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Windows 10 Mobile's March cumulative update now rolling out

It may be lagging behind Microsoft's other Windows 10 updates, but March's Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 Mobile is now rolling out.

Coming in at build number 15254.313, the update is listed as KB4090912 and includes a fix for a lingering issue with opening PDFs in Microsoft Edge. Additionally, all of the improvements Microsoft rolled out to Windows 10 version 1703 this month are also included. From the release notes:

  • This build includes all the improvements from KB4088782.
  • Addresses issue in which PDFs cannot be rendered in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Phones.

It's worth noting that this update also comes with a trio of known issues. Here's a look:

  • After taking a screenshot, the error, "Couldn't take screenshot" appears. However, the photo is saved.
  • In some photo-related apps, there is an error when saving photos.
  • In Lumia Creative Studio, recently taken photos will not appear in the Latest gallery.

For each issue, Microsoft says it is working on a resolution that will be included in a later release.

If you're using a Windows 10 Mobile device, you should be able to grab this latest cumulative update now.

Updated March 20, 2018: The March cumulative update is available for devices on the Creators update (Version 1703) and Anniversary Update (Version 1607) as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the Editor in Chief for Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl. Got a hot tip? Send it to

  • Good to see the updates coming in still.
  • They'll still come until April 2019, lol.
  • No they won't. Windows 10 is the last version of Windows.
    It won't stop.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is not Windows 10. Different operating systems, different code branches.
  • windows 10 mobile is a dead man walking. he's on the green mile.
  • Yeah, man ;)
  • Checking now on my Lumia 950 and my wife's idol.
  • Yes nice I actually just bought a 950 on eBay...gluten for punishment :)
  • I just did the same as a backup for my current. 950XL. I love this phone so much, I won't be without one.
  • I know. I'm the same way with bread despite my glutton allergy ...
  • Gelatiny is a sin. 😉
  • Fix one, break three...
  • but only 1 is a really an issue though 😏
  • Please it happens on all platforms
  • Thank god they fixed the problem with PDFs not opening in Edge as it's always set to the default PDF viewer on mobile
  • I wish they would fix the keyboard. It now obscures the message you are writing. Bizarre.
  • You must have dragged the keyboard. It is movable. Tap and hold the space bar for a while, then drag it to the bottom, it will pin to the bottom.
  • Probably a dumb question but can anyone tell me how to get the latest builds on my 1520?
  • Creators update and feature 2 are basically the same (with some enterprise features add for feature 2)
    a registry hacks if you wanna get to the form creators update to feature2 branch
  • Awesome, thanks for the reply! I'll look into it, but it already runs very well so might just ride it out.
  • It a great article on how to do it at aawp (all about Windows Phone)
  • That is what i was going to say,
  • I was going to suggest the method at but that won't do you much good since Microsoft recently killed the W10M Insiders programme.  Try this one instead:
  • yep that it
  • It's good for us 520, 640 and 950 !!!
  • Tia?
  • How RS3 doing on the L520, lol?
  • Not seeing the update on my 950xl
  • Ditto. Same thing last update.
  • Make sure you're on production ring and not an insider
  • Got it on my 950 XL late last night.
  • I just got it on my 950... it can take a few days to roll out to all zones
  • Now, who says win10 mobile is dead!!!
  • ... Idiots and trolls
  • Realistic people not being filled with MS's crap talking to the top.
  • They admin. Not realistic people.
  • Anyone who looks to target W10M with the newest UWP SDK.
  • lol owned
  • Its on life support
  • It's quite dead, don't worry. It's only security updates. W10M doesn't receive any additional bug fixes.
  • You obviously didn't read the article.... It is all bug fixes....
  • What, the PDF thing they broke previously? Please.
  • Currently downloading on 650 although my new main device is moto G5S+ android 7.1.1
  • Maybe we should call it "Mobile Patch Thursday" :-)
  • Except it got delayed to Wednesday this time. Same last month.
  • It's Friday for me.
