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What's the hidden code on Joe Belifore's Windows 10 Insider t-shirt?

Microsoft's Windows VP Joe Belfiore made an appearance today at the company's TechEd Europe keynote event in Barcelona, Spain. He was wearing a t-shirt that had a Windows logo but with a series of 1s and 0s embedded in it. As it turns out, that was not just a design choice; there is some kind of code lurking in that t-shirt.

Belifore admitted to the code on his shirt, which he identified as a Windows 10 Insider design, as part of a Twitter message following the keynote. In a follow up message, he challenges folks to solve it, but also says the solution is "#notbinary". If you happen to be attending TechEd Europe, you can actually get the same shirt Belfiore wore today. There's no word on if the Windows 10 Insider t-shirt will be released to the public.

windows 10 t-shirt

So, get your thinking caps on. Do you have the solution for the code in the Windows 10 Insider t-shirt?

Source: Joe Belifore on Twitter

  • Windows 10 is the only 1; Windows 10 is the only 1; Windows 10 is the only 1 x100   EDIT: As for the zero, I'd guess - We have no competition x)
  • I think I have solved it!!!!!!it took me alot of time but I used some computer experts and ex Microsoft employees! It says:
    The 010 stands for ™ ..
  • 1 - Windows, 0 - No Media Center
  • Media Center is not needed. It's dead now.
  • Why is it dead. The TV is very much alive.
  • Windows Media Center was never all that stable. It doesn't matter if TV is still alive, there are better alternatives.
  • Windows Phone is dead too but you still here on this site.
  • That's funny, the title of the site is WINDOWS central, guess you missed that one.
  • I should also point out you're on here as well so your logic is flawed
  • Lol, Why don't you go play outside
  • You what? Never stable? I've used it since 2005 (with the original extenders and now xb360s as extenders) and found it to be nothing but stable. Currently on win7 as I have too many addons in 7MC to move to 8 without pain. So far, haven't found anything that does what my setup does (single pc, dvb-t card, big tv in the lounge, extenders throughout the house, full playback of all media on pc and extenders) there's plenty else that does the single pc/dvr but nowt else (that i can find) that does extenders. Its a shame to see MC go.
  • We (my family) use Media Center as a whole home DVR.  We have 3 Tuners, all High Definition.  12 TB of Storage is currently holding about 1300 recordings.  Hundreds of movies and TV shows in HD and accessible from any room in my house through XBox360s as extenders.  It is rock solid stable, supports high definition and is available as an add-on from Microsoft for Windows 8.1.  It is easily the best whole home DVR in existence.  I don't have to pay for any DVR fees, HD fees on extra set top boxes, and I can keep my recordings forever and re-encode them to play on any device I want.  I can schedule recordings from my Windows Phone or iOS and stream anything in my collection to my iPad or Windows Phone using Remote Potato.  No extra charge for that either.  I have beautiful channel guid that is faster than any channel guide on any cable box and it has beautiful channel logos.  Oh and I don't have a single advertisement anywhere in my guide.  And, if I want, I can run a service that detects and removes commercials automatically (although, that part takes some effort to setup). 
  • Here is the Guide on one of my extenders: That's a 4 years old image and it's still the best. 
  • @ValkMT snap! Pretty much exactly the same as mine (except no iOS or anything apple in our house;) ) I fully agree that it's the best whole home dvr/media tool made so far . . .all the more reason to be sad to see it go.
  • Which? Running on a Windows Maschine?
  • Please show me a solution that does the things that Media Center can do. Namely record TV with CableCARD.
  • XBMC
  • XBMC what a joke...LOL MS should at lease let me buy WMC as an app. for both xbox one and windows.
  • WMC is far more of a joke, sorry. It is very unstable and has a ton of connectivity issues. Also he asked for an alternative, not what the best one was. I don't feel like doing the research for him and finding the best alternative to WMC.
  • No, WMC was never updated for high def bandwidth. SDTV worked fine. They just stopped working on it and abandoned it a long time ago so it never saw high def support. It was a great system, it was just a victim with the rest of their media handling incompetence, Zune, Windows Media Player, Xbox Music App, etc... They've been at this for two decades now. Every time they start getting somewhere with a media package they trash it and start over. To this day, they still don't have a decent comprehensive system anywhere in their ecosystem.
