WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets updated with some cool new features

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has just been updated, introducing some new features and improvements. As previously covered, this release contains features brought across by the WhatsApp team from the beta program. It's also quite the special moment for the messenger platform since the Windows Phone app hasn't been updated since June.

According to the store listing, here is what's new in version 2.11.586:

  • WhatsApp now opens faster
  • Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
  • You can now add captions to photos and videos
  • Crop and rotate photos
  • Added ability to archive chats and groups
  • Each chat or group can now have it's own background
  • Better support for phones with high-resolution screens

Do you s till use WhatsApp? If so, let us know your thoughts on this update in the comments. We've received reports that this version has its faults, so do point out if you've also been experiencing problems post-updating.

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Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • No sharing of audio files yet :/
    Still a good update
  • Buggy. NEEDS immediate update to fix! EDIT: needs uninstall/reinstall to work.....after that it works perfectly from what I can tell.....FAST
  • Do you lose all your chats if you reinstall?
  • No
  • Not if you back up before hand.
  • My WhatsApp has stopped working .! :/ not so expected update just struck on creating favourites.!,
  • Same here :(
  • Same here and I lost everything
  • After Update All messeges Lost ... Uninstalled and Reinstalled , No luck got more messy. But at last got it working ..
    Here is a workaround
    1)Copy your whatsApp backup folder(Parent backup folder) from SD card (which is hidden) , to Phone memory.
    2)Remove your SD Card
    3)Restart your phone
    4)Now Install whatsapp
    5)Choose Restore from backup.. Mine worked this way Perfectly On Lumia 720 with latest DP
    6)Now Relax...
  • Tapping backup in Whatsapp did not work for you?  That is usually what I do if I want to switch devices or uninstall/reinstall
  • Same here.
  • mine too.....
  • Same. Mine isn't connecting to the server, it seems. it keeps on the "connecting" loop (the little dots keep moving, but nothign happens) for any screen.   Hope it gets fixed soon....... I hated buying a Windows Phone, really. :(
  • Same here
  • I didn't have any issue on a Lumia 920 8.1.1 DP with Cyan, what I did was make a backup, then uninstall it and reinstall it and restore the backup, so I didn't lose any chat. I hope this helps for all of you :)
  • FOR ALL GUYS WHO HAVEN'T UPDATED YET : you got to possibilities to prevent your whatsapp from crashing and deleting chat data.
    1. Just install it . It seems like the update went well on high end devices such like 1020,930,1520 . But you should check if cyan is installed ;) definitely need that to avoid performance issues !
    2. If you want to be on the safe side : Uninstall and reinstall whatsapp but don't press restore backup ! It will delete all your chat data . That's a whatsapp bug. Just follow those steps and you should be fine . Although again : Install cyan first !!
  • Didn't work for me, it deleted all my chat's, kept loading when trying to send a message. I use Lumia 930
  • Hmm I got the 930 dev preview with the critical update and it worked fine like always;) on ma 1520 as well
  • Btw : Just use option 2 then ;)
  • Same here. Crazy update deleted all me chats. No history, nothing!!!!! Damn you Whatsaaaaaaaaap!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dude, not working... Now it doesn't showing any favourites anymore... Saying u don't have any contacts who uses WhatsApp.. It was better without this update...
    Not connecting on wifi either...
  • Unintsall -> reinstall -> don't use backup . If its not working get cyan update and 8.1 with gdr1 ;)
  • Having the same issues (925). WhatsApp hates WP, seriously. This is unbelievable!
  • Hi, i have lost all my messages after the update on 925. Follow the above mentioned method to get it working again, if you try to restore the message the next error msg may come up "creating favs" and it got stuck at the same.    
  • I have a 1520 with Preview, how to install cyan?
  • I did lose all my chat, how to restore that?
  • When u installed : Uninstall -> reinstall -> do not click on restore back up !
  • Will all the previous chat be restored if I do that?
  • TO MAKE IT CLEAR. ^Only for those who already installed the new app earlier. If this is your first time. RESTORE CHAT.
  • After Update All messeges Lost ... Uninstalled and Reinstalled , No luck got more messy. But at last got it working ..
    Here is a workaround
    1)Copy your whatsApp backup folder(Parent backup folder) from SD card (which is hidden) , to Phone memory.
    2)Remove your SD Card
    3)Restart your phone
    4)Now Install whatsapp
    5)Choose Restore from backup.. Mine worked this way Perfectly On Lumia 720 with latest DP
    6)Now Relax...
  • I have shared a very useful suggestion on Microsoft's UserVoice site. If it is being implemented, it gonna help a lot of users who have a limited data plan to connect to internet. So go through it and vote so that Microsoft can have a serious look https://windows.uservoice.com/forums/265757-windows-feature-suggestions/suggestions/6612952-allow-datasense-to-block-internet-for-all-apps-sof
  • Define a big ****** amount of data please. lol If you want to see those numbers, switch to a phone running Android.  Seems like every update eats more data.
  • Lost all chats and possibility to receive our send anything on Lumia 1520 with denim.
  • Just delete WhatsApp and reinstall it and do not restore any conversation otherwise it will cause bugs.
  • Are you developer preview?
  • After reinstalling it says backup restore failed...things got more messed up now :'(
  • Same problem with me...
  • Same here
  • Same here!
  • Me too.!!!
  • Don't want to!
  • Dont reatore backup !
  • Aerosmilie , its full of bugs , all my contacts are gone. , failed to change my picture , failed to restore my msgs , failed in everything !
  • Everyone one was bitchin about this app during Danny Boys five shittiest app updates...people happy? Seems as if WhatsApp rushed a half-baked update out for ya....enjoy! Happy I have no friends...lol
  • Tim Cook is gay. Really. He said so....watch the media's reaction. Ought to be interesting. No, I'm not implying anything other than what I wrote, so don't try to make something out of nothing.
  • Mine is running smoothly without any problems so far. I'm on Lumia Cyan. And the emoji scrolling I noticed is now much more fluid!
  • By far... Everyone is on cyan update with DP updates... I guess... All updates are made considering latest cyan.
  • My 1320 is also working flawlessly and is very smooth now.. Scrolling, animations and everything else... And emoji scroll is super buttery thanks to vertical scrolling now :) and I'm not on DP at the moment just Cyan.
  • FOR ALL GUYS WHO HAVEN'T UPDATED YET : you got to possibilities to prevent your whatsapp from crashing and deleting chat data.
    1. Just install it . It seems like the update went well on high end devices such like 1020,930,1520 . But you should check if cyan is installed ;) definitely need that to avoid performance issues !
    2. If you want to be on the safe side : Uninstall and reinstall whatsapp but don't press restore backup ! It will delete all your chat data . That's a whatsapp bug. Just follow those steps and you should be fine . Although again : Install cyan first !
  • So you mean for those who it does not work, we can get whatsapp running again but we will end up losing ALL our chats?  Can you confirm?
  • Well actually You should reinstall First and then screw The backup :) before the update or after you updated .
    When its already gone I can't anything do about it. Just uninstall,reinstall and skip the backup import. Should fix everything 100% ;)
  • Even uninstall/reinstall does not work, all chats gone, no contacts, no functionality, backup does not work either. Lumia 1520, Denim.
  • Hei guys i had the same problem..i remain without messages...i unninstaled reinstalled a few times and the backup works xD i hope its works for you guys..
  • After Update All messeges Lost ... Uninstalled and Reinstalled , No luck got more messy. But at last got it working ..
    Here is a workaround
    1)Copy your whatsApp backup folder(Parent backup folder) from SD card (which is hidden) , to Phone memory.
    2)Remove your SD Card
    3)Restart your phone
    4)Now Install whatsapp
    5)Choose Restore from backup.. Mine worked this way Perfectly On Lumia 720 with latest DP
    6)Now Relax...
  • Still mp3 and video compression missing
  • Video compression for me is the most important. I have to use a different app just for that :/
  • No audio sahring and no multi selecting.
  • Multi selection of what? Photo multi select has been there for months.
  • Multi selection in a chat, not transmission list.
  • Audio share it's a problem with piracy, iOS doesn't have too.
  • Chats not loading T_T please update it
  • Bug.. Don't update
  • No bugs man... Mine is alright
  • It didn't work, I have lost all chats. Trying an uninstall. Don't upgrade!
  • reinstall on phone memory and dont restore the backup
  • I have lost all the chats tooo,, is there a way to get them back ??? even if they fix the app, or is it gone forever????
  • Don't wanna sound like a whiner, but every update takes months and it's still way behind Android and iOS versions. Speed improvements are not very noticeable to me, it works fine, but that's about it. No voice dictation, no different colors for people in groups, still doesn't show profile pics when chatting... Zooming images now is ok though... Feels like a bugfix more than an update. I'd say the Android 2.2 version back in 2009 had more features and that's a shame cause WP is a much better OS than that.
