Windows 10 Mobile's UWP File Explorer app appears on Xbox One, file storage on the way?

One aspect of the current Xbox One Insider Preview wave that seems to have slipped by the build notes is the inclusion of the UWP File Explorer app, making its way across from Windows 10 Mobile.

For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 10 Mobile utilizes a fairly basic UWP file explorer app to allow phone users to browse and manage the content on their device's storage. That very same app is now live on Xbox One, natively, for those installing 1703 builds on the Xbox Insider Program. It even has an Xbox icon on the menu bar, replacing the mobile symbol on phones.

I tried to use the new File Explorer app with a few other programs to no avail. MyTube! Beta was able to create an app folder in the new File Explorer for storing YouTube videos offline, but it doesn't seem to be fully functional just yet. Additionally, the UWP Photos app won't allow you to move pictures from OneDrive to the Xbox One's storage, unlike on Windows 10 Mobile.

The Photos app does, however, give us a local folder under U:\Users\UserMgr0\Pictures, in addition to a Camera Roll. Microsoft's Mike Ybarra recently spoke about how Microsoft is eventually planning to allow third-party USB webcams on Xbox One, so it makes sense that you would also be able to use the UWP Camera app to send photographs to your local storage this way.

It's important to note, by the way, that this doesn't provide full access to the Xbox system or game files like the full Windows File Explorer does. It looks as though the Xbox UWP version will be accessible only by apps, as it should be.

One thing's for certain — this is no accident. The Xbox is getting more and more PC-like with every update, bringing more and more capabilities to the Xbox standardized by the Universal Windows Platform. With the advent of Windows' new adaptive shells, one has to wonder how long before we'll see a Continuum-like UWP-based Desktop and Start Menu on the Xbox One, for those wanting to get even more out of their console.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Is this on Xbox one itself or the windows 10 Xbox app on pc
  • Xbox One itself.
  • Hi jez could something like this be used to record tv?
  • Doubtful, OS is really locked down.
  • In its current form yes. But we don't know what Scorpio will be like. Some reports suggesting running proper Windows 10.
  • See I don't like that, I might as well just buy a PC and hook it up to my TV, I have a console because it's more convenient and isn't bogged down by superfluous software. That being said I think you are 100% correct, especially with new features like game mode which seems pretty sure to the Scorpio.
  • Xbox one.
  • Cnt find it and im in alpha
  • It should be in your apps list. :o
  • Pls give me download link
  • There wasn't one, it just appeared on my console
  • Jez wats it called in apps
  • File Explorer
  • This will work great for when Kodi puts there app on the xbox
  • It will be interesting if it happens love to see kodi on the Xbox one
  • I have it, but it isn't working for me. Excited to see how they continue to evolve the xbox into a PC.
  • """For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 10 Mobile utilizes a fairly basic UWP file explorer app""" Don't treat Windows Phone like a step child.
  • The vast, vast, vast, majority of Xbox users don't use Windows phones. So, that comment was for them. Don't be so narrow minded?
  • That info will be very useful on a Windows site
  • Soon on 2020, Xbox became Windows 10 Box! (Kind of Chrome Box, attached to tv or whatever)😍
  • haha, think it could be quicker than that...
  • Is the my tube beta any good? I really dislike the standard YouTube app. Can I upload with it?
  • I can only answer to the "is it good" part: yeah, definitely! Devs did a great job. No upload, though, as I just checked (I'm not an uploader so...).
    Don't hesitate to give it a try (and to make your own opinion as we may have different needs :-) ).
  • Cheers, yeah, feedback is my thing.
  • Agree with Alkaziel. It decimates the official YouTube app, and I'll make a video/article on MyTube! Beta soon so you can check it out properly.
  • Nice, I use it on my 950xl, and keep using it basically because the dev is so eager to engage with the community. His updates always include detail in what has been done, and why. Also includes a heads up for what is coming next. That level of interaction is great. Gonna download it shortly. Hopefully he adds the facility to upload to YouTube. I really want to experiment with that. The official app always fails to upload, not sure why. On the upside, I managed a nice bit of streaming on Beam last night. Others seem to have issues though.
  • What about Windows 10 (x64) for Tablets ?? It would be usefull.  
  • Do you really need that? file explorer is already available on Windows since Windows 95
  • There's one in Windows 3.11 for workgroups as well.
  • No, Windows 3.x had a "File Manager", which was limited to the filesystem with individual drives selection.
    ​The "File Explorer" got introduced in Windows 95 with the Shell Namespace (with system folders and Desktop as the root).
  • Windows Millennium Edition has Windows Explorer not file explorer.
  • File Explorer isn't really touch-friendly.
  • But I'd still rather have it on my tablet than the mobile version. The mobile version is just too simple and limited.
  • I can recommend Files&Folders :) I got it once free (it's sometimes in the myAppFree Programm) and works great on the xbox one (also Desktop/tablet/phone its uwp). yet to use it just for onedrive on xbox, as the filesystem is restricted, i think. Nice thing about it is, it has an integrated Mediaplayer, playing almost all fomats and plays folder-wide.
  • I've used it and Pocket Explorer on my phone. Both are better than File Explorer, but I don't know if PE is available on Xbox.
  • Very interested to see what the "Recorded Calls" folder is going to be used for. Do you think Skype calls of some type (video or to land lines) will be able to be saved???
  • Probably there by default since Windows 10 Mobile has built-in phone call recording feature and that is where they are saved. Doubtedly it will apply to Skype calls, but how knows.
  • Why is this needed on the XB1?
  • If you have to ask, then you not ready to know yet?
  • I am expecting a Windows 10 PC like file explorer for Mobile......but they nailed it.....XD...
  • sometime in the future they will eventually make a new file explorer on pc, which if they ever make it will be UWP, so why bringing this crap old file explorer on mobile when mobile windows as we know it, and the current file explorer as we know it, will be both dead? mobile will be replaced by full windows on arm, and with composable shell it will have a mobile ui. file explorer will be replace by a new uwp file explorer, so here we are.
  • about xbox insider, could somebody send me invite?  gamertag: wtfkru
  • Cool to see, not necessarily shocking tho...
  • Very cool. When I think about it, the Xbox One is a perfect use case for Continuum. Usage for that feature would go through the roof.
  • Hope this comes to PC soon.  The File Explorer needs to be touch-friendly
  • Wouldn't it be the same as just using large icons on the normal file explorer?
  • If this is what they are bringing to PC. They can keep it. Im sticking with the old explorer forever.
  • Yeah, I'd rather they improve the desktop version than port the crappy mobile version.
  • Ugh.. I was excited that this may speed up moving games to different storage devices (still no move all), but of course it won't.
  • You can already move games at USB 3.0 speeds to or from external hdds through the manage game option in my games and apps.
  • Yes! Dark file explorer finally! Edit: For windows 10.
  • Hope they add the ability to manage xbox 360 saves.... The current methodology is really basic. Deleting all locally saved 360 saves on the x1 is doesn't constitute as save file management. Some xbox 360 titles have no saves under where saves can be managed for the x1. So if you delete all locally saved xbox 360 saves for aforesaid titles... they resync when you next load up the title from the cloud... So unless you have access to a x360 there is no way to get rid of glitched saves for these particular titles (i.e fable 2).