  • Only 1 or 2 of the 5 of us still on Windows Mobile will appreciate this update. I am rocking a non-upgradable Lumia Icon, and only a small fraction of the non-upgradable Nokia owners went through the "interop" tools or "insider" to get the latest version. In fact, most probably didn't even upgrade their 8.1 devices, as you needed to go to the store, get an app, and do the "upgrade advisor". The abandoned devices and OS reminds me of late 2010, when enthusiasts started leaving the Windows Mobile 6.X forums, mostly for Android. At least then we had something new from Microsoft to look forward to: Windows Phone 7. Do we have anything now? Andromeda? When?
  • Downloading right now on my 950xl
  • So now the photos are broken. I mean come on, MSFT...
  • I'm not seeing that problem on my 950XL, and the pdf problem is fixed.
  • It would have been nice of they enabled the option "open with" so that we are not so dependent on edge and ADOBE ACROBAT READER can be used alternatively.
  • Everytime I open a pdf I get a choice, Microsoft edge or acrobat reader. Sounds like that behaviour has changed. My L930 is rocking the anniversary update.
  • Galaxy S8 running Android 8 Oreo is now my main phone after my Lumia 950 Single SIM decided to not support SIM cards anymore after 2 years and a half of daily usage (when a card is inserted, random shutdown occurs (no reboot, just instantly off). However, without the SIM card, it's running really well). That's a pity because I changed the battery just the month before (random shutdown of no juice between 20-30% and won't boot with anything less than empty battery logo, totally logical for a battery who had a daily charge (sometimes twice a day or only once but with Qi... High temperature after 30 minutes))... This update didn't change anything to the issue with SIM Card, even after hard reset and restauration of latest savings on OneDrive.
  • Hopefully your Samsung doesn't catch fire 🔥
  • I've had my GS7 for over two years, smartass.
  • Then go to crapdroid central
  • Then why are you trolling over here *********.
  • To pi$$ off you desperate pathetic fanbabies...
  • This guy
  • Do a reflash with Windows device recovery app and DO NOT restore settings. There was a bug awhile back the corrupted restores so this was likely what happened to you.
  • I hope NEVER TO have to go to Android or IOS. I'm looking forward to the full Win10 pocketable tablet with telephony. Win10 is by far the best interface for all device sizes. I want all of my devices to be the same. Only difference is size.
  • I have the same problem to my Lumia 950 XL. Unfortunately there is not a solution for this
  • I have the same problem, with random instant offs. I thought it was the battery, but come to find out it was SD card. This makes 3 Windows phones I had where the SD card became corrupted or affected performance. No more random shut offs.
  • Anybody who is on the Fast Ring and was able to download? I guess I have to wait a bit longer as it rolls.
  • Make sure you're on production ring and not an insider
    You could switch then return after installing the update
  • On fast ring & downloading. Device: Lumia 550
  • Insider Rings for W10M don't work anymore.
  • They seem to for apps but you are correct. No more preview builds foe mobile.
  • Date/Time error. Hooray.
  • had no problems in the release ring
  • Still not getting update on elite x3
  • I got it on my elite x3 earlier today, my location is Taiwan.
  • Windows 10 mobile is the most sexy phone OS on the planet . Hate those Icons on Droids and IOS . One bit of advice to Microsoft, don't kill 10 mobile , until you have something solid and tested to replace it
  • Keep some of the interface for the Andromeda device when in mobile form.
  • They killed WP8.1 when W10M still wasn't ready (it got truly usable only with RS1). Then they didn't really bother with RS2 and clearly there's no RS3 for W10M. Don't expect anything mobile related from Microsoft.
  • We WILL see a full Win10 pocketable tablet with telephony.
  • ...and the moment it is on the crux of becoming successful, if it is a consumer device, Microsoft will kill it off, because they can't possibly allow themselves to be successful in the consumer space. Before you go saying but but Surface is successful!! Surface Hub = business. Surface Studio = professional designer/business. Surface tablets, book and laptop = majority business, a few enthusiasts. In Windows land Surface is a business tool used mostly by professionals with some enthusiasts out there rocking it as well. Anything pure consumer, won't be allowed to survive at Microsoft.
