What's the hidden code on Joe Belifore's Windows 10 Insider t-shirt?

Microsoft's Windows VP Joe Belfiore made an appearance today at the company's TechEd Europe keynote event in Barcelona, Spain. He was wearing a t-shirt that had a Windows logo but with a series of 1s and 0s embedded in it. As it turns out, that was not just a design choice; there is some kind of code lurking in that t-shirt.

Belifore admitted to the code on his shirt, which he identified as a Windows 10 Insider design, as part of a Twitter message following the keynote. In a follow up message, he challenges folks to solve it, but also says the solution is "#notbinary". If you happen to be attending TechEd Europe, you can actually get the same shirt Belfiore wore today. There's no word on if the Windows 10 Insider t-shirt will be released to the public.

windows 10 t-shirt

So, get your thinking caps on. Do you have the solution for the code in the Windows 10 Insider t-shirt?

Source: Joe Belifore on Twitter

John Callaham