  • Yes no option to attach a audio file. . . Plz give a good update. . .
  • You can send voice recordings, but you won't ever be able to send audio files, the Windows Phone OS doesn't allow that access to developers. Edit: actually thinking about it. It is now possible but through something like the files app, where you can chose to share files with apps. Whatsapp should be able to register to receive that share action. In fact they should be able to go through known libraries to find Music from inside the app, would require them to build their own mini file explorer as part of the Whatsapp app though. My original statement is wrong in modern WP sorry!
  • Y
  • Just edited my comment above, I forgot about the new files functionality
  • Windows Phone 8.1 does support attaching files with the addition of filepicker. WhatsApp should just use the API and allow attaching of files. Internet Explorer now allows uploading files too, unlike before, by using the filepicker
  • To be fair, that filepicker looks like a nightmare, on low memory devices your app could be terminated while the file picker is open, so you have to handle the return from filepicker in the page as well as in the app launch :S
  • Developers should not have to go through so much trouble to add a simple functionality. This is Microsoft's fault then!
  • Audio share it's a problem with piracy, iOS doesn't have too.
  • And why does Android have it?
  • 'Cause it's an unsafe and open OS
  • Bingo. Circumventing OS security is easy when it does not exist.
  • Still don't get how this is not a problem for Android but only for WP and IOS. Why should safety mean so much restriction for developers? How do they expect to get more apps with that attitude?
    Why not let WhatsApp worry about the piracy laws?
    Android is not unsafe, its just more advanced and open than WP. Don't install untrustworthy apps and you wont have to worry about security
  • Speaker noise while chatting has gone for good... that's enough...
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • No problems on Denim but my girlfriend's 520 don't send SMS
  • me too need audio sharing and audio download option
  • I am not able to share the audio files. I found some tricks in internet but its not working for my phone. Plzzzzzzzzzzz update the option to send audio files :(
  • Cool!
  • Nice update
  • Most awaited update... Nice features. Thank you WhatsApp
  • Nice... finally a good update
  • Buggy
  • Whats the bug?
  • If it is buggy i will not update ... Btw what is bug ?
  • Everything. You can't chat, old chats are gone.. everything is gone. Just... DONT update.
  • Ehm nope worked fine with 8.1
  • reinstall on phone memory and dont restore the previous backup
  • No problems, works fine.
  • No problems here. Smooth update.
  • Yes my chats won't load at all, can't receive any messages
  • Is there any fix! I lost everything!
  • Needs uninstall/reinstall to work in my experience. Speed improvements are noticeable
  • Yea
  • do you lose your chats if you delete?
  • i did..n ftr reinstall its worse.
  • Dont restore the backup.
  • Well with the old version yes. With new version no
  • I didn't found any bug soo far... It's running smooth
  • Bug: A bug is an insect that crawls on your body
  • Seems crawly
  • No any bugs in mine. 720 WP8.1, Cyan. DR. And I like it a lot
  • Now faster lol
  • It is opening much faster than previous version
  • Cool.. Been waiting for the update.
  • WTF.. Don't update guys.. It has deleted all my chat history and what I am seeing is blank black screen. Can't send messages as well.. 
  • Solution for what's app problem: Uninstall the app , download it , and don't restore the messages
  • solution doesn't work for everyone, same issue with mine
  • Ya buggy app but the features are cool!! Try changing the background by selecting the default backgrounds!! Small little perks are to be seen now!!
  • It works !
    And If not : Get 8.1 + cyan and try again ;) and you should probably get a newer phone ( 930,830,1520 or 1020 ) no issues with those models ;)
  • 1020 + cyan + Up2Date Dev.Prev. Issue occurred on my phone, lost all chats, backup restore is not possible
  • 1020 with same OS - worked perfectly fine!
  • WhatsApp on my L720 has no issues after the update.... I'm on Lumia Cyan Developer Preview
  • People show no love for 1320 T-T No issues here also...!!!
  • Works fine and perfect here.
  • 1yr of WhatsApp is done... So think I'll just stick with hike
  • I've had whatsapp for 3/4 years now on windows phone and never had to pay
  • Immaculate conception?
  • Chats are not loading...full of bugs!!
  • Same here also a black screen in chats and not even loading!
  • reinstall on phone memory and dont restore the chat backup
  • Thank you. That actually works!
  • I waaaaaaant the backup!
  • If you dont restore the backup how will i get the chats back?
  • I found no bugs... Mine is alright
  • For me too... I'll wait for a fix... :(
  • Nonsense, it works well. Plus if the chats are not loading, that is 1 bug. Not 'full of bugs' . Just chill and enjoy the update after a clean install (uninstall, then reinstall)
  • Many are complaining that the app has got buggy after the update. I'm wondering whether I should do the update or wait for more reviews.
  • no dont..wait for sometime
  • dont update until it is fixed..
  • Your username is somewhat irrelevant now unfortunately... Or nostalgic maybe...
  • Lol
  • He needs an update!
  • Dont update until a fix appears. Chats are not loading .
  • reinstall on phone memory and dont restore the backup chats
  • I had no probe :) so yeah go for it . No bugs , no glitches . Everything work perfekt
  • U can update.... Found no such bugs... It is fast..
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • wow..not working for me..taking so much time to open..all old chat gone..bg ,chats , status,dp everything..n backup thing wont work eithr
  • Totally fucked up
  • What is happening!!!... Why some are getting bugs and others no bugs?... My WhatsApp is alright
  • i think that those who are using dev preview are getting this error..
  • Nope... I am not on DP and yet all the chats have vanished... Taking eternity to create favorites after a complete reinstall...
  • I'm using the DP and have had no bugs at all.
  • Is about time
  • And still is not totally WP8.1 compatible. When you tap "back" the app closes completely...
  • no, that's a choice they made. a wp8.1 app doesn't have to live in the background like that.
  • When the app stays in the background the app reopens much more fast.
  • Even MS is ver inconsistent about the function of "back" key. FB stays open in the background, but Bing Translator, Maps and quite a few others just close. And tbh I prefer the way it worked in 8.0. I hate having to press "back" and swipe down each app to close it. It doesn't make much sense to me.
  • For me Facebook is the only app which stays in background when pressing "back" key and I really dislike that, because I understand this back as a close app when you're on the apps main screen...
  • Calender and files from Microsoft too do not close with back key.
  • They should make and update to close FB with back button. If we need to multi task we can tap the windows button on the screen.
  • I don't know why they decided to change that rationale. I find it very confusing when I have to use Android and can't be sure if an app is closed, or is it still running in background. WP was very neat and consistent in this matter.
  • The app reopens faster when it runs in the background.open Skype and press back button and open again. The app opens faster. Now close the app from background and open again, it will take time to open the app.
  • Yes, but why would I want apps like Skype to run in the background and chew up my battery? For one, Skype still works in the background (you can pick up Skype calls without having the actual app open). For two, if you really wanted to keep an app in background (or multitask) you just had to press Windows button. Now MS wants Back and Windows buttons to have the same functionality. I don't think it makes much sense.
  • I think this is a common misunderstanding... it's not "running" in the background, is tombstoned. Just sitting in memory, not using additional processing power. When something needs the memory, the os will automatically kill it. I think people think they need to micromanage this process because they come from other operating systems. But you simply don't need to kill it from the background... it's not harming anything performance wise. Just let the os handle it.
  • Loads of bugs! Wiped chat history. Can't upload profile pic or status......... I would hold off if you haven't already updated
  • Is there an option to mute conversations etc yet??
  • Yes there is
    Edit - there is option - group info > mute
  • Don't know how I missed that. Thank you.
  • I really want this option be visible in the context menu for a group. I don't want to enter the group, go to the options for the group and then select mute
  • That was a feature before this update..
  • Wish there was actually some privacy to the chats like we Have in Hike .
  • Are you a rep for Hike? Who uses that? The only place I've heard of them was their pathetic TV ad here in India.
  • Lot's of people are using hike
  • Nice update
  • Nice update? its completly broken. I can't even chat with someone. Do they even test this sh*t?
  • Reinstall
  • I really like the update.. They removed the splash screen, it looks much faster that way :)
    Isn't that possible for the wpcentral app as well? The pink splash screen flickering for a nano second looks really bad :/
  • First of all, it's Windows Central now. Second, the pink splash screen looks pretty cool to me. I don't want it to be removed.
  • Oops sorry lol.. I live in the past ;D
    I don't think it's ugly neither, but the app has gotten extremely fast, and the splash screen is there for such a short time that it's only a flicker and it looks really weird to me :/
  • It's been said many, many times before; a splash screen *covers* the loading that's going on in the background. It doesn't make it slower, it has no effect on loading times.
  • True dat.
  • Funny. No splash screen is required on Android and iOS, yet they loads in an instance. What is hell is wrong with WP version?? Perhaps is the fault of the OS?
