Windows 10 S video walkthrough and hands-on

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows 10 S launches with the Surface Laptop this week, so we put together a Windows 10 S video walkthrough. It provides an identical experience to the Windows 10 you know and love, with one restriction: apps must be installed from the Windows Store.

You can check out our in-depth Windows 10 S review for more details. You can also read our Surface Laptop review if you want to know about the first Windows 10 S machine on the market.

With Windows 10 S, the only real difference is you can't install apps unless they come from the Store. Microsoft also added some security popups to take you to the Windows Store if you try and install an app that isn't from the Store. If you try to install Evernote from outside the Windows Store, for example, Windows 10 S redirects you to the Windows Store, where you can download it there instead.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments what you think of Windows 10 S so far.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Is there any reason to choose this over Chrome OS?
  • Well... You can run full desktop applications?
  • And no need of all time internet too
  • Chrome OS, sure if you're an idiot who like to pretend like toy cars are real and play with them on the highway like you're driving!
  • If everything you need to do is through a browser, then Chrome OS is fine. Windows 10 S gives you: the ability to install and run Windows apps from a store; the ability to join a domain; the ability to upgrade to full Windows Pro and install any Windows application you want.
  • Windows 10 S cannot join domain.
  • Partially. It supports Azure Domain Join, but not on-prem AD Domain Join.  (
  • I am more puzzled as to any reason to choose this over the normal Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.  Sure there is the potential $50 savings and the potential better security but not being able to run normal desktop programs not in the store such as Chrome or iTune is going to cause unhappiness for many people who didn't know better when they buy their computers. 
  • You're right, I don't think someone would choose this over Windows 10 Home.  I suspect it'll only be available with the purchase of a device.  If somebody prefers the full Windows experience of Pro, then it's a simple upgrade to it.
  • iTunes will be available soon.
  • "Hey there guys, Zac here for windows central" 😍
  • Very nice indeed.
  • of all the analogies to make, that one in particular is somewhat of an ironic one to make because chromeOS is actually faster. as in, it can go from 0 to full speed in the same time it takes windows to start ignition.  ps. my primary -and preferred- computer is windows (surface pro 4), but i also do use a chromebook. just giving credit where credit is due. 
  • That depends on the device.  I have an older Chromebook that's slower to start up than my current Windows system. I can't claim experience with S, to understand why it would be faster than Home or Pro (considering it's all the same operating system) but I suspect speed is simply relative to the hardware you're on.
  • As much as I've wanted to like store apps, and the live tiles and notifications very nice. It's the same problems as Windows phone as it'll be on Windows 10s. The app gap first of all (how many do you need, I hear people cry, perhaps) not loads. But the fact is the window apps are not as good their websites equivalents. They are often slow to load up, crash quite often (I have a decent spec pc). Most of all they don't get updated to include any new features that go on the website version or android/IOS. My Windows Central app crashes quite often or is slow responding. Facebook & Messenger takes about ten minutes to load up now. Al so they lag severely behind now in terms of features messenger emjoi’s,mentions, FB’s coloured statuses, show post in tab, comment reactions. Mail is very limited compared to the web of No sweep or rules, no right click to forward, no blocking. My other plus net account you can’t reply to an email, only read it. Tunein radio app look very nice, often crashes or not responsive. So I end up just using tuein in my browser instead.
    Edge isn’t too bad, but needs more features. No notifications other than skype. Unless they separate it from os, but they are not doing it on next update.
    All in all, I want to like the apps very much so and use the store. But they are not up to standard just yet. So using that only uses store apps may well prove limiting and frustrating experience.
  • For Beginners WindowsS is the better choice for Security and Simplicity. When you dont need this constriction you dont have to learn a new GUI and new Apps what you have to do if you use Chrome.
    So i think there is no reason anymore to use Chrome OS.
  • Windows S is another unfunny joke from Microsoft. They are pushing and pushing to get 30% of benefits of all PC Software, but ain't gonna happen, sorry. People are not complete idiots, and this will end the same as windows phone, win rt, etc..
  • It is also easier for small developers to get noticed, and it is much easier for consumers. Automatic updates through the Store, one click install and uninstall. Doesn't mess up registry or slow down your computer over time.
  • Windows 10s is Windows 10 Mobile in laptop form. Unless they get the app situation sorted out, it will go the same way as windows mobile. I want to see better quality of store apps not just quantity. For me they’re not cutting it. I’ve been using them for a couple of years; perhaps some are a little better than windows 8 were about. But they still have a long way to.
  • Apps are on their way out.
  • I think that this OS can be a good idea, however, Personally I think that, for one, the policy blocking Apps utilising Non-Edge JavaScript Engines e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. from the Store should be rescinded. I also think that You should be able to change the default Browser, as there are some apps that may utilise the built-in JavaScript Engine, that could be usable as a default browser. Perhaps, if Chrome's engine was modified to be safe in a UWP App container, then would it not be fine to use in any environment, as it would need permission to leave the container anyway?
  • When they know they need store so much, why don't they make new line of professional softwares like a new 3d rendering software or a professional photo editing tool and keep on the store rather than making new apps for Android and ios.
  • because that kind of software already exists, and can also be distributed through the store, that's the whole point of windows 10 s, you can download apps, but also full x86 software that has been added to the store
  • I wonder how many schools use chromebooks and PC's? I would guess most. I was in a school last week and they had computers for QuickBooks for people taking accounting classes...I doubt AutoCAD for drafting classes would put their software on chromebooks too. I can see it would be easier to use Windows 10s across the board to not need to deal with both systems and training everyone on both. I