Where's the best place to buy Surface Laptop 2?

Where's the best place to buy Surface Laptop 2?

Best answer: To get yourself the Surface Laptop 2, you really should go straight to the Microsoft Store. There, you'll find every spec available.Microsoft: Surface Laptop 2 ($999)

The best choice of Surface Laptop 2

Simply put, the place to get the best choice of Surface Laptop 2 (see our review) is at Microsoft. It isn't the only place you can purchase, but it's about the only place you can guarantee being able to get the exact spec and color choice that you want.

Amazon configurations start at a higher price

Currently the lowest priced Surface Laptop 2 you can order on Amazon, the other big place you're likely to look. It comes in at $1,299, which is $300 more than the entry level model available at Microsoft.

If you're looking for this model, that's OK, but it highlights the problem with going to a third-party retailer over getting a Surface Laptop 2 directly from Microsoft. The choice isn't as wide and there aren't a variety of options, so if you do want the entry model, you might not be able to get it. If you want something more powerful than the entry-level model, you're equally at a disadvantage.

It'll also be a little while before anyone starts offering discounted prices, so right now you're not going to be paying more by going to Microsoft. That might change down the line.

Bundle up with accessories and save

One of the other big benefits to buying from Microsoft is that you can build a bundle that includes the Microsoft Complete plan, which provides additional protection against accidental damage for free.

There are also a ton of accessories and software you can get. Choose the Surface Laptop you want, add an Office 365 and other accessories like a mouse and bag at a discount instead of buying each of them separately on Amazon.

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