  • Yep, could be because of the OS. Or apps not having the new fast-launch code that was introdced in 8.1. We all know app support for Windows is abysmal, nobody is rushing to update anything.
  • I'm guessing Windows Central is developed as a Universal App? Then you cannot get off this splash screen. That's why I still use Silverlight for developing for WP...
  • Solution: Uninstall the app , download it , and don't restore the messages
  • That's not even an option
  • Full of bugs...dont update till fix is available!
  • Now I can't even open a chat
  • Full of bugs....advice not to download. By doing "uninstall-install-don't restore" will erase your history.
  • Amazing Update
  • I lost all the chats! :(
  • some time before, Facebook officially took hold on WhatsApp, the messaging app is adding one of Facebook Messenger’s most irritating features: read receipts
  • so far so good , still waiting status issue , hiding etc . plus audio , uploading . but anyways , good work till now .:)
  • Say whaaaat ?!?!? How is that even possible !?
  • Solution for what's app problem: Uninstall the app , download it , and don't restore the messages
  • Guys don't update.. All d chats are gone.. Nothing is working, even d favorites n dp
  • Now instead of swiping right for more smileys we have to scroll down ;) nice update but its still slow :(
  • I think audio sharing wil never come. Because Microsoft is concerned with legal issues of sharing songs through the app. Anyway iOS doesn't have it either and I don't really care about it. Nice update though. Loads faster.
  • Solution for what's app problem: Uninstall the app , download it , and don't restore the messages :s if u restore the messages the app won't work
  • Works fine in my L1520.But lost all chats and many bugs in L730
  • Thank god not updated now will wait for the fix... Pls make it fast....
  • No bugs whatsoever for me, and looks good on my 930 !!
  • Works great on my 930. Haven't lost chats, the app is faster and looks better on my 1080p screen. No bugs noticed
  • I don't use it
  • It seems the problem is due to WhatsApp not getting connected to the server. If you would check the Account settings your Account Status will be shown as Unknown. The problem is seen mainly for users with Preview for Developers version.
  • I don't think that's the problem because after reinstalling my number got verified successfully and I'm not on developer preview on my new phone either
  • Works perfect for mw #lumia925
  • dont unistall guys..it fcks it up even more...looses,status dp name and all details n phone unable to detect any contacts on watsapp
  • Just don't restore the backup, it works great than.
  • Dont mess it up dude. I'm having Lumia 630 & whatspp got installed & now working perfectly!!! dont restore!!! JUST DONT DO IT!!!! 
  • How do I stop my app from updating my phone is on auto update mode.. If I stop that the updates for all my app will stop..
  • Just go to store and off auto-update..you'll not going to loose any apps
  • Looks good with no bugs. Chats are smaller in size.
  • No bugs there... I'm using 520
  • No
  • SOLUTION FOR ALL PROBLEMS (really... all!): UINSTALL -> INSTALL AGAIN -> SKIP RESTORE BACKUP. Works like a charm for me.
  • Not everyone wants to lose their old chats...hope they get it fixed soon
  • Oh come on, its not that bad to loose the chats... 
  • it is
  • It is when you are in about 10+ work and family related groups.
  • Which phone are u using?
  • After Update All messeges Lost ... Uninstalled and Reinstalled , No luck got more messy. But at last got it working ..
    Here is a workaround
    1)Copy your whatsApp backup folder(Parent backup folder) from SD card (which is hidden) , to Phone memory.
    2)Remove your SD Card
    3)Restart your phone
    4)Now Install whatsapp
    5)Choose Restore from backup.. Mine worked this way Perfectly On Lumia 720 with latest DP
    6)Now Relax...
  • Does those bugs affect Lumia 830 users?? Should i wait or update now?!
  • No problems on Lumia 1520 + dp. Great update, love it
  • Great News....
  • Nice, but expected Audio sharing feature in this update :(
  • @vaibhav pls check out auto update in store settings...
  • This update is so fabulous haha *-*
  • Cool
  • Faster and there're some visual changes. Also some backgrounds have been added. Smaller fonts look beautiful. Cool update!
  • It deleted my chats and cannot connect to it.
  • No body updates whatsapp!!! Chats aren't appearing on my lumia 1520:)
  • Reinstall and do not restore the backup.
  • No problem to me after update
  • In fact, it's a really nice update , looks way better on the 1520 screen.
    My chats still intact (some folk mention it was wiped) .
    No bugs for me so far .. It's nice and smooth .
    But still don't send audio files :/
    Good luck for u guys.
  • Luckyyyyy:P
  • Same :)
  • And now that i read the comments i realized everybody have the same problem:P
  • Anu developer of watsapp here. If listening u to us. Please here our suggestions. We windows phone cannot wait for months for an update to,windows phone. My request to u devs is update the app regularly. It's my sincere request and even on behalf of all windows central users. To update WhatsApp on time.
  • Winphone is not a open source platform. So it takes much longer to develop and test updates and patches because of winphones limitation. But if you want to get more updates I would recommend you sing up for the closed beta of whatsapp for windowsphone ;)
  • Can I have the link for watsapp beta then. I know it might take time for watsapp to develop on Windows phone but if possible the developers stay connected to windows central and if feedback needed we are definitely ready to give feedback anytime anywhere.
  • http://www.techmesto.com/enroll-whatsapp-private-beta-windows-phone/ thats how You get in :) Hope ill see You in there ;)
  • My whatsapp is destroyed, even after reinstall, it can't find friends on my contact and I can't even change status or pp.
  • same..completely gone and destroyed..so i decided to uninstall again and not instill till another update comes out..should be a good break for alot of messaging..
  • Dont't restore the backup after reinstallation.
  • Thanks man, that fixed it, now ita working, so I guess the backup is not compatible with the updated version.
  • It's about time....keep up the good work team.
  • Seems faster *-*
  • What if you uninstall the app before you update it, then reinstall the newest version? Will this work?
  • no
  • Just update. There's nothing wrong with 1520, 930 ,830
    --- if you got the dev prev. You may will have issues or with an older phone. Maybe u should get cyan ;) that was the problem of many users with the last gdr update. They were complaining because they haven't had installed Lumia black update .
  • Wrong. I have a 930 8.1.1 Cyan. Update broke WhatsApp for me. Reinstalling doesn't work as well.
  • It worked for me , as ^ said, it seems 1520 is fine, the method maybe irrelevant
  • Yep
  • Works fine!
  • It's noticeably faster and smoother. I didn't come across any bug at all.
  • I didn't notice any bug, it works lot better actually, I'm using 1520.
  • Still can't attach mp3 files nd video also nd last multi selective option not found....! Still need a big update
  • Rich please update the article.
  • Working fine for me on Lumia 920 8.1 DP
  • Fock...!!!
    I updated and all my chats disappeared...thank u very much "windows central"...
  • It's not their fault. It's your phone . Get cyan or and 8.1
  • I have cyan...8.1 and update 1 ...anything else u wanna suggest....??
    They should've at least updated the post...
  • Then i dont know . Its running smooth on every higher end devices ( 1020,1520,939,830) tho
  • Nope. 930 here. WhatsApp broke for me post-update.
  • it's not the phone, it's the whatsapp developers
  • God, how come an update could be this frustrating? Need a fix here...
  • Its fine just deinstall. Softreset than fresh install and it works like a charm. Including chats and groups
  • For me (8.1 DP, 1020) the update went fine, all chats are there and I can't find any bugs. Additionally this version seems to be optimized for 8.1, as the chats are now part of the system backup function for OneDrive (at least my backup grew from 44 to 68 MB after installing the update which might represent my chats :D). I wonder if anyone has already tested, if the chats are restored correctly when doing a wipe and then restoring from OneDrive as I can't use the WA-restore function due to the missing SD slot...
  • Yep works ;) thanks for sharing
  • If beta used to work fine then y the this version is having bugs?
  • Its just the backup that is not compatible with the new version. The app itself is great,
  • Finally a good update. The app definitely works faster. Different backgrounds for different people is good. Also the new way in which the smileys are aligned makes it easier to pick your favourite one. Earlier it used to be a cumbersome task getting your favourite smiley.
  • Just noticed now on wp also WhatsApp provides muting a group for a year :P
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled and now any group is not showing me who's the admin. While attaching photo opens very slow, didn't improve than the last version. Rest is good so far.
  • I have Lumia icon with developer preview. I updated as I don't mind losing history. I had no problems. Not bragging or gloating. Just saying. Chat history stayed as did all profile pics.
  • Seems nice
  • Update works fine on my special Lumia 1520.....
  • Hahaha. After update i'm fucked up. :)
    All data lost. Even after reinstall message is showing on my screen my all contacts don't use Whatsapp :)
    Lumia 930
  • Reinstall and dont restore the backup.
  • Opening is faster on this version, smooth animations, especially when going to profile pic-> opening it, and back. Also does the same on going back to the main screen. I retrieved all of my messages by choosing restore from backup after reinstall Whatsapp(ensured it's to phone memory). Update seems to be working just fine.
