Windows 10

Gabriel Aul, the head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft, has stated in a new interview that new builds for Windows 10 will be released to members on the Fast ring once every month.

Microsoft announced last week that it would enable quicker releases for new Windows 10 builds for Fast ring members. However, Aul gave a more specific time frame in chatting with Neowin today. It added:

"Aul said that they will not commit to anything more than one release per month but based on the new workflow for builds to be released, there will be more candidate builds of Windows 10 put to vote for Insiders. More so, Aul cannot say when each month a build will be released as there are far too many variables about when a build is ready for consumption. Simply put, new builds are coming hot and fast but there will not be a standard release cadence other than 'at least one per month'."

Keep in mind that those in the Fast ring will likely get Windows 10 preview builds with more issues and bugs than those on the Slow ring.

Source: Neowin