Best answer: Essentially, the hole is just called a hole. However, the cool little plastic covering that comes with it is called a grommet. Grommet holes are a great way to organize your cables and direct them through your desk and out of the way.

What is the hole called?

Maybe you've noticed that cup-sized hole in the back of your desk, or perhaps some of your drawers come with a little hole cut into the backside of the boards. Have you ever wondered what that hole's actually called? Well, that little 2-inch space that is perfectly cut out in most desks is literally just called a hole. However, the little contraption that fits into it is called a grommet. So, what is the purpose with this little extra detail? Though it may not seem like much, these grommets can make desk organization a breeze.

What is a grommet?

Desk grommets are little disk-shaped objects that are specifically designed to be inserted into the cut-out holes found in the back of most desks. They are intended to help organize your cables and offer a route for your wires through your tabletop and out of your way. The smooth materials that grommets are made out of offer a safe and friction-free opening for your cables to pass through. Grommets can be made out of many different materials, but the most common are ABS plastic, wood, rubber, and zinc alloy.

While you can find any number of grommets, they all do the same job. The one you use really depends on your personal preference and the amount of cables you have. So whether you like the look of zinc alloy for some extra style or prefer to go with the standard ABS plastic, these little grommets can help you control your desk space.

Our pick

Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet

Standard 2-inch plastic grommet

The Black 2-inch Desk Cord Grommet is made from ABS plastic, which offers a smooth and safe pathway to thread your wires through for better cable management.

Our pick

RDEXP Zinc Alloy Tidy Wire Hole Cover

Modern metallic grommet for your desk

The RDEXP Zinc Alloy Tidy Wire Hole Cover is a grommet made out of zinc alloy and is perfect for running cables through to declutter your tabletop for great wire management.

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