Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 released to beta testers in Beijing

As promised a few days ago, Microsoft is now allowing some owners of the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone in Beijing, China to participate in a program that includes offering them a Windows 10 Mobile ROM to download and install on this Android device.

According to ITHome, the size of the ROM download is 700MB. However, it is also password protected, which was likely put in so that only the members of the beta testing program in Beijing can actually install the ROM on their Xiaomi Mi 4. As we have reported before, Microsoft has restricted this beta test in part because they want the participants to visit Microsoft's Asia-Pacific headquarters in Beijing so they can "communicate directly with Microsoft Windows 10 development team of engineers".

Microsoft and Xiaomi first announced their plans for this "experimental' testing program in March, in part because Microsoft wanted to getmore direct feedback on Windows 10 Mobile from the Chinese market.


John Callaham
  • Smell that smell...
  • I don't get what a beta is for.
    The thing either works or it doesn't
  • that's not how software works. sometimes it works, sometimes it only kinda works, sometimes it crashes and burns horribly. that is why it needs testing, it doesn't just magically come out fully baked from the get go
  • What's special about Android phones.
    If the OS works on Windows Phone hardware, why wouldn't it work on android phones.
    Why would there be a need to beta test an installation.
    If there are problems, those problems would replicate across native phones.
    I can understand insider program since the OS is still under development, beta testing install doesn't make sense.
    If it installs then it works
  • No, not right at all, hardware makes all the difference, it can work perfectly fine on one device, but brick another just because of a small hardware change.
  • Wrong! There could be hardware drivers missing and even hardware incompatibility. Even on the Lumia devices before there have been problems like those, Windows 10 for Lumia 930 is an example, as the font size was very little while it was fine on other Lumia devices. Just an example.
  • Firmware is the problem, not the OS. If the OS can't connect properly with the hardware it won't work
  • Because we could see a situation where ms could decide to release roms for different android phones. Now phones like any hardware required drivers for a particular configuration. Which requires testing. Not as easy as making a desktop OS
  • Agreed but only one phone is tested, so all the hardware is known to Microsoft.
    Therefore things like drivers can't be an issue.
  • But you are forgetting that win 10 is also a software under development. This combined with different hardware than lumias it is normal for it to be a beta. Screen sizes, fonts ex. all maters. Sometimes, even across same model, there are different problems even thoguh they share same SW and HW.
  • Doesn't the OEM develope the drivers for the phone? that would mean that Xiaomi would need to create windows phone drivers for the hardware to work properly.
  • Correct. So why is the end user testing it and not xiaomi.
  • It's to test possible errors that might not seem like errors on paper. You know like when you have a friend read your something you've written to check for errors that you have missed...
  • Then you don't get software development. There really isn't a either it works or it doesn't work. It can take quite a while to find and squash bugs, and beta means they are still finding and squashing all the bugs.
  • This it's not beta testing software development.
    They are testing installing the OS.
    Which if it installs, the beta is irrelevant
  • That's incorrect. Just because you don't get an error, doesn't mean it installed ok. You gotta make sure everything is in it's right place, make sure the OS launches and functions. If something doesn't function you have to determine if the issue is due to a file not being updated during the installation or if its due to a hardware compatibility issue. It's seriously not just a black and white situation.
  • If a file doesn't update, that would have been resolved before the ROM ships.
    Microsoft can't send out a piece of software to beta if you can't even boot the thing.
  • Ok, just stop, you clearly know nothing of what you are argueing aobut, quit embarassing yourself.
  • Use your head
  • Why don't you?
  • Just give up dude. you clearly have no clue how software and hardware work. There is obviously no explaining to you. Just booting up doesn't mean it worked. I deal with this literally every day at my job, there's way more than the OS just starting that means it worked or not.
  • You install Windows Phone on android phones everyday at your job.
    That's funny, can you provide your details to Microsoft. Looks like they don't need China anymore
  • You're either a troll or a full retard, either way, I'm done with you.
  • You going back to your job in India
  • You really are incredibly ignorant.
  • *facepalm* Are you really that stupid? Learn how software and hardware actually work together before spewing more nonsense..
    The Windows 10 Insider Preview builds are explicitly giving feedback about how the new and re-worked features work and feel -- the "bug" reporting is secondary, as many bugs are to be expected.