  • Too Late.  It's already killed off!
  • Quite a big update. 1.14 gb to be exact.
  • Ah, that explains why it took a while to download!
  • Where on the phone can we see the size of this update?
  • It was only ~500 MB for me.
  • i Only got the Lumia creative bug 😀
  • After Droid W10 Mob makes you realise how good it is. Droid really is awful.!
  • After buying my sister an Iphone X, i took her Iphone 6S Plus and i used it for about a month. Windows 10 mobile spoiled me on UX. Never knew how important the smaller things are.
  • When MS decided to drop my 1020 I decided to drop windows mobile.   Never knew how important the LARGER things were....Like Apps, accessories, etc were.  Yep w10m was a great LOOKING OS,  however,  it was and is terrible performing,  and having nothing to do with your phone only browse the web,  MEH...NO THANKS.
  • Is this a regional based update cause here in South Africa I still haven't received the update
  • Same here in Malaysia . Takes time to be released worldwide i guess but is coming
  • Hello, fellow Malaysian here. I have just gotten the update.
  • Just getting it in Russia.
  • "For each issue, Microsoft says it is working on a resolution that will be included in a later release." Yeah, and it's working on a new bugs, too!! C'mon...
  • If they fix everything in a single update then they have nothing to do afterwards.. Hehe
  • Just finished the updates.. Malaysia here, still on insider...
  • This time, no patch update for RS2 on Lumia. 😕
  • I have not received latest tuesday update i have lumia 640 xl window 10 phone location delhi in india
  • Just installing it in Australia. Thanks for fixing the pdf problem. You don't realise how often you use something until it breaks.
  • I had forgotten about this update until I tried to open a pdf, which I rarely do on my phone. Woops.. Installed it and works great. And camera saves images so much faster now. Tks MS, still loving my 950!
  • Have to pause my insider Account to get the update.W10M is alive and kicking.
  • Well, not exactly.
  • I Got it, version 1709 on My L950
  • Last 3 remaining users must be thrilled 😁
  • At least we aren't sheep's
  • Actually you are are a microsoft SHEEP.   That comment just proved it.  People who are not sheep are open to all platforms.   Not just one and calling the other platform users names.   
  • You are the one trolling a Microsoft site so go off to lagdroid central and have a circle jerk over there.
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  • I don't use android. Good try though Hoppman...As I type this from my MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 DELL COMPUTER. Wow...Lagdroid, so current with the burns.
  • Just switched over to an S9. Certainly has some innovations, the speakers are a sleeper feature. But it took...hours to get the phone to resemble my 950XL. Great phone, needs a camera button, bigger battery+removable battery. Heart rate sensor feels gimmicky.
  • Even dead we get more update than android or apple!!!!
  • True that!
  • Security updates without bug fixes or features don't mean jack. RS1 was the last worthwhile update to WP.
  • LOL maybe more than Android, but definitely not more than iOS
  • None of us paid over $1000 for a PHONE, nothing but a PHONE, you got taken.
  • You wincrap phone desperate fanbabies are pathetic really :))) Since when all iphones are $1000? :)))
  • You must work for CNN with all the fake On android and get updates pretty much every month :)
  • If Microsoft add this features windows mobile could be more useable. Add Split screen.
    Change the multitask or apps switching design.
    Add Close all application button.
    Picture password.
    Add default apps change option.
    Optimizes battery draining.
    Add Navigation key position change.
    Option for change lock screen clock position.
  • I've actually run into that PDF issue a fair bit recently so I'm glad it's being fixed. The new issues are annoying but hopefully won't be as annoying as the PDF thing. I still really enjoy using my 950XL.
  • Issue where sound and videos don't play on youtube when connected via continuum. And in groove music ,you cant play any song when source is continuum connected tv, sometime sound plays but on phone only and then everything work okay...
  • im also downloading this! even ive bought android phone already :/ atm im commenting this on WC app on PC
  • Updating now on my phone Lumia 929 icon
  • "Add Split screen.
    Change the multitask or apps switching design.
