Warframe to get open-world Venus and ship-to-ship combat updates on Xbox One and PC (update)

Updated December 6, 2018: Warframe: Fortuna launches on Xbox One on December 10, 2018.

At TennoCon 2018, Digital Extremes unveiled the follow-up to Warframe's open-world "Plains of Eidolon" content. The "Fortuna" update takes players to an open-world Venus, and there's also tactical ship-to-ship combat in the works!


According to the developer, the Venusian landscape packs exciting new gameplay experiences with the introduction of a new faction and lore. Starting from the underground "Colony of Fortuna", players will pick up bounties and missions. The open-world surface is blanketed with "Orokin" structures, mushroom stands, and oceanic flora. You can also traverse the landscape with a "hoverboard" this time around. It's like Back to the Future, but in the distant future.

Codename: Railjack

The Fortuna expansion is part of a grander vision. In addition to the open-world expansion, a separate future update takes Warframe into new territory. Codename: Railjack will enable a team to board a ship on land or ascend into space to fight. You have to coordinate responsibilities across your ship when you engage computer-controlled vessels. For example, one person will pilot while the other will shoot. According to Digital Extremes, the experience grants players the freedom to even launch "Archwings" into space.

When Plains of Eidolon launched last year, we thought that this was the best Warframe could do. However, the open-world Venus in Fortuna and the ship-to-ship combat of Codename: Railjack blows it out of the water. We can't wait to play this content on Xbox One and PC in the coming months.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter which takes you across space. There are linear levels as well as a massive open world to explore. Given its popularity, it's a shame that Warframe still isn't Xbox One X Enhanced. While the game already achieves 60 FPS on the base console, a boost in resolution would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully Digital Extremes will update the game soon to take advantage of Microsoft's new console.

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