    Can add caption to the picture now :). Multiple text selection is still missing :(..
  • Chats do NOT load faster. Although the way online and typing... status appears is pretty cool... Anyone else remembers that WhatsApp update where it just became blazingly fast!
  • They do... a lot faster - at least for my 2GB L930. No loadingscreens at all. 
  • I started the update, and then started reading the comments, that was very stressful, since there's no backup option on my 920. But it worked out alright, and the app is much improved :)
  • I don't use WhatsApp.
  • +520
  • Is this a problem related to wp8.1 and/or pfd or every1 is affected?
  • Update removed from the store now
  • Works for me now. I uninstalled the app and then restored chat. I lost chats which I didn't back up before the update, but I got the rest. New update is cool.
  • May of my Droid friends do the same too. It happens
  • I had a little trouble updating it and this fixed it. 1. Uninstall (old) WhatsApp. 2. Restart phone. 3. Install (new) WhatsApp. 4. Say no to get the backed up messages. (Step 4 may not be necessary).
  • Everyone who's having an issue with the update. Are you guys on developer preview?
  • Yep, me n my friends on Developer Preview.
  • Nope... i am not...
  • Why do you people want to keep old conversations? Words flow and go with the wind, and the important ones are kept in things called books.
    This message will blow up in 3, 2, 1... BOOM!
  • Still no use of the Siobhan a API
  • Has anyone tried to uninstall-Reinstall-restore messgaes & whtsapp works?
  • Doesn't restore, says restore failed. And it won't work. Uninstall and reinstall again and do not restore.
  • Worked for me.
  • All chats deleted after update. Tried uninstall and reinstall too.
  • Screwed up.
  • Guys it perfectly fine on 920 WP 8.1 dev preview go ahead and update it
  • I tried on 5 920 WP 8.1 dev preview phones & it is causing issues on all of them.
  • Awesome Update.. :)
  • What does archiving do exactly?
  • Uninstalled, reinstalled.. Twice!!! And it worked :D its worth it btw its so awesome now!!
  • I just updated and all is fine on my 630 without doing anything. They even refined the UI and added some nice animations too. BTW: The noise from the speaker is gone finally!
  • Felt the same :) that noice was annoying
  • its wonderful update.. much awaited.. and its faster too..
  • Finally
  • Doesn't work anymore, thanks whatsapp!
  • Nice update!
  • This is the update that i have been waiting for!!! Now it looks good on my Lumia 1520. Hope FB Messenger will follow.
  • Just updated..uninstall /re-install, speed is very noticeable..no bug yet after re-install .
  • Update worked perfectly for me, BTW. On Cyan 8.1 + dev prev 8.1.1
  • Awesome update, faster, new emoticons design,,,,, thanks whatsapp
  • Mine updated without issues... Cheers
  • After so many time, so much waiting, and new version is full of bug, cleaned up every thing, not able to chat, ...
    What the hell is this?
  • Exactly, its one big pile of poo
  • Reinstall without restoring the backup will fix your problem.
  • Finaly support for higher resolution!
  • does the chatbox colour different for each users?
  • Go for hike if you need that
  • Use hike,
    Even u can hide your chat in hike messenger
  • guys, reinstall WhatsApp after updating, it worked after that.
  • Worked great after uninstall and reinstall
    Recommendation take a chat backup
  • Reinstalled, still won't work, what a piece of shit, this might be what it takes to ditch whatsapp once and for all, completely unusable now.
  • Don't restore the backup!
  • Lost all the chats...
  • Same here, all chats gone!
  • Super buggy...
  • smoothest messenger on Lumia
  • There is no password protection....
  • Does it remove the stupid data sense check?
  • What do you mean if I still use whatsapp??
  • Updated successfully on my L525(8.1+dp). No issues. No uninstall-install. Just updated. And it works.
  • All I'm asking for is to display profile pic in chat.. Is that too much to ask? Viber does it, chaton does, hell every other messaging app does it.. Why cant it be done in Whatsapp? Sheesh..
    Anyways, off the bat I can see tht the font throughout the app has reduced size. UI animations are more smooth. As for those pic crop features and such.. Dont really care for them that much..
  • Next time I know not to update before I read comments.....back up won't work...tells me All my contact don't have the app...it literally useless...but on the plus side it is faster....so uselessly fast. -_-
  • Just reinstall and don't restore the freaking backup. Works 100%.
  • Thanx bro it worked for me :)
  • Awesome, flawless on my L928 with 8.1dev preview
  • Glad they've made it look better on HD screens like the 930 etc. It was all a bit big until now! Still no way of sending pics from Facebook or OneDrive albums though? FB messenger and the rest of the OS can do this, why not WhatsApp? In fact, I'm sure it USED to before the LAST big update... 
  • Working perfectly
    No bugs
    L930 n L620
    Dev Preview 8.1 Update
  • Buggy , all my chats are gone !
  • Archiving chats is just in time as I will have to hardware reset my device. So I 'm glad.
    And yes, WhatsApp is still widely used where I live.
  • Please fix....all my chat records lost...dont update
  • Am I dreaming??
  • Not working at all. Not able to send any messages....nothing.....
  • Reinstall without backup restore. That fixed it for me. 
  • It takes so much time to add favourites.....i had to wait for 20 mins to get it done....
  • That's because you've a slow phone then . That's not whatsapp being slow now ;)
  • No problems on my L930.. Could the bugs be a L7--/6--/5-- thing?
  • Guess so . Rest seems fine
  • Don't update .. Bug..lumia 720 windows phone 8.1 Lumia cyan..all chat history gone .. Reinstalled ..didnt work .message backup failed..
  • Have you installed critical update...?I think that may be the reason for bug!
  • Not at all... I updated my 920 with that critical update. Plus, the critical update is compulsory, it will auto update the phone if it hasn't...
  • If anyone wants me to start installing this so I could see how good/bad this is, the CAP_APPOINTMENTS capability from the app manifest first needs to be removed. Period..
  • lost everything .. auto updates in store.. did nt expect this.. ahh Such a waste of time and again a wait for the fix chats gone ... whats app almost feels to me as dead now.
    Lumia 925
  • After reinstalling on my 920, works amazing but,... (there's always a but) the font is super small now and I'm gonna get blind if they don't change that.
    PS, and yes, WhatsApp is very used here in Spain.
  • agreed..too small for 920..perfect for 1520 930 830 730 but not for 920..its not big enough so needs a tiny bit bigger font
  • Reinstalled thrice, restarted and installed too, all chat gone+ still stuck on creating favs.. ??
  • Reinstall again and skip backup restoring.
  • I think ... This update of WhatsApp only supports OS with "Critical Update" installed.I have "Critical Update" installed... And is working fine.... What do you think guys?
  • No, not true at all.. I also have critical update installed but didn't worked fine. For me I had to reinstall it four times.
  • Where I live, WhatsApp is still the messenger that is most widely used.
  • Totally broken after update. Even after reinstall. Pfff. Disappointed... But, maybe its because I'm on DP. Anyone else experience the same when on DP?
  • Not at all dude
  • Skip backup restore after reinstalling.
  • Jep, that worked. Lost all history. Oh well...
  • Looks amazing on my Lumia1520 Edit - No bugs here! ;)
  • Complain...Complain...Complain the only thing most Windows phone users know how to do.
  • Lol, who are you by the way?
  • A Windows phone user with realistic expectations and one that isn't complaining about this update. Everyone whines about WhatsApp not getting updated and when it does everyone whines bc it doesn't do something like IOS or android. 3.x% market share is the reason it gets slow updates and lacks features.
  • I'm afraid I must strongly condemn your comment. Surely an app that causes approximately half its user base to lose chat history and fail to connect deserves a complaint, no?
  • For an update that's just available, where do you have the numbers on half the user base having these issues? I'd love acres to analytic tools like this. Please share.
  • You do realize that my comment was made in response to your over-the-top complaint that "most Windows Phone users complain"? Where are the numbers and, even more amusingly, in your own words, "analytical tools" that helped you draw such conclusions? :) To quote you once again, I'd love access to such tools, too! Please do share.
  • -
  • Need a lock for what's app plz update soon
  • 920, DP. Back up first. Uninstall then reinstall. Restore. Working.
  • Yeah mine is busted, reinstalled several times, completely UNUSABLE
  • Do NOT restore the backup after reinstallation.
  • Well that totally destroyed everything...no chats ,no contacts..cant refresh my contacts ..i'm on def preview
  • Reinstall again - but skip restoring the backup this time.
  • Thanks that worked ..just lost my chats but at least I can chat again
  • Do you also lose groups?
  • No just the individual chats
  • Horrible update Lost all my chats and its still not working
  • No problems whatsoever on L920 with WP8.1 Update 1 (DP). Did normal update, app launches and works without problems, chat history etc is all there. And the app is much faster, and finally it follows the Text Size setting.
