Windows 10 Fast ring preview members will get new builds once a month

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

Gabriel Aul, the head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft, has stated in a new interview that new builds for Windows 10 will be released to members on the Fast ring once every month.

Microsoft announced last week that it would enable quicker releases for new Windows 10 builds for Fast ring members. However, Aul gave a more specific time frame in chatting with Neowin today. It added:

"Aul said that they will not commit to anything more than one release per month but based on the new workflow for builds to be released, there will be more candidate builds of Windows 10 put to vote for Insiders. More so, Aul cannot say when each month a build will be released as there are far too many variables about when a build is ready for consumption. Simply put, new builds are coming hot and fast but there will not be a standard release cadence other than 'at least one per month'."

Keep in mind that those in the Fast ring will likely get Windows 10 preview builds with more issues and bugs than those on the Slow ring.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham
  • Where is February update, oh wait, March update?
    Edit: Found it.
  • Its out, build 10041. Showing as fbl_impressive 10041 Professional for me
  • Me too! Where are notes on the updates?
  • They will probably push out a blog post / announcement on the insider hub. Edit: Is it me or the app appears to be populating articles haphazardly? Just noticed two articles pop up under this article after a refresh.
  • Damn, I just logged in to give you hell for not reading all the wonderful articles here at Windows Central.
  • WTF is this Fast Ring thing?
  • If you have the Preview installed, go to the section where you can set how quickly you receive new Previews. Fast Ring = You're among the first for public releases and have a high tolerance for bugs. Slow Ring = Your curious, but you don't have a high tolerance for bugs.
  • Oohh I see, never knew that. Thanks
  • more frequent updates ... potentially dangerous to system
  • I'll believe it when I see it. Microsoft has terrible track record in keeping their word for release dates.
  • Wait, does that mean spartan is coming in the next build 1 month later :'(
  • thats the reason I use a junk machine to try w10 upates
  • Nice..
  • LOL, I use my wifes MacBook Pro for testing!
  • Rofl does she know
  • She doesn't use it because OSX and her don't get along. She might get along with Yosemite, but she only touches the MacBook to move it out of her way these days.
  • Regardless of the os or it's makers, that's a massive waste of money.
  • Agreed; so thank goodness it came to us through legitimate, but free channels.
  • That's fine by me bring on the bugs! However most may not be happy about the rough-monthly release cadence.
  • I was hoping for every week, lol. But this is good too!
  • Yeah, now everyone will get into fast ring. How slow is the slow ring then? XD
  • Once a year.
  • I think slow ring will get it a week or two later, and tp iso's will only be realeased and available on slow ring time table.
  • lol@your expectations
  • Fine. Guess I'll have to hack into Canary /humor
  • Staying on the fast ring!
  • so they want w10 to be ready for this summer but even the fast ring is only getting the new build once per month. is just me or this looks too slow? now i have a feeling that w10 will not be exactly how users want it, by summer when ms releases it. + look at this, new build, still without spartan or anything groundbreaking. c'mon ms, i dont want to look like a dick, but you need to faster your pace. this way is no way you could deliver a new software like spartan without any rough-edges in time for summer release.
  • Summer is August 17... Right before school.
  • Well pushing out builds is time consuming as they need to ensure there is no pc breaking bugs before release. This way they have sufficient time to test new code / additions and plus leaving it open without fixed dates gives them breathing space incase a nasty bug crops up just before it is pushed out.
  • Internally, they have everything we all want and more. Spartan for all and Win10 on Lumia 830's. When those things are ready for the general public with enough polish for those who don't understand what a beta is, we'll get to enjoy it.
  • so we get 4 more builds. is this enough for that new spartan, outlook, people? for that everything NEW? hell no. its not enough not even for patching things, finising ui and such. if they keep it 1 build per month and if they dont move a little quicker they will eventually miss the whole point of insider: designing and working how consumers demand. second of all, ofc they have internally everything much more advanced, but wasnt insider program purpose to get those things out earlier to work with the public? if we get, for example, spartan, just a build before the final release, how do we get it exactly how we want and need it?
  • I don't think you understand. The things we get they've probably had for a while. They've had this transparency for two months or more and we're just now getting it. I'm sure they'll have it all ready in time.