    Worst part is, anytime you try to find workarounds, MS throws DRM bullshit in your face. Fuck 'em. If you want to do media... Musice, movies, etc, you're better off on an entirely different platform.
  • What are you talking about? No HiDef support? I run it in HiDef recroding hidef now and it works fine on HiDef. Its designed to work in HiDef.
  • Nope WMC was never meant to be operated in high def. It would work if you had a completely wired network but WiFi bandwidth past N was never implemented in streaming.
  • Don't think it's available for Xbox One, but you can add it to Windows 8. Just bing it, or in Windows 8, hit the search button and type "add features to Windows 8". If you're running W8 (or 8.1) Pro, the Media Center is an addtional $10.
  • XBMC can't do CableCARD (or any TV recording for that matter?)
  • You are incorrect, xbmc has had cablecard support for a while. I think close to a year and a half now.
  • XBMC cannot do CableCARD. It (almost certainly) never will.
    Looks like it worked to me. As I said, I didn't research for the best alternative, I'll leave that up to him or anyone else that cares enough. The fact remains that WMC is dead.
  • From your comments I can assume you have either never used Media Center or you only used it briefly many years ago. You also don't seem to understand what 'better alternatives' mean as this XBMC hack is not only nowhere near consumer friendly or attractive, it requires other apps to record and those can't handle conflict resolution, scheduling or other things like Media center, can't allow for protected channels, etc.  This would be thrown out of my house within the first day.  And WMC may not be a go-forward solution but it works fine now and will be supported for the entire lifecycle of Windows 8 (at least).
    There is no better alternative for Media Center when it comes to TV.  Nothing even close unfortunately.
  • Most hardware is WMC compatible.  It is a very tedious process to get XBMC to work, and even then there are too many hiccups.  XBMC is awesome, I use advanced launcher to switch between the two.......
  • TiVo Roamio
  • Are you kidding me??  The reason my HTPC is still on Windows 7 is because of Media Center.  No reason to pay for an upgrade.....
  • Media center is implemented. if y activate by putting in the windows 8.1 pro media center key it's there ! don't f* up with non sense comments, thank you
  • It's not updated, that's the point.
  • Guys f**k you I made a joke at least laugh or something,all these emails are making me go crazy,my head!!must stop this
    Faaaak media center!!!!!
  • No, it's not implemented. It's been discontinued. The only reason to have WMC is to relay TV to your Xboxes. They act as a cable box for each TV so you don't have to rent one from your cable company. Xbox One discontinued this ability and WMC has never been updated to handle high def bandwidth so it's useless across the board now.
  • wouldnt it be cool if for an extra fee instead of media center you would get the xbox enviroment if you met the hardware requirement.
  • If its not binary it is clearly base 11!
  • Hello Mr. John the spelling of Joe Belfiore is not correct please edit it.
  • What are you his lawyer or something??
  • Probably
  • I am not a lawyer. I'm a student of high school but can't I say that if the spelling was wrong?
  • Cos only lawyers spell correctly?
  • No need for a tanget...
  • I agree with a few people here. "1 OS, 0 fragmentation, Windows 10"
  • It looks like it's 0 10 1. So what I can gather or interpret there are an on and an off. One way, or another way. Tablet and Desktop. Mobile and Desktop. And in between them is 10 (Windows 10). So Windows 10 seperates the two standard approaches and breaks the sequence. It is both at the same time.
  • Its just 101010101010101 nothing special. Probably also doesn't mean anything
  • More specifically (because of spacing) it's 1 0 10 1 0 10... hardly seems like a code.  Maybe it's a metaphor.
  • I parsed the code and got the source code for a Windows 10 based OS for dildoes... :D
  • Something I am sure you use.
  • Apply cold water to burned area.
  • I accidentally reported you
  • Don't do that...
  • Whahah You sir! XD
  • 1 OS, 0 fragmentation, windows 10
  • Sounds legit.
  • I like the sounds of that. Let's hope they deliver.
  • "ayy lmao"
  • Aware brah - bulldog
  • just 10 repeating
  • Except it's "1 0 10" repeating
  • It probably just 10 (ten) repeated
  • Except it's "1 0 10" repeating
  • It appears to just be 1 0 10 over and over
  • turning on my matrix transcoder...
