Watch The Game Awards 2018 on Mixer and win Battlefield V

Battlefield V
Battlefield V (Image credit: EA)

The Game Awards 2018 take place tonight, starting at 9 PM ET, and Mixer is giving gamers the opportunity to earn in-game rewards for Sea of Thieves. Better yet, you may win one of five hundred copies of Battlefield V. Considering that not a lot of people watch Mixer due to competition from other platforms, the chances to win Battlefield V are pretty good.

The Game Awards Mixer account posted the following message on it's channel.

Tune it Thursday, December 6, at 8:30 PM ET for the biggest night in gaming! Be sure to log-in with your Mixer account for a very special MixPot, featuring exclusive Sea of Thieves DLC and a chance to win one of five hundred copies of Battlefield V! The Game Awards celebrate the best video games and esports of 2018 alongside surprises and first looks at the most anticipated games of the future. Live from The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Where do you usually watch such streams? On Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube? Let us know.

The Game Awards 2018 should be packed with new game announcements. Obsidian Entertainment has promised to reveal its upcoming steampunk role-playing adventure at the show. Ubisoft will probably debut gameplay from its upcoming Far Cry: New Dawn too. There will be a lot more surprises too from the looks of it. We'll just have to wait a few more hours to find out!

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