  • Lost all chats after install
  • Reinstall
  • How do you know that I didn't try that?
  • Did you restore your backup when reinstalled the app?
  • Nope. Even after reinstalling the message backup got failed. Unfortunately I had to uninstall WhatsApp completely. Will wait for an update when I can restore my backup.
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
    ... Plz
  • Me tooo....lost everything
  • Lost Chats, Can't even chat with anyone, No groups, No DP...... What an Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Same here.
    I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling
  • Skip the backup restoring.
  • Just disable the preview for developers and install again. Should fix the problem of backup I guess!
  • Oops,didn't work
  • Skip restoring the backup.
  • Horrible update
  • I hated one thing that they removed the watsapp starting interface when we open the app. Now it shows loading screen. Only that thing is bad.
  • Yes.. Even I didn't liked that.. It makes us feel that the phone is taking time to load..
  • Looks really cool on my L1520. And no such bugs as mentioned.
  • What is this?
  • Full of bugs....what the fuck has happened...wiped all the contacts...worst update...I'm using developer preview...absolutely disgusting
  • Reinstall without restoring your backup.
  • didnt work for me. showed "No Favourites error"  
  • Instead of the 'archived chats' feature they should've provided 'delete all chats' option in •••
  • whatsapp not coming,in notifcation+action settings anymore
  • Update went smooth and works for me. Chat history intact. No issues to report...Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia 1520.3
    Nice update!
  • Have you download the one more latest version .587
    Or u r saying about .586???
  • Lost every chat couldn't do anything with the app. Reinstalled. Nothing changed. PLEASE DON'T UPDATE GUYS! L620, WP8.1 DP, U1, Cyan. Goddamn!
  • Dont backup after reinstallting.
  • thanks man! reinstalled gain without restoring now working super cool! nice update "comparitively" with the prev versions. 
  • App is completely broken!! Everything is gone! I have no favorites, all chats are gone and it recognizes none of my contacts as whatsapp users! It's worthless! Do not download!
  • Same problem
  • Just freaking reinstall without restoring the backup. No that hard!!!
  • Doesn't work. Still doesn't recognize my contacts as whatsapp users. Friends see my status going berserk from offline to online flickering every 0.5 seconds.
  • Restoring after reinstall and it's works too.
  • Same here!!! Guys plz don't update!!
  • Destroyed my WhatsApp account
  • My chats are too gone post update!
  • Doesn't work anymore, neither reinstalling
  • This is shit!! Can't even use it.
  • Do a backup. uninstall and install and restore.
  • It's not working.
  • While reinstalling, don't restore the backup. Hopefully it would work.
  • Ohh...same here couldn't see my chats and many many problems please FIX ASAP...!!
  • In Lumia 830 post updation all chats gone.
  • Reinstall
  • Experiencing same issues everyone is
  • Things got even worse after reinstalling the app..need an immediate fix!!!
  • Reinstall app.. It wil fix it... I just did it and enjyoing the update
  • Plz update to share audio files...
  • For that MS had to integrate file manager to WP. Currently we have a good file manager app but its not integrated.
  • Just updated to the new one and yes, working absolutely fine and super fast. So happy after the comments scared me so much! :) Lumia 1520 on DP update 1.
  • When you receive text from someone and u open the WhatsApp through action centre by clicking on the text you received, after it opens the chat, the chat gets disappeared.. This problem occurs sometime and not all the time.. This problem was even in the earlier version..
  • Since updating my WhatsApp has completely stopped working. Aparently none of my contacts now have Whatsapp, i cant start conversations or reply, all my conversations have vanished etc   I have unistalled and reinstalled and back up fails to restore and still no contacts on whatsapp. So now have an unusable app thati have had to unistall so the back up doesnt get overridden while i wait for a fix
  • Reinstall again, but this time do not restore the backup.
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • Kinda like the new UI. Seems slower, but maybe it's the lack of a splashscreen
  • Better than previous version. Still lots to update.
  • After chats were gone I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, after reinstalling it tells me that it failed to restore chats and none of my contacts are using WhatsApp! W T F ?
  • Same here. Everything's broken. Not working at all. Bummer.
  • Dont restore the chats while reinstalling.
  • ... Reinstall again, but don't restore the backup, mate.
  • Same here,, any solution?
  • Seriously? You asking for solutions and there 2 people above you , telling you guys what to do ??!?! Troll ?
  • Same here... Am using Lumia 1520
  • Better than previous version. Needs lots to update. Hopefully bug fix updates comes in recent days like last time.
  • Works like a charm, didn't faced any issue yet. App is opening so fast and love the caption feature. I m on DP 8.1.1 with cyan.
  • Updated fine on DP 8.1.1 Cyan. Tho I find the icons of people on Chat Tab got smaller. Archived Chats works perfectly.
  • I'll not update...
    Thanks everyone who has updated before me.
    Love you all.
    Now I won't update...
  • Dude ... Update ! Don't listen to those guys who are to dumb to read what to do : Install ( if it will not work ) - uninstall,reinstall and don't use your backup ;)
  • If you don't restore the backup.. You lose the chat history
  • Oh please! People need the chats to be around. What kind of update is this if chats are gone? No such nonsense on Android and iPhone. WP apps always tend to screw things up. Period.
  • MOVE TO HIKE. And i meant that caps on. After waiting a long time a shitty buggy update. Its like i permanently leave WhatsApp.
  • Lumia 620 updated and working fine, no problem here. :)
  • Hell yeah finally it's here!
  • Works like charm in my 630, haven't encounter the fuses....
  • Having troubles with the update: When I open it, it doesn't show my recent chats, and it doesn't let me to send or either receive messages.
    What should I do?: Reinstall the app, or wait for a Fix? I Have a Lumia 820
  • Reinstall and then don't use your backups:) will work then ;)
  • Yeah good luck getting chats back!
  • update is Buggy .. lost all my chats and not able to restore them
  • Feems saster
  • After update backup restore failed, nothing to display in chat
  • Don't restore back damn ! Isn't anyone fucking reading the help posts ?? Don't restore the backup ! It will break whatsapp !
  • Lost all my chats. Running on a Lumia 925 with cyan (no DP!)
    Hope they'll fix it soon
  • Theres no fix . Just read the comments before posting : Uninstall- reinstall - don't use the backup and everything will work ;)
  • after updating whatsapp cant send mesaages and nothing  showing in my chat hystory  
  • Like above dude read before complaining : If its not going to work right away - uninstall..reinstall, don't restore back up. and everything will work
  • Still no front camera video recording?
  • Sucks !!! Lost all my chat if u reinstall not opening
  • Retards
  • Useless as always old WhatsApp was better
  • working fine at 930... maybe people with many many conversations had the problem, I do delete often the chats there...   thanks, looks WAY MORE beatiful at 930, fonts, screen, chat, great
  • Great update, so never leaves my phone, sorry that BBM never came to Windows phone earlier as I prefer the pin system over my number, buy oh week, everybody uses WhatsApp :-)
  • This FAQ's may help you guys
  • All chats deleted, I can't open chat menu, it feels like I don't have WhatsApp
  • Reinstall without restoring the backup.
  • It worked that way, Spi, lost all my messages though. Oh well...
  • Fuxk!! All contacts lost, and all messages are gone on fb.
  • Reinstall without restoring backup.
  • Is that after or before you actually press the restore button and you've realised that this update actually broke the app and not make it better.
  • Good to notice they haven't learnt from previous mistakes...
  • BUG!!!! BUG!!! I cant see anything on the screen. Its completely blank.. I think I lost all mu chats. Using Lumia 820
  • This FAQ's may help you guys
  • I reinstalled the app and RESTORED my messages. App is working perfectly now. IGNORE the previous advice on skipping restore if you want to keep your messages. Lumia 920, Cyan, 8.1 DP.
  • I agree
  • Restore failed for me. Joke of an upgrade, lost everything.
  • 720 (CYAN + Update 1 dp) No issues with update. Though I had to restart my phone before getting background settings. I love the new list view for the emoticons, easier to scroll than jumping tabs in grid.
  • Successfully updated!! Uninstall old WhatsApp. Do a soft reset. Reinstall and restore your messages!!! Cheers mate!! On 8.1 dp for lumia 920(India)
  • WTF,, after reinstalling my WhatsApp gone blank.
  • Mine is stuck on Creating Favourites screen
  • Uninstall then reinstall and then open without restore backup
  • Reinstalled. Not working.
  • That worked!
  • Looks better and faster on 1520
  • Sorry to read many of you experienced bugs... I've updated mine a few minutes ago and everything is still in place, I haven't lost any chats and it's working perfectly. Lumia 920 with latest DfP and Cyan...
  • Same for me 925 on CYAN 8.1 DP no problem at all.
  • Yeah but realise that not everyone running WP8.1 has the DP version, some actually prefer to wait for the public release.
  • Update failed, now the app cannot uninstall, cannot complete the update, cannot launch, totally screwed!!!