  • Windows 10 1Os
  • Windows 10 ... So 10101010
  • This!
  • 10 is everywhere  
  • Bing it! LOL
  • It's a no brainer. No binary here. Buried in that code is MS flagship Windows 10 Lumia phone, period!
  • What do you mean buddy??
  • Image sensor size 1 0
  • That would be sweet
  • I like turtles?
  • Yes!
  • I like zombies! ​
  • Yes!
  • I like turtle zombies!
  • If you copy/paste it to Word it says "I desperately need a new hairdo".
  • Jeez, really? Go away, why do you care how another guy wears his hair.
  • I think they mean, one, and zeros, and then some more ones, and then some more zeros. 
  • 1 OS, 0 flagships exclusive to Verizon, Windows 10
  • Love this^
  • Not interested, sorry.
  • I love the fact you've taken the time to say you're not interested!
  • Lmao! +10
  • Squint and you will see the Beta symbol slightly off axis slanted to the left.
    So is the Beta coming out Jan. 01 or Jan. 10?
  • +930
    I like that one - Jan 10 for consumer preview
  • Windows 10... Logo+10= windows 10. They're just messing with us coz they know were geeks and will try to find something else in it lol. I was hoping a new phone name. That'd be sick. Once again im disappointed.
  • Lumia 1010
  • Hmm... Would just be another "affordable flagship" lol. Unless its the MS Lumia 1010 which I suppose could be a full blown flagship. Again... Getting my hopes up
  • The Windows symbol on his T-Shirt along with 10 resembles Windows 10. :P
  • Exactly
  • 1 OS to rule them all!
  • Windows 10, version 1.0!
  • Sounds Logic
  • A symbol of MS's stop and go, stop and go approach to mobile OS development? I kid you MS, I kid you..
  • A headache.
  • Yes
  • I just download the windows 10 technical preview and I love it
  • Marketing.
  • I know the answer but not telling u :hi:hi
  • Windows 10!!! Lol
  • 10 1 0... Windows 10 release date - october (10) 1 at midnight (0).
  • I got this October 1st (10 1) was day zero (0) for people to use windows 10.
  • It shows windows 10 is the unique os and windows 10 is same for all windows devices
  • I think it's time Joe Belfiore was called out for his sub standard leadership of Windows Phone development. This is the guy who presided over the train wreck that is XBox Music, XBox Video, Sky Drive integration issues with the Core WP software and all we can do is focus on his t-shirt? How 'bout instead of concentrating on diversions like his t-shirt, his team concentrate on the above.
  • "his team concentrate on the above"
    The Windows Central community is not his team.
    "Diversions" - er chill dude. No smoke screens. Just good old fun.
  • I think the poster means the services listed above in the post that, and lets be honest, have been suspect at best on this platform as far as quality goes. And I have to agree. Once you got your ish on point, then you focus on cutesy things like this.
  • Don't forget....Joe Belfiore is a manager.....he floats around having meetings and sh!t. I doubt he'd have much, if any input intio the core design of the services. That's what the engineers do and unfortunately it seems that they have some pretty piss poor user experience designers at the moment :(
  • Maybe its a heartbleed but the logo is Windows so Windows 10 secure of heartbleed :D
  • "All your base belong to us"
  • somebody set us up the bomb
  • Is it one of those magic eye 3d things (autostereograms)? I'm sure if i blur my vision enough i can see dolphins jumping out of the windows? or Is that Microsoft developers?  
  • You might not be to far off... if you look at the individual squares with the "3D image look" you do indeed get diagonal lines of 01 appearing in 3D. Not sure if that is the solution, but it works
  • Developers jumping out the Windows, effen hilarious
  • I KNOW!!!! It's the Paradox-Free Time Travel Machine.
  • I believe that is actually 001100010010011110100001101101110011
  • It's a variation. It's for going to the future
  • So... dBase?
  • Maybe the number of 10's indicate the days left to the official release day. Or Windows 10 launching october 10th
  • It is already October 28, so.....
  • 2015...
  • Seems faster
  • It's just 10 repeating and it's 10 1 0 10 just to make it look as a code.
  • The code is 10. The tweet says there is a hidden code amid the 1's and 0's. So between two sets of 1 0 is 10.
