Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 released to beta testers in Beijing

As promised a few days ago, Microsoft is now allowing some owners of the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone in Beijing, China to participate in a program that includes offering them a Windows 10 Mobile ROM to download and install on this Android device.

According to ITHome, the size of the ROM download is 700MB. However, it is also password protected, which was likely put in so that only the members of the beta testing program in Beijing can actually install the ROM on their Xiaomi Mi 4. As we have reported before, Microsoft has restricted this beta test in part because they want the participants to visit Microsoft's Asia-Pacific headquarters in Beijing so they can "communicate directly with Microsoft Windows 10 development team of engineers".

Microsoft and Xiaomi first announced their plans for this "experimental' testing program in March, in part because Microsoft wanted to getmore direct feedback on Windows 10 Mobile from the Chinese market.


John Callaham