    Add Close all application button.
    Picture password.
    Add default apps change option.
    Optimizes battery draining.
    Add Navigation key position change.
    Option for change lock screen clock position."
    If Microsoft add this features Windows mobile would be more attractive and powerful. Please Microsoft return to the mobile OS otherwise you shouldn't compete other OS on desktop computer as well as mobile OS.
  • I hope this fixes the problem I've been having with my L650 getting very hot when playing a game, watching videos or using Instagram. Happens on my wife's L650 too. I just got a L550 as a spare to use so I'm not draining the battery on the L650 too much. Not a bad phone but my L730 is better. The L550 doesn't have double tap to wake but it does have double tap the navigation bar to shut off. 😊
  • And so I did grab this update and in about a hour downloaded and installed.
  • Deleted
  • Got the update. Everything works just fine on my Lumias 950 XL and 550. These phones still are the best solution for me. I couldn't replace them with an Android and iOS device.
  • Nice they fixed the PDF issue. Unfortunately, I used my Dual Phone 950XL in both countries, two languages, two phone lines... for work.  Not being able to open Word Documents and PDF documents was making life extremely many folks were sending me documents through WhatsApp... (in Mexico using WhatsApp doesn't count against your data.... everyone uses it). So, this issue took so long to fix that about three weeks ago, quite fed up, I made the Android Leap and purchased a new phone. A Huawei Mate 10 Lite.... and just a few days ago purchased a Huawei Mate 10 Lite Dual Sim. Unfortunately, I can't have my 128GB SDMicro and My Sim2 slot at once.. but the phone does have 64GB, so it's not the worst thing ever. At least it consistenly pairs to my PC instantly and copying off videos and photos to my PC (which eventually get backed up to Offline Storage each night) is a breeze. My 950XL was not being seen by PC consistently, which of course made the whole can't open a PDF on my 950XL issue even worse. Anyway, glad Microsoft is still fixing bugs... but this one came too little too late.... which I guess in the end is what Microsoft wanted.... They wanted me to make the leap to Android.... Ditto for the front camera and vibration not working on both of our 950XL phones too.... So when you put your phone in a silent mode for meetings you miss everything because you don't even get the vibrate... I miss the WIndows 10 MObile interface and the way things are organized (Android is messy... even wth the Microsoft Launcher and all the Microsoft Tools... I'm still learning everything.... ). However, the quality of the apps is way, way, better... Everything just works... all of the time....
  • Nice to see the windows 10 mobile hasn't been forgotten it's good to see updates appearing on my Microsoft Lumia 650 I'm glad i decided to stay with windows 10 mobile even though i went out a brought two android phones one on android oreo 8 and the other one is still on the android 7 nougat but i still use my Lumia 650 more nowadays I've just managed to get hold of another brand new boxed Lumia 650 after months of searching for one but that one isn't set up just yet.
  • I'm hoping that Edge Mobile, which is now version 40.15254.313 will stay sync with Edge on desktop which is in version 42 and in my case 17115.1 and tomorrow I think 42.17120.1. Because that's now install on my laptop. Edge is not an App, why not?
  • Mine's stuck on 0%
  • Mine download can't get beyond 2%...
  • Finally! Now my battery life is screwed, after the update battery won't charge beyond 90%. Every reboot drains around 13%, and my battery isn't making it through the day anymore. ( tried another good battery same thing) Waiting for Nokia 8 sirocco to launch in Australia.
  • Thank god, I thought it was just me.  I've found my dead twice on the wireless charger over the weekend.
  • Anybody in the Philippines who got this update? I'm using Lumia 1520 currently at OS build 10.0.15063.909
  • Now, if they would address Edge crashing with every other search...
  • Don't have that issue at all on my EliteX3.
  • I reset the phone, a 640XL, and reinstalled Edge and still have the same problem. Funny thing is, I installed two alternative browsers and they do the same thing.
  • All browsers on Win10Mobile use the edge engine. No true different browser apps are allowed in the store.
  • Thanks!