    It is very important to the new Microsoft to get feedback about how their new operating systems and programs work and unlike "Developer" builds, which are for developers to test their existing applications for compatibility with the new OS.
    Users who participate in the Insider Preview will help shape the look and feel of Windows 10.
  • If the ROM can boot. Beta is complete.
  • so your criteria for it being 100% done, is that it can boot... i remember another windows that did
  • This needs to become the new "seems faster"
  • Yes, that would be the common denominator for installing Windows on unsupported hardware.
    If they need drivers and OEM input, there'd be no need to wipe an Android device since the OEM's are playing ball.
  • Oh, fingers crossed the tests go well. It would be a great addition to the Windows family.
  • Agreed!
  • Yep. I agree. I'd love for this to spread to other Android devices....I'm looking at you, Sony Xperia Z Ultra. :)
  • Also agreed from this part of the world. PLUS I hope them good guys of XDA will get their hands on one of this ROMs. The world will turn crazy if the first Samsungs, HTC', Sonys, LGs and else will run a Xiaomi Version of WP on their devices. I think it's takeover time!!!
  • Agreed :) If this works and their able to make these kind of ROMs avaiable for other devices then (in the long run) Windows 10 Mobile might eat Android marketshare without users need to buy new devices xD
  • It's awesome that Microsoft is testing this. Part of those billion devices just might be existing Android devices.
  • I love to see Windows working on Xiaomi. It should be snappier than Android. More buttery smooth...
  • means they are really gonna lauch Windows 10 and when ?
    I read it here to that it will come but when ?
  • Well since it's China, are we taking bets on how fast the password leaks and everyone on XDA is cooking it (or at least trying to cook it) for their phones? LOL
  • I give it a week.
  • Hopefully they were smart enough to password protect each ROM provided with different passwords so that they can know who it was that leaked it if someone chose to do so. Just my thoughts.
  • It'll probably leak, cracked, within a few weeks
  • You say it like it's a bad thing. :p
  • No, its a great thing! I wanna try it on my OnePlus.
  • I would love to try it out on my Nexus 5 as well, but without official Microsoft support the ports will likely have a ton of broken stuff; camera, bluetooth, possibly WiFi, could even be mobile radios, etc.
  • I would like to try it on my one plus
  • Maybe thats why MS put the beta out in China. They want to see if anybody can hack or crack their software. t
  • In the picture in the article, how did they make the phone stand on its own? I wonder...
  • Chinese voodoo
  • The phone is 4" thick.
  • That phone can stand, just like my 930 :)
  • And so the invasion begins....
  • Plan B underway I guess
  • I dont think this is plan B... I think its Plan A-2 ;). Get Windows running everywhere, even existing hardware. I think plan B is drop Windows 10 mobile all together for phones and use Android =/.
  • Originally Plan B was to allow running Android apps on Windows phone. That got converted into "ease of portability to Windows store" when opposed by the users aggressively and, which Microsoft felt better.
  • I don't know if it's plan A or just symantics, however it does feel like 10 Mobile has been put on notice.
  • Plan B dropping Windows Mobile will never ever happened. They have now an excellent OS over all with one kernel, all MS has to do is getting market share, and their budget is huge. Installing Windows on a Android is just another plus.
  • Nice. I'd love this to be possible for many Android devices everywhere in the future.
  • if this thing works as said to, and completely removed Android and allows windowsphone to run. this I'd gonna be great... for some, I love the cameras on Lumia so I'm staying with, but others with Android phones and love they're camera might be interested. also how does that work? if they get rid of stock camera apps they may also lose some functionality of the phone!?
  • I'm sure they have it covered already. We gotta wait and watch for now :)
  • I'd flash this on a s6 edge, after its rooted and the s6 features remain intact lol
  • Windows Phone will only work on specialized hardware. It supports Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. (S4 S4 Pro 800 801 400 410 200 210)
  • Just like gaming consoles. Less hardware is better for stability.
  • Yeah Windows 10 won't work on Exynos processors. But would be great if Microsoft brings support for Exynos processors in Windows 10 mobile.
  • I love the Idea behind it! Windows on hangroid device will blow them away!
  • Finger cross
  • It takes two to cross. :)
  • Now waiting for the first hands-on video !
  • When Xiaomi + W 10 gets finalized & ready to go. Soon we could expect Mi Band support for Windows Phone.  
  • "Oh look, its windows 10 but better"
  • Okay, when will the non password protected version be leaked so we can dissect and try to port it? I want Windows 10 on my HD2! And Oneplus One.
  • I know this is an old topic, but if they didn't have this restriction. I'd buy a mi4 just to mess around with. The option to change between android and windows is very appealing to me. I use both OS's, WP on my main phone, and android on play around devices.