Windows 10 preview running too slow on your old PC? Use this quick trick to speed it up

Between running a major Windows site and living in 2015, it is easy to forget that not everyone uses Windows on the latest hardware. Sure, a Broadwell Core i7 chomps through Windows 10 like the whole OS was an app, but on older machines there could still be some minor lags.

One trick that has come to our attention is one of those obvious options that may not be so apparent to some 'Insiders'. Thomas Nigro, who leads VLC for Windows Modern project, tweeted this little trick for those of you on older laptops, Core M machines, etc.

"If you feel like your Windows 10 is slow (= low FPS), disable blur effects and transparency."

How-to Disable Blur Effects and Transparency

  • Launch Settings
  • Personalization
  • Colors
  • Disable 'Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent.'

Adding transparency is still a more resource intensive task than a solid background. Windows 10 is no different in that sense. However, we should note that Windows 10 is still just under two months from release, and there is much room for optimization. Therefore, if you do disable this now, you may want to reconsider it once the release build ships as things could certainly be better.

What if you are running a high-end modern computing system? You can still disable this feature and maybe things will seem faster for you, or maybe you just prefer the solid background look. Either way, the choice is yours.

Via: Twitter

Daniel Rubino

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