  • Cool
  • Thats pretty badazz and clever for him to do that.
  • It's a binary code. I'm not good at it. Lol.
  • Quantam computer and I guess there's something related to quantum computing even there's a video on u tube which shows these binary numbers.
  • You can actually look at it as one of those "magic eye" 3D images. the divider of the squares makes it tough though. Since I have a little time, I will play with the image and remove the dividers to see what the outcome is...
  • I think it tells about microsoft's new releases in the near future!
  • If you add up all the 1's and 0's across each column, you get: 4 8 15 16 23 42
  • The solution is clearly better dress sense.
  • Another guy that cares what other men wear, are you really that shallow?
  • The gaps between the 0's and 1's look like this:
    \ /
    \ \/
    \ /
    \ \/
    \ /
    Looks like arrows pointing down...
    Which means market share of Windows 10 will further drop???
  • Good bur stupid thought
  • Lol, you silent a lot of time on this didn't you? It's jus '10' but this made my day
  • It is pointing to joe's Thing....
  • Looks like code for, "I look like a dork...time to get rid of this haircut"
  • Man, lots of you dorks in this thread. You should form a group and post photos of what you look we can all judge you harshly.
  • Let me have the same haircut? Obviously, a lot of us dorks agree that his haircut looks terrible on him. He should leave the Emo haircut to the youth. 
  • He looks like he drinks out of a douche bottle.
  • Lol. No, but i don't give two shits how another person wears their hair or clothes. Perhaps you shouldn't either.
  • I'm going with Morse code for T E N where 1 is a dash and 0 is a dot.
  • "All your base are belong to us."
  • Love it!
  • Um....... Windows 10, the name of the new Windows OS?
    Wait, Joe still thinks the new OS name is still yet to be revealed? Poor Joe, Xbox Music has done some serious damage to his brain.
  • Its simple: Windows 10
  • Problem is people think and look for the complex, so don't tell them that's it's that simple :-)
  • 1 = dash 0 = dot; so it's 1 0 10, or 1 = T, 0 = E, and 10, = N. MORSE CODE
  • We have a winner!
  • Sounds right...
  • Great work!
  • Guys Seriously it's WINDOWS 10 windows logo 10
  • If you turn it upside down it looks like LOL over and over : )
  • LOL
  • I think it mean that windows 10 is the only 1 OS that spend 0 money ;p
  • That code screams "Publicise Windows 10". Not that I'm complaining.
  • Windows 10, 1 OS, 0 compromises
  • It's not a code.  It's simply another marketing tool to convince people Windows 10 is where it's at.  Personally, I hate everything about Windows 10, so I don't care what t-shirt they wear.
  • chevrons if you unfocus your eyes a bit. Other than that it's probably just a marketing ploy. Idk
  • Solved! Half life 3 confirmed!
  • You beat me to it! :P
  • Belfiore went on to say, in the Q&A on Channel 9, that there is no code hidden on his shirt, and asked people not to waste their time to trying to figure one out because there wasn't one!
  • Yep. A joke run rampant like a virus...
  • 1 0 0 1 0 0 1
    1 0 0 1 0 0 1
    In distress
    1 0 0 1 0 0
  • Maybe soon comes successor of L1020, and suggest many pixels with these very figures.
  • 1 OS, 0 money, Windows 10?
  • it is a grid that keep repeating, i saw like this 0 10 1   0 10 1   0 10 1 10 1 0   10 1 0   10 1 0 1 0 10   1 0 10   1 0 10 0 10 1   0 10 1   0 10 1
  • I think he is just kidding that there is something there. Many codes are half in the edges... If there is a code then he is referring to "10 1 0".
    Its given in da sam way rightwards and downwards many places
    10 1 0
    I really want the full pic to check it out
  • No idea, I just have this image of Kryten from Red Dwarf doing that famous robot joke where he just reads out "one zero zero zero one one zero etc"
  • Haha, it is a shame they don't make shows like any more.
  • They do make shows like that. New series coming in 2015... Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun.
  • Minecraft
  • If it was Minecraft then it would have been Phil Spencer not Joe B
  • This is just a distraction to divert people's attention from the failure of Windows phone.
