Win a Nokia Lumia 900 and four entry tickets to Six Flags with joint sweepstakes

Nokia recently brought along an official Windows Phone app for Six Flags amusement parks. The app enables users to view a map of their local Six Flags, locate services and points of interest within the park, and check out all the available rides (with intensity filters), plus much more. Part for the deal between the two companies is for the Lumia 900 to be advertised and promoted throughout the parks.

Now Nokia and Six Flags are running a sweepstakes where entrants could win a Lumia 900 and four tickets to any Six Flag theme park in the US. Pretty neat, eh? There are six prizes to give away, so be sure to get your entry in to be in with a chance of being picked. As usual, you are required to be 16 or above, and can only enter one person per email address per day, through July 31st.

To enter, head on over to the Six Flags website and fill in your details. Official rules are available so be sure to check them out before entering. Also check out our hands-on with the Six Flags Windows Phone app below.

You can download Six Flags from the Marketplace (Nokia Collection for Lumia handsets only). 

Source: Six Flagsthanks, Daniel, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I don't know if it's ie10 or what, I can't click on anything to actually sign up.
  • Set compatibility mode for site
  • Worked fine thru my WP, HTC Trophy ala Verizon
  • Well I'm going to get season tickets and go to six flags in Atlanta next weekend. I already have a useless att blue lumia 900. I wish you had the option to get a T-Mobile version.
  • what happened to it? what do u mean by useless? Hopefully ur definition of useless isn't cuz of the 7.8 update or EDGE limited-only on tmob network..
    I want one of bad..
  • It's useless because it can't be unlocked to work on tmobile.
  • Once I filled out the form, and hit submit button,  I got a 'run time error' with some html code type jargons. I hit back, and tried again and it confirmed my entry.
    Not sure if entrying the sweepstake once day till 7/31 will increase my chances of winning or not but I sure need and want that Lumia 900 as my HD7 usb-port barely works now.  Holding out for Apollo devices before upgrading.
    I almost want to lick the white L900 in the video.
  • Super app, fast and efficient like Metro should be! And check out the augmented reality so cool!
  • ATT refused to give u the unlock code? Hopefully u aren't on contract...or that might explain why.. also I know u've to be with them for 90 days without balance before they can give out the unlock codes.