  • Do a soft reset
  • Soft reset done, not working
  • First of all cool down. Try uninstalling from the storage sense. If still it doesn't uninstall, restart the phone and try again.
  • It doesn't even shown in storage sense anymore, tried restart, soft reset, nothing works... App shows pending, click then go to update, update then failed, uninstall option is no where to be found, canceling the update doesn't bring back the app...
  • Sorry No solution to this. This is really awkward.
  • Just don't understand whats their problem!! I mean even after all these months why they are not giving option to send audio files... And security to lock WhatsApp... Is it a windows limitation or simply their laziness??
  • Definitely their laziness and market share of WP
  • Those having problems please reinstall and dont restore chat history. I will work fine.
  • Hike is far better than it! Atleast their developers respond you back. WP as always neglected
  • Updated, and lost all chats. Uninstalled and installed again. I retrieved all chats. And looks better. L930
  • I am tired of these half baked updates and apps :( confused whether to update or not.
  • Oh God, no! Everything is so tiny now :(
  • That guy who said "don't use message backup" salute to you..Fixed all problems for me.
  • It's long overdue , especially the 1080 display support ... Love it
  • Slow on the 1520
  • People who are asking not to restore message backup, please don't mislead other guys. Choosing your so called 'fix' only deletes the history. What about people who need the history? If u don't need the history that doesn't mean others don't.
    To people who are facing the chat issue, kindly wait for an update which won't have these issues.
  • Looks better .... Yet disappointed as WhatsApp has been on WP for long now yet the options & features aren't competitive as other well-known messaging apps.
  • Well.... previous updates had preserved my chat history.  This one DIDN'T!! So I uninstalled and re-installed and it failed to restore the backup it found. Cannot even change my profile pic or send messages!! OUTSTANDING!!
  • Took chance by updating WhatsApp..and nothing goes wrong..i think if you are using 8.1 cyan/denim (Not on Preview for developers) than you can take chances..btw I'm using new WhatsApp on my Lumia 830 (Lumia Denim) ..best of luck to you guys.
  • Uninstall nd reinstall it nd don't restore chats then it's work properly.....! N it's pretty good
  • Does that mean we lose the backup forever?
  • Super buggy...
  • Not working
  • Bugsapp not WhatsApp
  • Any way chats can be restored..as they're lost after update.N1020
  • Supports 1080p now... Brilliant on my L1520
  • Finaly the ssssshhhhh sound has gone,when you open a,conversation
  • It supports 1080p now!!! Brilliant!!!
  • Is the option to email the chat history still available after the update? Thanks!
  • Great update for me. None of the bugs reported by others. My chats are intact. Running Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 + Lumia Cyan.
  • Wow this update is significantly faster on a 925 with cyan and 8.1.1
  • Same problem about restoring backup... It fails, even after reinstalling the app... +1520 Cyan DP
  • Great. Fucked up all the chats and favorites don't even show up. Uninstalled and installed. Same shit. F*** you WhatsApp.
  • DON'T restore the BACKUP! 
  • Goodbye what's, this is BS
  • Pretty update,works like a charm on L525 DP 8.1.1 cyan ...faced no problems
  • Sharing audio and voice notes needs to be included in these updates
  • My WhatsApp is not working anymore
  • Reinstall WITHOUT restoring the backup. C'mon.
  • Perfect scaling for lumia 1520.. everything looks small and great now. Awesome update..
  • Favorites is empty and can't chat, well thanks whatsapp :/
  • As people said, uninstall and install again but don't use message backup. It will work smooth ! Yes that's for losing messages but os The Best way to do. :)
  • Everyone is suggesting uninstall and install and do not restore the backup.    But can anyone answer whether we lose the backup forever?
  • At long last, an update! So far so good. I haven't encounter any annoying bugs yet.
  • Took the risk and updated my WhatsApp, fortunately it was successful and worth the risk :p smaller font is nice and now utilizes more part of screen. Picture uploading menu is now more robust and zooming in/out is fluid too. Finally smiley section is now horizontal scrolling.
    I wrote so many mails to WhatsApp stating all these features, I liked how the implemented each and everyone of them including removal of splash screen.
    PS: Hope the release a fix for people who are having problems
  • FOR ALL GUYS WHO HAVEN'T UPDATED YET : you got to possibilities to prevent your whatsapp from crashing and deleting chat data.
    1. Just install it . It seems like the update went well on high end devices such like 1020,930,1520 . But you should check if cyan is installed ;) definitely need that to avoid performance issues !
    2. If you want to be on the safe side : Uninstall and reinstall whatsapp but don't press restore backup ! It will delete all your chat data . That's a whatsapp bug. Just follow those steps and you should be fine . Although again : Install cyan first !!!
  • Is any one else having issues where post update it doesn't work on wifi but works in the data connection?
  • Cool
  • 4 months for this?
  • Holy crap. Don't update.
    All your old chats are gone. Even upon Uninstalling and then Reinstalling, the app is unable to backup your old chats even when u have a backup file. I'm stuck at *Creating Favourites* screen...
  • All chats gone. WhatsApp broken. Nothing is restored. And I've probably lost dozens of work and family related groups I were in. F*** you WhatsApp
  • Before, if you had Data Sense, but turned off Data you could still use the app via wiFi. But now it doesn't allows this anymore, I can't use WhatsApp if Data Sense is active :(
  • Good update. Looks so neat on 1520
  • Very buggy >_<
  • The holiday is horrible, unable to use WhatsApp now
  • I reinstalled WhatsApp my restore of messages failed, when I refresh my favourites it says none of your contacts on WhatsApp and App is just dead
  • Just hate the loading screen when starting WhatsApp otherwise no issues on my 620. Great update
  • Mine is still the same, didn't get an update .
  • WTF did they do to my WhatsApp?????
  • Praise God ! \o/
  • Didn't restore from the back-up file AND now i can't seem to be able to remove the lock/unlock sound of the screen.... and IT IS disabled from the sound setting, if i enable them, the phone buzzes twice... so WhatsApp has its own set of sound on lock/unlock And the text is so small, it's barely readable.. if i increase the size from the WhatsApp settings it enlarges the general phone font but not the WhatsApp font!   I am on Lumia 1520/Cyan This is one messed up update. Regret installing it.
  • Uninstall the old WhatsApp first and then try downloading again ....i tried 2 3 times ...now it works best ...i can say ...,
  • Reinstalled without restoring backup, now works..
  • I've tried reinstalling it, but backup fails, all my conversations are gone and I can't send messages to anyone, because it doenst recognized my contacts. What a great update. I feel blessed
  • Completely Fucked up My App, this update
  • Its an good update. Specially the new list view for the emoji's. But yet there's no sharing option for audios.
  • Awesome cool to look now what's app
  • Just not working. Had to reinstall it and yet can't recover my chats from backup. Another update to fix this issue needed.
  • Is faster..
  • Works fine now
  • I uninstall n restall the app on my phone memory.. The back up msgs are not getting restore("msg restore failed") and my fav contacts are not displayed.. Pls help...
  • Skip the backup process.
  • F*#k this app... Use hike... works for mee.. ;)
  • Not working on my Lumia 1520 whatapps after update plz resolved the issue and backup also
  • All my chat gone....WTF....
  • Everything is running smooth for me. I have a Nokia 1520 with cyan update and I'm on DP. It's been downloaded on my 128gb SD card. I'm having no problems here...
  • Hate this thing. I always have to uninstall WhatsApp and re install it in order to make it work perfectly. Else it will update with tooo many bugs
  • Don't work after the upgrade. I try to delete and install but nothing. I send an email to assistance and this is the Currently, WhatsApp does not support your version of Windows Phone. We are working on a version of the application that is fully compatible with OS 8.1. You may be able to use WhatsApp in limited capacity. Please understand that if you do this, all WhatsApp features will not work properly. We are not able to help you with any problems you encounter using WhatsApp on OS 8.1.
  • Read the comments here. Just reinstall without restoring the backup.
  • well i uninstalled , installed back, didnt do archive chat backup and now it works
  • Uninstall WhatsApp and installed it. I restored Msg backup and it works fine now.
  • I lost my all chats ;(
  • Same issue here. All chats were blank. So uninstalled and installed.. Restored the msg backup when it prompted and it works fine now
  • If there wasn't anything that would tempt me to ANDROID, this f.....keries surely did!!!
  • Denim is next, then what will I moan about!!
  • I hope they fix it soon so that the backups can be restored. 
  • Whatsapp, please pull the update RIGHT now, people are already frustrated with Windows Phone for many reasons, dont give them many more. 
  • I wonder why there is no ability to know who viewed the WhatsApp profile on Wp so far ? Android and ios have apps that support this action .
  • Not at all working...
  • Yeah, I use it but hike is better in ui
  • This update did not show up in the store when manually checked it. But was able to get the update with link provided here. Wonder, why?