  • Gonna get your ass beat for that comment. Not by me, because I'm irritated with the lack of OTG support for Xbox games for a phone for heavens sake. My 1520 is great, but lacks some basic features...of feature phones ffs.
  • Commence the ass beatings!
  • Windows 101
  • I won't even bother with trying to figure that one out lol... However I hope that Joe spills the beans and gives us the answer later today. I do want to know now. I'm intrigued. So if that was the mission,I'd say mission accomplished.
  • November 10th, the day of WP10 preview release for dev preview...
  • A = 1 0 10 0 10 1 10 1 0   A^(-1) = 0 0 0.10 0 0.10 0 0.10 0 0   Add the non-zero values of the inverse matrix => 0.10 + 0.10 + 0.10 => 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 = 0.3 Multiply result by Windows 10 => 0.3 * 10 = 3 3 => HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!
  • Dribble Dribble Dribble hahaha
  • I'm still looking some triangle
  • I should buy that t shirt
  • He forgot the 19
  • I do like the thought of using Morse code: 1 is a dash 0 is a dot => - = T; . = E; -. = N => - . -. . -. - -. - . = T E N E N T N T E
  • I guess its the binary code
  • From a distance, it looks like Denim....
  • I Saw LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Repeats in small caps
  • Best answer lol. Two cookies to you.
  • Will someone confirm the answer PLEASE!?? I'm starting to loose my shit here >_
  • Put it in a brown paper bag and light it on fire.
  • Its more like a poo-nami, this shit can't be contained....
  • That's the code Victoria Beckham wrote for him to get his hair just like hers.
  • Lol
  • Hahahaha
  • I want to be able to buy this online.
  • Have you noticed that there is weird spacings between some of the 1's and 0's? ........ just noticing.
  • That's just because they are in squares.
  • Stink! I hoped it would mean something :/
  • Its just 10 10 repeatedly.
  • Maybe its LOLOLOLOL
  • Damn just scrolled up and saw someone else said the same thing. Touché.
  • Its just '10' of windows 10.. I.e. Windows logo n 10's inside it cz its windows 10..
  • He just trolled everyone.
  • I think i solved this. Did you notice that a binary code can have like thousand zeroes and then just one 1 in the code, in that shirt there is a windows logo made of ones and zeroes saying only 101010101010 and you can see the numbers separating from each other when there is 10. So, what im saying is that Belfiore didn't say #notbinary for no reason. It's not binary code, there is just many number 10's in a row making a complete windows logo of Windows 10.
  • 1 0 10 --> 1 Os in 10 i.e One OS in Windows 10. unification of desktop, phone and tablet in windows 10.
  • It says "Windows 10 1, competition 0"
  • After awhile all you see is blonde brunette red head......
  • Window 10 1 Apple fan boys 0
  • Its just a visual. From a distance, it forms an "X"
  • Actually guys its date
    May be the date windows 10 would be officially out
  • He dint say u cant use binary he say solution s not binary...means
    Which is date 10-10-2015
  • the pattern is repeated 1 0 10  or 10 1 0, in either ways its 1010 repeatition.. which is binary representation of number 10
  • Windows 10 One Operating System Zero Compromise
  • Erm it says 10 over and over again
  • reading from top to bottom it reads ...011011011011.... but only every 4th column. Windows - 10 - 4 - All?  
  • Lol no code he is just seeing what you make from nothing hah! But it's probably just 0 and 1 mixed together to make 10 ..... ala Threshold, all Windows merged into 10.
  • String.Join(vbCrLf, Enumerable.Repeat({1, 0, 10}, 3).Select(Function(n, i) String.Join(" ", n.Skip(i).Union(n.Take(i)))))
  • I think it means exactly what was mentioned, Windows 10.  Too bad the shirt is not available to buy !
  • Played backwards, it says "Paul is dead." Someone should just ask Cortana.
  • Its Chinese
  • ... 0 10 1 0 10 1 0 10 1 0 10 ... I'd agree that it's to emphasize 10. If the 1 (space) 0 mean anything, i'd bet that it means 1 OS | 1(one), 0(oh, for OS>Operating System) They are trying to unify the OS and 10 is supposed to be that.
  • It is 10 repeatedly in the shape of the Windows logo
  • Does this code?
    1 - Represent the color blue? 2 - Something to be announced in about 2 weeks?