Where's the best place to buy the Razer Kraken X?

Where's the best place to buy the Razer Kraken X?

Best answer: The best place to grab the new Razer Kraken X right now is from Razer's own store.Get it now: Razer Kraken X ($50 at Razer.com)

Kraken X shipping now

The Razer Kraken X has only recently been announced, but if it sounds like the headset for you the good news is that it's shipping now.

If you want one, the best place to go is Razer's own store. Amazon currently has the Kraken X listed for sale with a "1 to 2 months" wait for shipping, for example. Razer will ship one out to you the next business day or you could just go to your local Best Buy and pick it up today.

Razer's new entry level headset

Razer Kraken X

The Kraken X is Razer's new entry-level headset. It shares a lot of the DNA of its more expensive siblings, the Kraken and Kraken Tournament Edition, while making a few trade-offs in coming down to that amazing $50 price point. Don't let that low price fool you: This is still a quality product, with memory foam padding and a durable construction.

Where it has an advantage over its siblings is how light it is. The Kraken headsets are pretty beefy, but the Kraken X is the lightest of the three at 250g, perfect for esports and long gaming sessions. The microphone is fixed, unlike the other two, but the overall sound quality is still as good as you'd expect from a headset bearing this name. You also get built-in volume and mute controls on the headset cups, so no fumbling around for an inline remote.

Despite the low price you'll also get 7.1 virtual surround sound, which is almost unheard of in this portion of the headset market. It also comes in two colors, standard black or the "console" finish, which is nice looking for PlayStation fans with its blue accents.

Great for console and PC

Despite the presence of a console edition, both Kraken X headsets are exactly the same and both can be used cross-platform on console and PC. The Kraken X uses a 3.5mm connection for audio and microphone, and as such simply connects to your console's controller, PCs 3.5mm headset jack or even your mobile device.

The differences between the two versions are purely aesthetic. Functionally both are identical.

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