  • nope, you didnt get me. i didnt claimed they dont have the spartan ready. i said that if they release it too close to the official release, and IF it is not how we want/need it, they wont have enought time to modify and improve it based on our feedback.
  • We don't need to have them change EVERYTHING. I trust Microsoft knows what the world wants in a browser.  They've been watching what everyone wants in Internet Explorer. We're already able to provide feedback about sites that don't render correctly with Internet Explorer (the smiley/frown face) in the preview.  Windows 10 doesn't need to be EXACTLY how we want it, or you're expecting wayyyy too much. We all have different tastes/different opinions.
  • EDIT: Gabriel Aul said there would be "AT LEAST one build per month", which changes everything. Please correct the article accordingly.
    April, May, June, July, August, September, that's 6 builds at best, for the FAST ring. If changes remain that subtle between builds, Microsoft will have to release way more.
  • I agree.
  • Yep, to get actual valuable feedback it needs to be once a week at least. Either that or forget having full builds and just release smaller, more frequent in-place upgrades via Windows Update.
  • So, Fast ring isn't changing after all?
  • When is the phone update?
  • Isn't the Xbox app supposed to be able to stream my Xbox One games? I haven't found that option yet. I'm in the fast ring as well. Is it available yet?
  • I imagine almost everyone are still downloading... as it is pretty slow lol.
  • The Xbox app won't be doing the streaming. It will be the Xbox One. The Xbox One has yet to receive the update to enable streaming to PC.
  • Yeah I know the One streams, but I thought I read somewhere that the means to stream was being done through the app. And it was already available. I'm also on the One dashboard update preview program.
  • That's great. Believe me. I can't wait for this myself! :-)
  • Seems insider.
  • What about my 930 !!!!
  • If the fast ring is one month, how much for the slow one?
  • Don't be in a haste Microsoft ppl have waited and will wait for more days. Will this thing compromise with bugs to users?
  • Don't care, really don't care. That's it. No camera fix no Wp10 build. What is Microsoft waiting? Some kind of begging? I am customer and getting all kind of yellowish photos. Trees are yellowish, walls are yellowish, cats are yellowish... No camera fix in denim, no WP build? Then what? Do I need to convince myself everytime i need to take a photo that next time they will fix it, ? God's sake, I bought this phone to take photos and one year is already over. What kind of humiliating MS does, with ignoring 920/925/1020 owners? Do they waiting some kind of begging? Yes they updating it, giving new features but the reason which I bought never fulfilled. For small problems BMW calling theirs car back and fixing. But for a cellphone, MS don't even accept the problem and treat us like fools. If you can't release a wp10 image, fix the camera. We are not waiting a miracle damn it, just a fix. Note: We are not idiots or blinds. Maybe one day someone who got brighter brain from MS read it.
  • Calm down there chief.
  • My camera works on the physical machine install but doesn't work on the VM.  
  • I'm guessing its just for PC and tabs?
  • So is this for a good while or just until RTM wouldnt that mean we should expect like 2-3 more builds? Or are they going to continue to push new stuff after?
  • Is anyone else having trouble with the mail app not downloading in this new build?
  • Its an know bug reported by Microsoft. It's a licensing issue but i have a fix. Mail, Prople and the calendar apps don't work in this build and I needed to re-install Word preview for WIndows 10  and  Excel preview for Windows 10.   Open powershell as administrator Run the command Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like “*windowscommunicationsapps*”} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online Re-install Mail, People and Calendar from the Store (green tile)
  • How about a WP update?
  • Super for every month
  • Seems faster every month...pffttt!
  • I want to stream games from my One. Immediately.
  • Kinda worried about the launch of W10 now. If these "fast" updates are monthly, I feel the final launch will be closer to the end of summer than the start.
  • I got the wp update. Seems faster....
  • JUST KIDDING :) :) :)
  • does this fix bugs? like the search bar not working or some features not working?  
  • If you ask me, the fast ring should have a new build every 2 weeks, and the slow ring should have a build released every month to month and a half. If Microsoft wishes to get Windows 10 done by summer time or the end of summer then they need to step up their pace and release more builds to previewers. The faster the bugs can be caught and more features be suggested the better off they'll be. If they're like 4 or 5 builds ahead of the ones the give to us, that just means they have to backtrack more and fix what people didn't like in previous builds, meaning more time is wasted. They need to release builds at a faster pace if they wish to get anywhere in time.
  • Once a month... Fast ??.... Slow ring -- once a year ?