  • FOR ALL GUYS WHO HAVEN'T UPDATED YET : you got to possibilities to prevent your whatsapp from crashing and deleting chat data.
    1. Just install it . It seems like the update went well on high end devices such like 1020,930,1520 . But you should check if cyan is installed ;) definitely need that to avoid performance issues !
    2. If you want to be on the safe side : Uninstall and reinstall whatsapp but don't restore backup ! Restoring will delete all your chat data and mess up everything . That's a whatsapp bug. Just follow those steps and you should be fine . Although again : Install cyan first !
  • If loosing all chats is a cool feature then you are right. Otherwise .. well .. Indeed it opens faster!
  • Doesn't seem faster though
  • Funny.. An update comes just after everyone was ripping on it the other day for having no updates in months lol.
  • I had no problem updating... I liked this version very much, finally adding smiles is a pleasure, it loads up very quickly and the possibility to set different backgrounds has finally arrived as well... If it also spares some battery life...well, good job!
  • Yeah don't use back up to restore and it will work!!! But yea you will loose all your past conversations
  • Buggy update...On my 1320 8.1,  Lost all chats and went offline after the update.. Uninstalled and reinstalled it on SD card, didnt work, so reinstalled it on phone memory, still not working... dint try to restore the backup... Says favorites failed to load... cant receive msgs... God knows whats up with these whatsapp guyz...
  • My app doesn't connect after this update
  • No Problem for me! Its working smoooothly..
  • Lost all chats. Can't send any to anyone. Not opening emojis. Amazing update :(
  • Obviously...we still use WhatsApp, cool to hear that they have updated the app, but as usual its buggy.
  • Now i feel Windows phone is getting better
  • WhatsApp down after update on 8.1, it says offline lol
  • Works better.. Now get it to same level of Android / iOS
  • Oh my gosh. Why did I rush to this update without first going thru users review. Now all my chats are gone, every page seems black, groups chats is no more, background image setting is just pitch black. Chat history is pitch black (not visible) and it appears to take forever to load pages. Aaaaaarghrrr. Dang you whatsaaaaaaaap!!!!
  • Broke the prev working version. Reinstalled, restarted, restores but failed, favourites empty. Basically, it's useless now. Pls fix immediately. Thanks.
  • Reinstall -> don't restore backup -> be happy.
  • I've got mine going by NOT restoring backups, but lost all chats and anyone can use my number as there is NO security check (SMS) now.
  • After updating, it has stopped working. Even no previous chats are showing, and unable to make a new chat.
  • Working flawlessly on my Ativ S DP, I just updated, no reinstalling nor backup needed.
  • All working fine on my 1020
  • Working properly over here Samsung Ativ S DP
  • Mine is working fine in my Lumia 530
  • hey prince can you install it on sdcard
  • Still the Loudspeaker of the phone is active when whatsapp is opened. Whtsapp needs to fix this. In my opinion this is the battery eater #1. Improvements for me: - no lag when viewing pictures - smilies can now be scrolled vertically (much faster!) - smaller text, I can see more chats and messages   What still needs to be fixed: - loudspeaker is always active and makes noises - resuming screen...
  • Chats gone, unable to send/receive. Reinstalling fixed 100%. Although i have a annoying "Resuming.." Lag everytime i activate my lockscreen...
  • Guys do you lose the groups you're in if you skip the restore?
  • Amazing. It takes Whatsapp forever to ship an update and when they do, all my conversations disappear and I can't message anybody. Fantastic work. I guess I'll have to try reinstalling... but this is stupid.
  • All good on 1520, like smaller font. Have to check out the other cool stuff. use WhatsApp daily, glad to see it getting some love.
  • Working like butter
  • Really faster, and the better view for high resolutions it's cool
  • WTF.....data restore failed....lost all chats........I fail to understand why all f***ing thing happens with wp only.
  • Not working on 930 , I had to start over
  • Not working after update..Update soon..
  • Failed to update favourites, sorry none of your contacts use WhatsApp, tap contacts to send them invitation. ..........what the fuck......no contacts........
  • Whats app has completely stopped working on my Lumia 1520 , all my chat history is gone and it wont restore from backup, my groups are also gone, I am very frustrated now
  • All good with 1520, windows phone 8.1 DP 8.10.14192.280. Just updated. All chats are there.
  • Most of you who are giving WhatsApp bug report here.
    Kindly do give your rewiee to WhatsApp to.
    So WhatsApp developer could know that this version do have bugs.
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • Damn! Crap! What the hell! Gadamit! All my chats, groups are gone, it failed to restore backup. Nooooo!!!! Damn u!!! Facebook. I'm assuming its Facebook's fault right
  • can we install it on sd card now  
  • Those who are giving WhatsApp feedback at windows central.
    Kindly do give feedback to WhatsApp rating so WhatsApp developer could know that this version is having lots of bugs.
  • After updated it became slow
  • On my phone it definitely isn't faster either, like many reported. Chats appear one by one, this was instant before the update, and a chat takes longer to open.
  • can we install the app on sdcard
  • I have a att 1020 on pfd fully updated... Need to know if anyone else's works before I update because I whatsapp for work...
  • whatsapp updated automaticaly
    i was unable to see my chats,
    i came here i saw the same issue with other people...
    I restarted the lumia 820 same problem
    and unable to send messages to anyone uninstalled whatsapp
    whatsapp propose to reload chats from backup
    i say yes
    error : unable to load backup
    i click next
    ERROR to load favorites  it says none of my contacts is using whatsapp ( seriouslyu ?...)
    restarted the Lumia820 again
    issue persist ! shitty update it doenst work at all, the guys at whatsapp do 70% of shit out of their work
  • The key is to uninstall then reinstall and do not restore back up... You will lose all chats and convos but groups will be restored.
  • Hi,when to send mp3 ?
  • Thanks WhatsApp dev(s)!
  • when to send mp3 ?
  • Wtf now everything is small and you can't change sizing independently wtf is this crap
  • Have to retract my comments as the advice to not use restore is the way to go as I did just that and it's up and Running. Love the individual backgrounds!!!
  • There seems to be a bug in message restore....
  • Working like a charm!!!
  • Broke update :P
  • Uninstall and reinstall works for me.... And working fine as of now
  • Hey please add mp3 sending option
  • I even restored my backup and it worked
  • Oh god! Why did I at least update this shit! Its gone!! Not even opening
  • Wow..super charged update. Unbelievably fast. Works flawlessly on L629 WP8.1 GDR1. No issues like chat history getting erased..
  • I lost all my chats...
  • I hate you whatsapp I will report you
  • Omg
  • Well, works on an htc 8s with gdr1 wp 8.1
  • damn update lost all my chats, i even read the advice here and chose not too restore backup and still lost everything
  • From malaysia....Just done updates, working like the champ....with my L920 on dp 1 with cyan...
  • Now we can mute groups for one year
  • Also had the the new update delete all my chats, black screen, etc. Uninstalled, reinstalled and agreed to restore the backup (last backed up yesterday). Now works with all my chats restored as of yesterday. Phew! On L920 with DP and Cyan.      
  • Expect a big windows phone backlash if the backup option is not restored. WCentral is almost completely ignoring the issue. :(
  • It's BugsApp and not WhatsApp:)
  • Also had the the new update delete all my chats, black screen, etc. Uninstalled, reinstalled and agreed to restore the backup (last backed up yesterday). Now works with all my chats restored as of yesterday. Phew! On L920 with DP and Cyan.      
  • Every thing gone. Fuck off whatsapp.
  • Everything gone. Want an immediate update.
  • The new version is quite good I would say. I still feel something more had to be done like not getting the interruption when it is in battery mode.
  • Dafuq update :| I cannot restore my chats, favourites have disappeared.
    I reinstalled it but no help whatsoever! It flashes a message which says you dont have contacts on your phone bla bla blaah.. :| SHIT!
  • I always heared some noises from my speaker when i use whatsapp. After this update it very quite and everything seems quite faster. We realy needed this update. Dont stop working, more features are missing.
  • After reinstall.. It works great
  • Very annoying. App crashed after update.
    After Update the app didnt start (it kept on loading).
    So I decided to reinstall the app.
    This created a nightmare for me.
    Now the app on reinstalling is  1) Showing "No Favourites" error where I know it was >380 before update. 2) Messages are not restored (biggest nightmare for me!!!!) I tried reinstalling it in phone as well as SD card.
    Please help if someone knows a solution.  
  • Wow, this is incredible! I have the icon with dev preview and 8.1, no cyan, installed the update, opened the app and nothing there, uninstalled, reinstalled the new one, opened it and asked to restore all chats which it did....sorry to he's all u guys having problems!
  • Works Perfectly fine for me. Didn't do any of the steps mentioned here. Just updated the app. L720 dp 8.1.1 with cyan
  • My WhatsApp is stopped working after recent update..