  • What's wrong with my Lumia 950 XL battery? Battery drains in idle (just sitting on the table) from 96% to 64% in 90 minutes and the phone runs quite hot. It is also almost impossible to charge the battery to 100%. The drainage is the same even I have not opened any app after reboot. Hello is not in use. There's no system updates pending or any app being downloaded or updated.  From settings Battery Use measurement tool shows that the most power hungry apps are Mail and Calendar, Edge and Facebook, although all of them uses battery as background service less than 10% (measured period 1 week). The battery use breakdown shows that System takes 23%, Display 63%, WiFi 8% and Cellular 6% and of those 87% in use and 13% in background. The battery should last more than few hours after full charge. Another weird phenomena: I'm having Low storage warnings even there's only one third of the storage space used (9.6 GB used out of 29.1 GB). There's no SD card in use
  • Recently updated my lumia 950 with the March update. thankfully this sorted the PDF issue however two new problems started after this:
    - Though my battery problem is not as critical as yours or others cited here, but I have seen about 30% increase in drain.
    - The write to SD card is slower than before, this is especially apparent after recording large videos. Unfortunately these are some things we will have to live with in this handset.
  • No battery drains whatsoever.
  • I'm using build 15063.968 on Lumia 930.but what's new?
  • Don't know what the problem is with the update. Just stuck at 2%. Had fone a hard reset a week ago which had restored a lot of tweaks to the phone. Unfortunately, apps that we're no longer supported have been lost. I've gained a lot of space on both the phone and sd card, yet the download never exceeds 2%. Just wonder what else could be wrong again... Any advise here would help.
  • Anyone with delayed downloads...? Mine is stuck at 2%!!
  • :))))) LOL, the junk gets a new bin.
  • .
  • Gotta pullout my 640 and get the update. It's a shame but Microsoft did it to themselves. The idea of W10 on an expandable device that oh yes can do telephone things to is great. Still could use an actual smartphone to for it to be unified. Oh well.
  • Fix PDF in edge, Borke third part email service. My pop3 company mail not update since then.
  • Store is now crap at searching for mobile apps.
    They really are trying to ween us off using Microsoft platform.
  • Store is now crap at searching for mobile apps.
    They really are trying to ween us off using Microsoft platform.
  • Store is now crap at searching for mobile apps.
    They really are trying to ween us off using Microsoft platform.
  • Store is now crap at searching for mobile apps.
    They really are trying to ween us off using Microsoft platform.
  • Store is now crap at searching for mobile apps.
    They really are trying to ween us off using Microsoft platform.
  • After this latest update apps crash often or don't resume and battery life is not good. Did a recovery with the desktop tool and updated clean install and the issues are still present on 950xl and my wife's 950. Ordered new android phones a few days ago so guess this is the end for windows 10 for now. Thanks Windows Central for the years of great advice. Maybe we will return if Microsoft makes consumer devices again.
  • The fact that Windows 10 mobile and it's bundled apps (Mail etc) are still buggy as hell shows the lack of attention to this OS. For me, Mail and Calendar are functional at best with silly things like calendar colours not matching what's displayed for non-Microsoft accounts, Microsoft accounts getting corrupted so that you can't change the sync preferences and so on. All minor but annoying and shouldn't really be present after this much work.
  • I am using Microsoft Lumia 535. IMEI: 359771065990486. Software Windows 10 mobile. Version 1703. OS Build 10.0.15063.850. My phone turn blank or black when it sleep and nothing display on the screen even after tapping on the screen to wake up. I do always need to restart the phone before being able to use and operate on it. I don't get update. The message I get is my device is up-to-date, which is not. Please I really need help. This has been happening after my last update, 10, February 2018. And since then I am unable to get update on my device
  • I love ❤ windows phone
  • Just bloody annoyed that Windows Mobile phone users are being treated like they don't matter. I love my Lumia 930, paid good $ for it, and expect it to be supported and backed up by Microsoft. After all, it's only the major tech corporation in the world....:-(