experience...
  • I got a really big battery drain for 2 hours on both my updates and then it goes back to normal.
  • Hi All, i am facing issue regarding glance screen. Not able to open its settings. Also motion data is not able to update. Any solution for same?
  • Same issues here.
  • +1 same issues
  • Does the phone still heat up draining the battery? that was the reason i went back to 8.1. 
  • At least there it heats up without draining the battery
  • "Resuming" when you click on messaging is still there :( Do you think they will fix this?
  • Hasn't been a problem for me, the longest time it's taken to load is 2-3 seconds, and usually its just instant (930), but I think for a lot of people anything that's not instant is too slow. There's only two things I expect to be instant all the time and that's unlocking the phone and going back to start.
  • on 10549 i only get this for about 2 seconds which i think is acceptable on my 1020. but if running in the background it load straight away, so maybe soon if not in this build they will improve it further!
  • Yeah if it runs on background it is almost instantly but would be great if it opens the same speed not running on background.
  • Will windows 10 mobile have new big features in upcoming builds or now Microsoft just improve performance of this OS as still dere is no Bluetooth folder where we can see received stuff :/
  • Hoping to see some improvements in battery life
  • Anyway the photo not opening after you take the shot should be due to the fact that you have rich capture on. It is processing it in background after you take the shot, then the circle will light up when it has finished processing. It was introduced in previous camera updated. In my opinion it takes too long and it is not clear for the user what's going on, they will change this behavior hopefully.
  • Stupid that texting from PC is binded to Cortana. This should simply be inside the apps.
  • How is your computer supposed to be connected to your phone without internet connection? Bluetooth? Local network? USB cable?
  • That's actually a really good point Posted via the Windows Central app for Android because it's infinitely better than the WP/ WM one
  • Me too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Isn't the performance increase basically down to them removing the Android emulator that was running on previous builds?
  • Still, not a dailydriver. I am in love of 8.1 more and with each release of WP10 Preview my love for 8.1 is increasing. A whole bunch cant fix basic issues, and to me they are left in each preview intentionally.  On paper, it looks awesome but on ground it sucks. Lags, Delays, Crashes, 10 Months and not a single solid build. Sorry to say but MS is wasting time and money. 
  • What makes you think Microsoft leaves bugs in their OS on purpose? Or that 10 months is enough to make an OS with no bugs? Some people...
  • Its been less than 24hrs, but so far this one has been very solid. Each build is getting better and better, thats how software development works. Final release will have some cool stuff, but likely wont be as polished as 8.1. WP8.1 was a refinement of 8. This is a start-over, so some ground will be lost.
  • wasting time and money? Y'know, EVERY OS goes through this exact same process - dealing with lags, delays, crashes, etc., for a good portion of a year - prior to RTM. We're getting a peek behind the curtain, yet we're surprised the actors aren't in full make-up and costume. Jesus.
  • Daniel sms backup not working with Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572? I have lost all sms message (2013-2015). :(  Bug?  (and i have restore 3 times my Microsoft Lumia 940 XL)
  • I have the same issue. Reported it on feedback.
  • Same. I'm on a 928 and had everything backed up on Verizon and one drive. Nothing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same issue here, I'm just going to be patient, I see them in Outlook.com, so I know they're there.
  • I have reset my Lumia 730 Dual sim a couple of times and my SMS backup does not restore.This is very frustrating.Hopefully the new build will fix the problem.Anyway i will stick with this build until a fix is provided.
  • (640 XL) :)
  • Lumia Camera app is back. And I thought it was only for Lumia 1020.  Also, just found out my favourites on MS Edge PC are now synced to Edge on mobile! Really lots of improvements...    
  • Lumia Camera is still lost if you reset the phone to factory settings! Pay attention!
  • I did a hard reset after installing the new build.  And Lumia Camera App installed itself.  I opened the app thinking it will have the old message to use Windows Camera instead.  But it is the full Lumia Camera App.  I have the build installed on a Lumia 635.
  • Thanks for warning us that most apps aren't reinstalled after rollback. And yes I did a backup! Looking forward to better things to come and for now holding off on ordering the Moto X Pure! #L1520
  • I have a Lumia 822, how well does this build work on my phone? Currently on 8.1 Denim. Last time I tried 10 it was a mess, albeit it was the second or third release. 
  • I like this but 10572 still burn battery so much.