  • Mine shows restoring failed. N then showed non of my contacts use WhatsApp. Feeling lame.. Y I updated it? :( any help please...
  • Its very buggy in d latest update now its opening more slower den older version wat is this why dont u people check before giving the update opening is very slow
  • Dafuq update :| I cannot restore my chats, favourites have disappeared.
    I reinstalled it but no help whatsoever! It flashes a message which says you dont have contacts on your phone bla bla blaah.. :| SHIT!
  • Yes, that's what I did!
  • Not working on HTC 8x too. Reinstall didn't help either.
  • Very buggy opening is very slow now plzzzz fix this asap
  • Its working! Uninstall reinstall don't back up.. Select no thanks. It worked for me. Lumia 525 Lumia cyan!
  • Very buggy
  • WhatsApp on my 930 is going through hell.... Nothing is appearing! And I dont want to uninstall!
  • Why hasn't this article been updated to reflect that a huge amount of readers are having major issues with the app?
  • Lol superb update XD
  • My Whatsapp stopped working......every thngs gone chat/contact.....stuck on creating favourites..!!!!! Do sumthng #youwindowsguys...huhhh Asap
  • I feel WhatsApp only added photo editor. That to be at the cost of our data/chat lost. Pathetic......fonts are now smaller..........i think WhatsApp first went to MS to sell their company. MS might had rejected their proposal. Which hurt whatapp ego...... so now they are taking revenge from WP users.
  • Same here.. Lost all.. Crap... Y the hell I updated it...
  • WhatsApp updated. Problems resolved....
  • YES!! I can finally mute groups for a year!:D
  • No problem here, its really faster than before, good update!. +920
  • I just updated this two hours ago.. Now at store I have another update... Pending... A silent update
  • Can somebody please explain me what is the use of ARCHIVE feature ? I clicked on a contact in what's app (in recent chats) selected Archive. Later I opened archived chat list and tried to chat with the same person again... Simply it came back to recent chat history. I did not understood the use of it.
  • Same issue with WhatsApp on Lumia 730. Losed all my chats. No restoration. It also deleted all my favourites.
  • WhatsApp has thrown one more update.
    .587 But still it shows what's new in .586
  • just chill... it happens to me too.. they just release the update to fix the app. now it works just fine. the message was not gone, it just cant be displayed... the new update fix it. check the store.
  • just chill... it happens to me too.. they just release the update to fix the app. now it works just fine. the message was not gone, it just cant be displayed... the new update fix it. check the store
  • I still can't share anything but photos to WhatsApp. How hard is it?! I really wish all my family and friends didn't use WhatsApp. I'd uninstall it in a second.
  • Finally got the update. Now working.
  • I give up. Leaving from work I will buy a Xperia Z3, and throw my Lumia 1020 at the Microsoft building here in São Paulo. One simple thing like update a software without broke the software cannot be done with Microsoft supervision. I need my Whatsapp chat history, I have work and personal conversation on there, and now what?  
  • nice decision bruno....
  • 1020 gets freeze after updated and keep loading.
    Cannot find the WhatsApp app in the Store unless manually search.
    Why is this happening on 512 and 1 GB ram but it is working on my 1520?
  • Plz dont update its a bug!!
  • Ya also having lots of issues after new update ,my app literally not working after update,nothing working, not even restoring the data,n contacts.m very upset.pls tell them to do something.
  • Oh the second update is on for WHAT'S APP now...
    I think what's app is busy in pushing some updates
  • Just got another update
  • Thanks for the update! Hope it wont take so long for the next major update :)
  • Finally, don't have to scroll horizontally 6-7 times to search for emojicons...single vertical scroll  :)
  • After Update All messeges Lost ... Uninstalled and Reinstalled , No luck got more messy. But at last got it working ..
    Here is a workaround
    1)Copy your whatsApp backup folder(Parent backup folder) from SD card (which is hidden) , to Phone memory.
    2)Remove your SD Card
    3)Restart your phone
    4)Now Install whatsapp
    5)Choose Restore from backup.. Mine worked this way Perfectly On Lumia 720 with latest DP
    6)Now Relax...
  • I can't wait for the fix. Decided to uninstall and reinstall to get it usable back! Yes, SEEMS VERY FAST loading now since i lost all my chats history... Anyway, other than backup problem, the update is quite good, love the new UI and smaller fonts... I have to fix it in this way because i urgently in need of the app... P/s: I will just take the loss as phone's cleaning session. Urghhhhh!
  • Hey got another update
  • Whatsapp now released an update ! Fixing these bugs and problems loading chats .. It reworked!!! @wcentral. Update article! :) FINALLY
  • Don't know what people are going on about- the app works perfectly for me.
  • What?! Again another update. Going from 2.11.586.0 to 2.11.587.0 in less than 24hours.. Hmmmmm, interesting. What's changed as the changelog is still the same...
  • New update available for WhatsApp...
  • My WhatsApp not working
  • I got an update to 2.11.587 right now ^^
  • It as a great update, but I have lost all my chats
  • Have anyone tried new version .587???
  • Updated once then got another update now on version 2.11.587.0
  • Updated once then got another update now on 2.11.587.0
  • It is not working... Chats are not displaying...
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled twice before everything went back to normal. Had the error message before of chat history not being restored.
  • yes......587 seems responding fast.
  • Seems like it just got another update, hopefully fixes the bugs a lot of users are reporting. Nice work pushing a fix out so fast! Not so nice pushing such a dodgy update to start with. Idk, my 1520 had no issues initially.
  • **heads up** my whatsapp has just been updated again so maybe this is a fix for the issues from earlier. I can't see any differences because I chose not to restore from back up to get around the bugs.
  • New update available!
  • Omg! So its everyone!!!!
  • 920 India with WP 8.1 Update 1+Cyan. Was skeptical at first after reading the comments here but went ahead. No problems whatsoever. The new update works great. Everything overall is very smooth. Just wanted to know one thing though. How do I invite a person to a group incase I'm not the admin?
  • 640 Comments, lots of them about the update breaking the app, but still no update on the article from WCentral to warn users about the issue.
  • For Windows 720 .
    Go to settings> press Backup>Uninstall WhatsApp > go to store > install WhatsApp .
    It works with old Data with recent Dp.
  • Finally after a long wait, worthy update. Look and feel now match with Windows Phone 8.1 UI. Faster launch, different background for each contact/group, cool preview of selected background by swiping to right.
    Update went just fine on my Lumia 720 with Cyan.
  • I LOST ALL MY CONVOS!!!! I read the comments, I uninstalled, then reinstalled and click do not restore backup.... and poof ALL My convos are gone.  Only my groups remain.  UGH!   I hope they will be restored.
  • There is a new whatsapp update in the store... possibly this fixes all the issues many are facing..
  • App updated again
  • Working flawlessly
  • Another update... V587
  • I hate that WhatsApp requires paid subscription on WP while its free on other platforms
  • I don't like the name going down when you click to chat someone ... Previous one was better .....
  • I don't like the name going down .... When you click to chat some one
  • Supporting higher resolution devices like L930 mine ..This update does WhatsApp look super cool now in L930!!
  • No complaints on my Lumia 720 dp. Little bit slow
  • Works great. Thanks for the update and please give us the ability to choose pics from OneDrive folder . Also whatsapp pics still saved under OTHERS
  • Video compression or GTFO
  • Awesome update thanks WhatsApp team. Just need the ability to attach from OneDrive and yes audio files too. Keep up the good work
  • Guys, you need to have CYAN installed if you want whatsapp to work properly after this update.
  • I want an indefinitely mute a group chat. It would be cool to have a mention some one in a message, in group chats. Perhaps, they could do something similar to facebook or twitter. And if someone mentions me in a group chat that I muted, I'd like a notification, even if I muted the chat.
  • No problemo in 635.. works good
  • Please provide a password..
  • Still no option to send and download audio files on whatsapp if using lumia/windows phone
  • Looks like they have reduced the font size and the option to view the contact details from a chat is awesome
  • Using the 920, is It just me ?? Or the battery consumption of whatsapp is extremely high ?? O.o
  • Its consuming soo much battery !
  • Still no way of turning off the storing of pictures and movies to the photos hub.
  • Still no fix for the text box bug..
    *Sigh* :(
  • Need more updates as it contains bugs nd instead of working fast it is opening really slow..
  • recipien(s) name disappear when typing in chat, hope they fix it.
  • Sorry for being very late but one feature which was missed in the list is "Last Seen". Now this can be hidden. :)
    The option can be found under "Settings>Privacy".
    I think someone might have already mentioned it above. But wanted to mention it again.
  • Guys does anybody know why the voice messages in WhatsApp go nuts when I put my finger on the sensor near the front camera ?...voice messages only
  • Multiple Admin: Now group admin can promote other member as admin and group can have more than 1admin Process:- By going to the members list of the group.
    Long press on the contact then you'll get options...
    One option is to add members as group admin
    You can only do this if you are the group admin of that group.