5 Windows 10 Mobile features we want to see before Microsoft kills the OS

It's becoming increasingly clear that current Windows 10 Mobile devices won't be getting any new major software updates, and we're still a while away from Microsoft releasing any new phones. Between now and then, here's what I'd like Microsoft to add to Windows 10 Mobile before it abandons the OS in favor of its next attempt at phones.

Now, I'm not expecting Microsoft to add any huge changes or features to Windows 10 Mobile from here on out. So everything in this list is on the minor side, stuff that isn't too far fetched considering Windows 10 Mobile's current position.

Pick up where you left off

This is something I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't brought to Windows 10 Mobile already. Pick up where I left off, a new feature that was introduced with the Creators Update, allows Cortana to share data from apps across devices, allowing the user to pick up within apps exactly where they left off from other devices.

This feature currently works across Windows 10 desktop devices, but Windows 10 Mobile appears to have been omitted. Windows 10 Mobile could benefit greatly from this feature, and it arguably makes more sense when sharing between PC and phone devices.

I'd love to be able to browse the web on Edge on my PC, and then open up Edge on my phone and have it pick up exactly where I left off on my phone. The fact that this feature isn't in Windows 10 Mobile is bewildering.

Night Light

Microsoft already said that this feature isn't coming to Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon, and that's frustrating. Let's be honest, Night Light makes just as much sense on phones as it does on PCs. In fact, I'd argue it makes more sense on phones.

People are more likely to be using their phones at night before they go to sleep than a PC. People lie in bed and use their phones, and Night Light would be incredibly beneficial in this scenario. It's not often you're lying in bed with a PC or laptop. Most people prefer using their phones these days.

The Lumia series already has a built-in color profile feature. Maybe Microsoft could add some kind of feature that just automatically turns on the warmer color profile after a certain time.

Updated emoji

Microsoft just introduced the latest batch of emoji on PC build 16226. It'd be great if Microsoft could bring these new emoji to Windows 10 Mobile too.

If Microsoft doesn't bring these updated emoji to Windows 10 Mobile, users will slowly notice new emoji not showing up and working on Windows 10 Mobile devices. Instead, they'll see squares where the new emoji aren't displaying correctly, making for a frustrating user experience.

If you're not a fan of emoji, this isn't much of a concern to you. But I'm sure there are plenty of users out there who are fans of emoji on Windows phone.

Large tile size

Before Microsoft kills Windows 10 Mobile, I'd love for it to add the large Live tile size to phones. This was something Microsoft experimented with in the first ever Insider Preview build for Windows phones, but it was removed shortly after.

We already know Microsoft is working on this with CShell phones, but it's unlikely CShell will come to existing handsets. I want large Live tile sizes on existing phones, which will allow me to customize my Start screen just like the Start menu on my desktop.

Windows Hello improvements

Windows Hello is unbearably slow on Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, its performance is quite embarrassing when compared to the speed of biometric authentication methods on iOS and Android. When using Iris on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, the login experience is slow because of Microsoft's silly Windows Hello animation.

If Microsoft were to remove said animation, the login experience would be quicker. We know this is true because in an old Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build, Microsoft accidentally removed it briefly. In that build, Windows Hello was much faster.

Unfortunately, Microsoft added back the animation because, according to the company, the animation is important. But the animation is not important, and I would much rather it be removed if it's causing the login experience to be slower.

What do you think?

That's our list of features we hope Microsoft will add to Windows 10 Mobile before moving away from it. What small improvements are you hoping Microsoft adds? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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