Will Xbox One accessories and headsets work on Xbox Series X?

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Will Xbox One accessories and headsets work on Xbox Series X?

Best answer: Yes, mostly. Things like headsets, USB devices, storage drives, and controllers will work, but older accessories such as Kinect may be completely unsupported.Best Xbox wireless headset: LucidSound LS35X ($129 at Amazon)Best Xbox controller: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 ($180 at Microsoft Store)

What we know about Xbox Series X accessory compatibility

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Microsoft has confirmed that all previous accessories will carry forward from the Xbox One to the next-gen Xbox Series X. This includes everything from your headsets, USB storage drives, mice and keyboards, webcams, and controllers, as well as the Elite Series 2 controller launched in 2019.

In an interview with Microsoft at a previous event, here's what the firm had to say on backward compatibility for games and accessories.

We're going to bring four generations of content to Scarlett, including all the games on the Xbox One, we have the 360 and the original Xbox games, and not only do we want those to run, we want them to run and play better than you've ever seen them on Scarlett. All your accessories are compatible with moving forward as well. If you go and buy an Elite Wireless Controller or Series 2 Controller that will be forward compatible with the Scarlett.

Does all really mean all?

However, what is perhaps less clear is whether all truly means all. Right now, there are a fair few people still using Kinect with a USB-A adapter, neither of which are still sold by Microsoft. Additionally, we've had a look at back ports on the Xbox Series X, and it doesn't look like it has an IR Blaster, which means accessories like the media remotes will no longer work as well.

Some of this is speculation, but at a best guess, it may be the case that anything that utilizes the IR Blaster or Kinect will be incompatible unless Microsoft releases USB accessories to include that functionality. The Xbox Series X may use HDMI-CEC controls in place of the IR Blaster for TV controls, but it's unclear if that would require new TV remote accessories for it to work. We'll update this article as soon as we have some reliable information.

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